Rochester Electro-Medical, Inc.

Address: 15619 Premiere Drive, Suite 204, Tampa, Florida 33624, USA
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Profile: Rochester Electro-Medical, Inc. offers a wide variety of products for sleep medicine, electroencephalography, electromyography, evoked potential studies and sleep research. We manufacture respiration monitors, EEG electrodes, bio-potential electrodes, air pumps, recording ink and electrode jelly. We also provide disposable electrodes, disposable monopolar & concentric needles, subdermal needles and nerve conduction velocity accessories.

FDA Registration Number: 2126558

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• Airflow Cannula Sensors
• Bipolar Electrode Cables
• Body Position Sensors
• Breathing Frequency Monitor (FDA Code: BZQ / 868.2375)
A breathing (ventilatory) frequency monitor is a device intended to measure or monitor a patient's respiratory rate. The device may provide an audible or visible alarm when the respiratory rate, averaged over time, is outside operator settable alarm limits. This device does not include the apnea monitor classified in 868.2377.
• Continuous Electronic Thermometer (FDA Code: FLL / 880.2910)
A clinical electronic thermometer is a device used to measure the body temperature of a patient by means of a transducer coupled with an electronic signal amplification, conditioning, and display unit. The transducer may be in a detachable probe with or without a disposable cover.
• Cutaneous Electrode (FDA Code: GXY / 882.1320)
A cutaneous electrode is an electrode that is applied directly to a patient's skin either to record physiological signals (e.g., the electroencephalogram) or to apply electrical stimulation.
• Detachable Needle Electrode Cables & Accessories
• Diagnostic Electromyograph Needle Electrode (FDA Code: IKT / 890.1385)
A diagnostic electromyograph needle electrode is a monopolar or bipolar needle intended to be inserted into muscle or nerve tissue to sense bioelectrical signals. The device is intended for medical purposes for use in connection with electromyography (recording the intrinsic electrical properties of skeletal muscle).
• Diagnostic Flow Sensors
• Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator (FDA Code: ISB / 890.1850)
A diagnostic muscle stimulator is a device used mainly with an electromyograph machine to initiate muscle activity. It is intended for medical purposes, such as to diagnose motor nerve or sensory neuromuscular disorders and neuromuscular function.
• Disposable Concentric Needle Electrodes
• Disposable Injectable Monopolar Needle Electrodes
• Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes
• Disposable Stimulating Needle Electrodes
• Disposable Subdermal EEG Needle Electrodes
• Disposable Subdermal Hooked Needle Electrodes
• ECG Electrodes
• ECG Machine
• ECG Polysomnography Kits
• EEG Electrodes
• EEG Polysomnography Kits
• Electroconductive Media (FDA Code: GYB / 882.1275)
Electroconductive media are the conductive creams or gels used with external electrodes to reduce the impedance (resistance to alternating current) of the contact between the electrode surface and the skin.
• Electrode Accessories
• Electrode Cables (FDA Code: IKD / 890.1175)
An electrode cable is a device composed of strands of insulated electrical conductors laid together around a central core and intended for medical purposes to connect an electrode from a patient to a diagnostic machine.
• Electrode Conductive Gels
• Electrode Impedance Meter
• Electrode Lead Wires
• Electrodes Adhesives
• Electrodiagnostic Polysomnography Kits
• Electrodiagnostic Testing Kits
• Electroencephalograph Electrode/Lead Tester (FDA Code: GYA / 882.1410)
An electroencephalograph electrode/lead tester is a device used for testing the impedance (resistance to alternating current) of the electrode and lead system of an electroencephalograph to assure that an adequate contact is made between the electrode and the skin.
• Electromyography (EMG)
• Electrosurgical Electrode Cables
• EMG Electrodes
• EMG Electrodes
• EMG Polysomnography Kits
• EOG Electrodes
• EOG Polysomnography Kits
• Extended Disposable Needle Electrode
• Flow Sensors
• Limb Movement Sensors
• Microdissection Needle Electrodes
• Monitor, Cardiorespiratory
• Monopolar Electrode Cables
• Nasopharyngeal Electrodes (FDA Code: GZK / 882.1340)
A nasopharyngeal electrode is an electrode which is temporarily placed in the nasopharyngeal region for the purpose of recording electrical activity.
• Needle Electrode (FDA Code: GXZ / 882.1350)
A needle electrode is a device which is placed subcutaneously to stimulate or to record electrical signals.
• Neurodiagnostic Equipment
• Nonstick Needle Electrode
• Pressure Airflow Sensors
• Replacement Electrode Discs

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