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Contact: Lloyd Powell
Address: 4400 Silver Avenue SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108, USA
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Profile: Richmond Products, Inc. produces screening tests & accessories for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Our product includes aniseikonia, phoropter, chin rest, occluders, prisms, novelty, trial frames, pediatric, and fixation. We specialize in color blindness screening products, such as the HRR and ishihara screening instruments. Our pediatric occluding glasses are much easier on the patient than sticky occluders & can be used for testing or therapy. Our color blindness quick test chart can be used for testing or therapy.

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• Amsler Grid (FDA Code: HOQ / 886.1330)
An Amsler grid is a device that is a series of charts with grids of different sizes that are held at 30 centimeters distance from the patient and intended to rapidly detect central and paracentral irregularities in the visual field.
• Bagolini Lenses (FDA Code: HPD / 886.1375)
A Bagolini lens is a device that consists of a plane lens containing almost imperceptible striations that do not obscure visualization of objects. The device is placed in a trial frame and intended to determine harmonious/anomalous retinal correspondence (a condition in which corresponding points on the retina have the same directional values).
• Bagolini's Striated Lenses
• Color Testing, Farnsworth Munsell Hue 100
• Color Testing, Hardy Rand Rittlers
• Color Testing, Lanthony Tritan
• Color Vision Plate Illuminator (FDA Code: HJD / 886.1160)
A color vision plate illuminator is an AC-powered device that is a lamp intended to properly illuminate color vision testing plates. It may include a filter.
• Color Vision Tester (FDA Code: HIT / 886.1170)
A color vision tester is a device that consists of various colored materials, such as colored yarns or color vision plates (multicolored plates which patients with color vision deficiency would perceive as being of one color), intended to evaluate color vision.
• Color Vision Testing
• Dark-Red Maddox Rods
• Double Maddox Rod
• Exophthalmometers (FDA Code: HLS / 886.1270)
An exophthalmometer is a device, such as a ruler, gauge, or caliper, intended to measure the degree of exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball).
• Eye Examination Devices and Equipment, Occluders
• Eye Model, Right Eye
• Farnsworth Munsell Hue 100
• Farnsworth Panel D-15
• Fresnel Prism Bars
• Hand Held Rotary Prisms
• Hardy Rand Rittlers
• Hertel-Type Exophthalmometers
• Illiterate Charts Tumbling E
• Individual Prisms
• Ishihara Color Plates
• Ishihara Pseudoisochromatic Plate
• Lanthony Tritan
• Maddox Rods
• Near Visual Acuity Charts
• Non-Powered Ophthalmic Instrument Stand (FDA Code: HMG / 886.1860)
An ophthalmic instrument stand is an AC-powered or nonpowered device intended to store ophthalmic instruments in a readily accessible position.
• Nystagmus Tape (FDA Code: HKD / 886.1905)
Nystagmus tape is a device that is a long, narrow strip of fabric or other flexible material on which a series of objects are printed. The device is intended to be moved across a patient's field of vision to elicit optokinetic nystagmus (abnormal and irregular eye movements) and to test for blindness.
• Occluders
• Oculoplastic and Orbital Procedures, Exophthalmometers
• Opaque Occluders
• Ophthalmic AC-Powered Fixation Device (FDA Code: HPL / 886.1290)
A fixation device is an AC-powered device intended for use as a fixation target for the patient during ophthalmological examination. The patient directs his or her gaze so that the visual image of the object falls on the fovea centralis (the center of the macular retina of the eye.)
• Ophthalmic Eye Shield (FDA Code: HOY / 886.4750)
An ophthalmic eye shield is a device that consists of a plastic or aluminum eye covering intended to protect the eye or retain dressing materials in place.
• Ophthalmic Fresnel Prism (FDA Code: HKT / 886.1655)
An ophthalmic Fresnel prism is a device that is a thin plastic sheet with embossed rulings which provides the optical effect of a prism. The device is intended to be applied to spectacle lenses to give a prismatic effect.
• Ophthalmic Instrument Stand (FDA Code: HMG / 886.1860)
• Ophthalmic Trial Frame (FDA Code: HPA / 886.1415)
An opthalmic trial lens frame is a mechanical device intended to hold trial lenses for vision testing.
• Ophthalmic Trial Lens Set (FDA Code: HPC / 886.1405)
An ophthalmic trial lens set is a device that is a set of lenses of various dioptric powers intended to be handheld or inserted in a trial frame for vision testing to determine refraction.
• Opticokinetic Drum (FDA Code: HOW / 886.1200)
An optokinetic drum is a drum-like device covered with alternating white and dark stripes or pictures that can be rotated on its handle. The device is intended to elicit and evaluate nystagmus (involuntary rapid movement of the eyeball) in patients.
• OptoKinetic Nystagmus Drum
• Other Color Tests
• Pediatric Vision Screening, Maddox Rods
• Press-On Prisms
• Prism Bars
• Prism Exophthalmometers
• Red Filters for Dyschromatopsia
• Sensitive Farnsworth Panel D-15
• Stainless Steel Stick Mounted Prisms
• Stereoscopic Vision and Depth Perception Testing
• sterile occluders

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