Philips Medical Systems, N.A.

Address: 22100 Bothell Everett Highway PO Box 3003, Bothell, Washington 98041-3003, USA
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Profile: Philips Medical Systems, N.A. manufactures systems for imaging, radiation oncology & patient monitoring, as well as renders information management & resuscitation products. Our heartstart home defibrillator helps in situations where a sudden cardiac arrest strikes. Our ambient light technology is a theater lighting system that actively adjusts both brightness & color based upon picture content. Our Respironics V200 Critical Care Ventilator provides state-of-the-art ventilation modes with synchrony options that reduce work of breathing and streamline patient care.

The company has revenues of > USD 1 Billion, has ~35550 employees. NYSE:PHG (SEC Filings)

FDA Registration Number: 1218950

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• 3-Phase High Voltage Diagnostic X-Ray Generator
• Abdominal CT Scan
• Abdominal Ultrasonic Scanner
• Abdominal Ultrasound Scanner
• Adjustable Height Radiolucent Arm board
• Ambulatory Electrocardiograph (FDA Code: MWJ / 870.2800)
A medical magnetic tape recorder is a device used to record and play back signals from, for example, physiological amplifiers, signal conditioners, or computers.
• Ambulatory Electrocardiograph (ECG) Analysis Systems (FDA Code: MLO / 870.2800)
• Anesthetic Gas Mask (FDA Code: BSJ / 868.5550)
An anesthetic gas mask is a device, usually made of conductive rubber, that is positioned over a patient's nose or mouth to direct anesthetic gases to the upper airway.
• Angiographic X-Ray System (FDA Code: IZI / 892.1600)
An angiographic x-ray system is a device intended for radiologic visualization of the heart, blood vessels, or lymphatic system during or after injection of a contrast medium. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• Arm Boards
• Arrhythmia Detector and Alarm (FDA Code: DSI / 870.1025)
The arrhythmia detector and alarm device monitors an electrocardiogram and is designed to produce a visible or audible signal or alarm when atrial or ventricular arrhythmia, such as premature contraction or ventricular fibrillation, occurs.
• Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
• Automatic Defibrillators
• Automatic Radiographic Collimator (FDA Code: IZW / 892.1610)
A diagnostic x-ray beam-limiting device is a device such as a collimator, a cone, or an aperture intended to restrict the dimensions of a diagnostic x-ray field by limiting the size of the primary x-ray beam.
• Capacitor Discharge Radiographic Generator
• Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Computer
• Cardiac CT Scan
• Cardiac Defibrillators
• Cardiac Imaging System
• Cardiac Monitor (Cardiotachometer and Rate Alarm) (FDA Code: DRT / 870.2300)
A cardiac monitor (including cardiotachometer and rate alarm) is a device used to measure the heart rate from an analog signal produced by an electrocardiograph, vectorcardiograph, or blood pressure monitor. This device may sound an alarm when the heart rate falls outside preset upper and lower limits.
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Aid (FDA Code: LIX / 870.5210)
An external cardiac compressor is an external device that is electrically, pneumatically, or manually powered and is used to compress the chest periodically in the region of the heart to provide blood flow during cardiac arrest.
• Cardiovascular Stand
• CAT Computed Tomography Scanner
• Ceramic X-Ray Tubes
• Cine/Spot Fluorographic X-Ray Camera (FDA Code: IZJ / 892.1620)
A cine or spot fluorographic x-ray camera is a device intended to photograph diagnostic images produced by x-rays with an image intensifier.
• Computed Tomography X-Ray System (FDA Code: JAK / 892.1750)
A computed tomography x-ray system is a diagnostic x-ray system intended to produce cross-sectional images of the body by computer reconstruction of x-ray transmission data from the same axial plane taken at different angles. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• CT / MRI Based
• CT Scan
• CT Scan Machine
• CT Scanners
• Defibrillator Testers (FDA Code: DRL / 870.5325)
A defibrillator tester is a device that is connected to the output of a defibrillator and is used to measure the energy delivered by the defibrillator into a standard resistive load. Some testers also provide waveform information.
• Defibrillators
• Dermatological Therapeutic X-Ray Collimator (FDA Code: IYL / 892.5900)
An x-ray radiation therapy system is a device intended to produce and control x-rays used for radiation therapy. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, treatment planning computer programs, component parts, and accessories.
• Dermatological Therapeutic X-Ray Generator (FDA Code: IYH / 892.5900)
• Diagnostic Ultrasonic Transducer (FDA Code: ITX / 892.1570)
A diagnostic ultrasonic transducer is a device made of a piezoelectric material that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals and acoustic signals into electrical signals and intended for use in diagnostic ultrasonic medical devices. Accessories of this generic type of device may include transmission media for acoustically coupling the transducer to the body surface, such as acoustic gel, paste, or a flexible fluid container.
• Diagnostic Ultrasound Bladder Scanner
• Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanners
• Diagnostic X-Ray High Voltage Generator (FDA Code: IZO / 892.1700)
A diagnostic x-ray high voltage generator is a device that is intended to supply and control the electrical energy applied to a diagnostic x-ray tube for medical purposes. This generic type of device may include a converter that changes alternating current to direct current, filament transformers for the x-ray tube, high voltage switches, electrical protective devices, or other appropriate elements.
• Diagnostic X-Ray Tube Housing Assembly (FDA Code: ITY / 892.1760)
A diagnostic x-ray tube housing assembly is an x-ray generating tube encased in a radiation-shielded housing that is intended for diagnostic purposes. This generic type of device may include high voltage and filament transformers or other appropriate components.
• Diagnostic X-Ray Tube Mount (FDA Code: IYB / 892.1770)
A diagnostic x-ray tube mount is a device intended to support and to position the diagnostic x-ray tube housing assembly for a medical radiographic procedure.
• Digital Imaging Systems
• Digital Pulse Oximeter
• Digital Radiographic Mobile X-Ray System
• Digital Subtraction Angiographic (DSA) Radiographic Unit
• ECG Basic
• Echocardiograph (FDA Code: DXK / 870.2330)
An echocardiograph is a device that uses ultrasonic energy to create images of cardiovascular structures. It includes phased arrays and two-dimensional scanners.
• Electrocardiograph Lead Switching Adaptor (FDA Code: DRW / 870.2350)
An electrocardiograph lead switching adaptor is a passive switching device to which electrocardiograph limb and chest leads may be attached. This device is used to connect various combinations of limb and chest leads to the output terminals in order to create standard lead combinations such as leads I, II, and III.
• Electrocardiographs (ECGs)
• Electrotherapy Ultrasound Devices
• Electrotherapy, Ultrasound Devices

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