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Profile: Steris Corporation offers a wide range of infection protection & contamination control products, including sterile processing solutions, surgical equipment such as surgical lights & tables, and laboratory medical equipment. Our cmax operating table combines all the positioning capabilities of a general surgical table with the radiolucence and precise mobility of an imaging table, making it an advanced & versatile surgical table. Our hausted youth care stretcher is a full size stretcher for young children and adolescents with the security of vertical rails. Our Amsco warming cabinet is designed to raise the temperature of surgical irrigation solutions and/or blankets to an acceptable level for hospital & surgical outpatient center applications.

The company was founded in 1987, has revenues of > USD 1 Billion, has ~5100 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified. NYSE:STE (SEC Filings)

FDA Registration Number: 1527821

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• AC-Powered Medical Examination Device (FDA Code: KZF / 880.6320)
An AC-powered medical examination light is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes that is used to illuminate body surfaces and cavities during a medical examination.
• AC-Powered Operating Room Table (FDA Code: FQO / 878.4960)
Operating tables and accessories and operating chairs and accessories are AC-powered or air-powered devices, usually with movable components, intended for use during diagnostic examinations or surgical procedures to support and position a patient.
• Analytical-Grade Water Purification Systems
• Autoclaves
• Automatic Autoclaves
• Bags, Wraps & Tubing
• Bath Accessories
• Bath Accessories, Brushes
• Bath Accessories, Loofas
• Bath Accessories, Scrubbies
• Biological Indicators (FDA Code: MRB / 880.2800)
A biological sterilization process indicator is a device intended for use by a health care provider to accompany products being sterilized through a sterilization procedure and to monitor adequacy of sterilization. The device consists of a known number of microorganisms, of known resistance to the mode of sterilization, in or on a carrier and enclosed in a protective package. Subsequent growth or failure of the microorganisms to grow under suitable conditions indicates the adequacy of sterilization.
• Biological Sterilization Process Indicator (FDA Code: FRC / 880.2800)
• Biomedical & General Devices
• Body Waste Receptacle Washer (FDA Code: FLH / 880.6800)
A washer for body waste receptacles is a device intended for medical purposes that is used to clean and sanitize a body waste receptacle, such as a bedpan. The device consists of a wall-mounted plumbing fixture with a door through which a body waste receptacle is inserted. When the door is closed the body waste receptacle is cleaned by hot water, steam, or germicide.
• Cardiovascular Equipment Kits
• Cardiovascular Patch
• Cardiovascular Procedure Kit (FDA Code: OEZ / 870.1200)
An intravascular diagnostic catheter is a device used to record intracardiac pressures, to sample blood, and to introduce substances into the heart and vessels. Included in this generic device are right-heart catheters, left-heart catheters, and angiographic catheters, among others.
• Cardiovascular Systems
• Cardiovasculars
• Ceiling Mounted Surgical Light (FDA Code: FSY / 878.4580)
A surgical lamp (including a fixture) is a device intended to be used to provide visible illumination of the surgical field or the patient.
• Central Sterile Supports
• chemical sterilizer equipment
• Chemical Sterilizers (FDA Code: MLR / 880.6860)
An ethylene gas sterilizer is a nonportable device intended for use by a health care provider that uses ethylene oxide (ETO) to sterilize medical products.
• Cleaning Germicide Accessories For Endoscopes (FDA Code: NZA / 876.1500)
An endoscope and accessories is a device used to provide access, illumination, and allow observation or manipulation of body cavities, hollow organs, and canals. The device consists of various rigid or flexible instruments that are inserted into body spaces and may include an optical system for conveying an image to the user's eye and their accessories may assist in gaining access or increase the versatility and augment the capabilities of the devices. Examples of devices that are within this generic type of device include cleaning accessories for endoscopes, photographic accessories for endoscopes, nonpowered anoscopes, binolcular attachments for endoscopes, pocket battery boxes, flexible or rigid choledochoscopes, colonoscopes, diagnostic cystoscopes, cystourethroscopes, enteroscopes, esophagogastroduodenoscopes, rigid esophagoscopes, fiberoptic illuminators for endoscopes, incandescent endoscope lamps, biliary pancreatoscopes, proctoscopes, resectoscopes, nephroscopes, sigmoidoscopes, ureteroscopes, urethroscopes, endomagnetic retrievers, cytology brushes for endoscopes, and lubricating jelly for transurethral surgical instruments. This section does not apply to endoscopes that have specialized uses in other medical specialty areas and that are covered by classification regulations in other parts of the device classification regulations.
• Critical Care Devices
• CRT Monitors
• CRT Monitors
• Emergency Care Supplies
• ENT Examining/Treatment Unit (FDA Code: ETF / 874.5300)
An ear, nose, and throat examination and treatment unit is an AC-powered device intended to support a patient during an otologic examination while providing specialized features for examination and treatment. The unit consists of a patient chair and table, drawers for equipment, suction and blowing apparatus, and receptacles for connection of specialized lights and examining instruments.
• Ethylene-Oxide Gas Aerator Cabinet (FDA Code: FLI / 880.6100)
An ethyene oxide gas aerator cabinet is a device that is intended for use by a health care provider and consists of a cabinet with a ventilation system designed to circulate and exchange the air in the cabinet to shorten the time required to remove residual ethylene oxide (ETO) from wrapped medical devices that have undergone ETO sterilization. The device may include a heater to warm the circulating air.
• Ethylene-Oxide Gas Sterilizer (FDA Code: FLF / 880.6860)
• Exchangeable table extensions
• Fiberoptic Surgical Light (FDA Code: FST / 878.4580)
• Floor Standing Surgical Light (FDA Code: FSS / 878.4580)
• Fracture Tables
• General Diagnostic Equipment
• General Diagnostic Supplies
• General Diagnostics
• General Disinfectants
• General Medical Supplies
• General Nutrient Broth Culture Media (FDA Code: JSC / 866.2350)
A microbiological assay culture medium is a device that consists primarily of liquid or solid biological materials intended for medical purposes to cultivate selected test microorganisms in order to measure by microbiological procedures the concentration in a patient's serum of certain substances, such as amino acids, antimicrobial agents, and vitamins. The concentration of these substances is measured by their ability to promote or inhibit the growth of the test organism in the innoculated medium. Test results aid in the diagnosis of disease resulting from either deficient or excessive amounts of these substances in a patient's serum. Tests results may also be used to monitor the effects of the administration of certain antimicrobial drugs.
• General Orthopedic Supplies
• General Surgery Supplies
• General Surgical Aids
• General Surgical Instruments
• Hand Cleaners & Disinfectants
• Instruments surgical
• Irrigation Solution Warmer (FDA Code: LHC / 890.5950)
• Lab Water Purification Systems
• Laboratory Grade Water Purification Systems

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