Richardson Products, Incorporated

Contact: Gary Ingram - Director Of Market Planning
Address: 9408 Gulfstream Road, Frankfort, Illinois 60423, USA
Phone: (888)928-7297 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Richardson Products, Incorporated manufactures a wide range of home medical equipment. Our product offerings include adaptive high tech, dining, headrest hardware & pads, shoe holders, transfer boards, bracket kits, flip down abductor & hip pads, knee block W/attachment hardware, sip-n-puff, tray accessories, brackets, foam, lateral brackets, solid seats insert, wheelchair accessories, chest harness, foot boxes, positioning straps & belts, sub-asis bars & mounts, wheelchair trays, cushions, HDPE, plywood & cover material, seating systems and torso pads & lateral hardware.

FDA Registration Number: 3004526603

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• Adhesive Elastic Bandage Tape
• Adult Tongue Depressor (FDA Code: FMA / 880.6230)
A tongue depressor is a device intended to displace the tongue to facilitate examination of the surrounding organs and tissues.
• Angled Tongue Depressor
• Bed Transfer Aids
• Cohesive Elastic Bandage
• Cohesive Elastic Bandage Wrap
• Compression Instrument (FDA Code: HWN / 888.4540)
An orthopedic manual surgical instrument is a nonpowered hand-held device intended for medical purposes to manipulate tissue, or for use with other devices in orthopedic surgery. This generic type of device includes the cerclage applier, awl, bender, drill brace, broach, burr, corkscrew, countersink, pin crimper, wire cutter, prosthesis driver, extractor, file, fork, needle holder, impactor, bending or contouring instrument, compression instrument, passer, socket positioner, probe, femoral neck punch, socket pusher, reamer, rongeur, scissors, screwdriver, bone skid, staple driver, bone screw starter, surgical stripper, tamp, bone tap, trephine, wire twister, and wrench.
• Cranial Helmet For Protective Use (FDA Code: NDA / 890.3025)
A prosthetic and orthotic accessory is a device intended for medical purposes to support, protect, or aid in the use of a cast, orthosis (brace), or prosthesis. Examples of prosthetic and orthotic accessories include the following: A pelvic support band and belt, a cast shoe, a cast bandage, a limb cover, a prosthesis alignment device, a postsurgical pylon, a transverse rotator, and a temporary training splint.
• Crutch and Walker Cane Tips (FDA Code: INP / 890.3790)
Cane, crutch, and walker tips and pads are rubber (or rubber substitute) device accessories intended for medical purposes that are applied to the ground end of mobility aids to prevent skidding or that are applied to the body contact area of the device for comfort or as an aid in using an ambulatory assist device.
• Disabled Grooming Adaptor (FDA Code: ILW / 890.5050)
A daily activity assist device is a modified adaptor or utensil (e.g., a dressing, grooming, recreational activity, transfer, eating, or homemaking aid) that is intended for medical purposes to assist a patient to perform a specific function.
• Disabled/Handicapped Hygiene Adaptor (FDA Code: ILS / 890.5050)
• Dressing Adaptor (FDA Code: ILD / 890.5050)
• Eating Utensil (FDA Code: ILC / 890.5050)
• Elastic Bandage with Removable Clip
• Elastic Bandages (FDA Code: FQM / 880.5075)
An elastic bandage is a device consisting of either a long flat strip or a tube of elasticized material that is used to support and compress a part of a patient's body.
• Exercise Component (FDA Code: IOD / 890.5350)
An exercise component is a device that is used in conjunction with other forms of exercise and that is intended for medical purposes, such as to redevelope muscles or restore motion to joints or for use as an adjunct treatment for obesity. Examples include weights, dumbbells, straps, and adaptive hand mitts.
• External Brace Knee Joint (FDA Code: ITQ / 890.3475)
A limb orthosis (brace) is a device intended for medical purposes that is worn on the upper or lower extremities to support, to correct, or to prevent deformities or to align body structures for functional improvement. Examples of limb orthoses include the following: A whole limb and joint brace, a hand splint, an elastic stocking, a knee cage, and a corrective shoe.
• Flavored Tongue Depressors
• Foams
• General & Plastic Surgery Mirror (FDA Code: FTX / 878.4800)
A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either reusable or disposable, intended to be used in various general surgical procedures. The device includes the applicator, clip applier, biopsy brush, manual dermabrasion brush, scrub brush, cannula, ligature carrier, chisel, clamp, contractor, curette, cutter, dissector, elevator, skin graft expander, file, forceps, gouge, instrument guide, needle guide, hammer, hemostat, amputation hook, ligature passing and knot-tying instrument, knife, blood lancet, mallet, disposable or reusable aspiration and injection needle, disposable or reusable suturing needle, osteotome, pliers, rasp, retainer, retractor, saw, scalpel blade, scalpel handle, one-piece scalpel, snare, spatula, stapler, disposable or reusable stripper, stylet, suturing apparatus for the stomach and intestine, measuring tape, and calipers. A surgical instrument that has specialized uses in a specific medical specialty is classified in separate regulations in parts 868 through 892.
• General Medical Equipment
• Hand Splint and Component (FDA Code: ILH / 890.3475)
• Homemaking Utensil (FDA Code: IKW / 890.5050)
• HydroFlush Mini Clamp & Filter Housing Replacement Kit
• HydroFlush Mini Urinary Disposal System
• Infant Tongue Depressor (FDA Code: FMA / 880.6230)
• Junior Tongue Depressor (FDA Code: FMA / 880.6230)
• Mattress Cover (FDA Code: FMW / 880.6190)
A mattress cover for medical purposes is a device intended for medical purposes that is used to protect a mattress. It may be electrically conductive or contain a germicide.
• Measuring Gauge (FDA Code: JYJ / 874.4420)
• Non-Measuring Exerciser (FDA Code: ION / 890.5370)
Nonmeasuring exercise equipment consist of devices intended for medical purposes, such as to redevelop muscles or restore motion to joints or for use as an adjunct treatment for obesity. Examples include a prone scooter board, parallel bars, a mechanical treadmill, an exercise table, and a manually propelled exercise bicycle.
• Non-Powered Dynamometer (FDA Code: HRW / 888.1250)
A nonpowered dynamometer is a mechanical device intended for medical purposes to measure the pinch and grip muscle strength of a patient's hand.
• Non-Powered Goniometer (FDA Code: KQW / 888.1520)
A nonpowered goniometer is a mechanical device intended for medical purposes to measure the range of motion of joints.
• Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors
• Non-Surgical Tongue Depressor (FDA Code: FMA / 880.6230)
• Orthopedic Implant, K Nail Measuring Gauge
• Plain Tongue Depressor
• Recreational Adaptor (FDA Code: ILT / 890.5050)
• Rubber Elastic Bandages
• Seating & Positioning Systems
• Seating Back Inserts
• Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage
• Sip & Puff Breath Delivery System
• Stainless Steel Seat Lift
• Sterile Tongue Depressors
• Sweetened Tongue Depressors
• Tongue Depressor Holders
• Tongue Depressors (FDA Code: FMA / 880.6230)
• Transfer Aid (FDA Code: IKX / 890.5050)
• Transfer Aid for Disabled/Handicapped (FDA Code: IKX / 890.5050)
• Tubular Elastic Bandage Retainer

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