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Address: 25 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, New York 11050, USA
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Profile: Pall Corporation is a fluid management company. We are implementing technologies that purify and conserve water, consume less energy, make alternative energy sources possible & practical, advance medicine & minimize emissions & waste. Our life science categories are biopharmaceuticals, laboratory, medical, OEM materials and devices. We deal with anesthesia & respiratory care, blood banking & transfusion machine, cell seperation, cord blood processing, infusion therapy filtration, water diagnostics and water filtration. Our dispensing pins protect health care professionals with needleless vented access for multi-dose vial withdrawals. It is an easy to use needleless dual lumen system and reduces needle usage while maintaining the integrity of sterile drug preparation. Our high-purity water systems for biopharm are designed to comply with international codes and regulations. The purified water is used in the preparation of compendial dosage forms in a variety of applications from bulk primary processing, media make up, equipment and container rinsing to use in final formulations. We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

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• Adult Disposable Anesthesia Breathing Circuits
• Air Filters
• Anesthesia
• Anesthetic Conduction Filter (FDA Code: BSN / 868.5130)
An anesthesia conduction filter is a microporous filter used while administering to a patient injections of local anesthetics to minimize particulate (foreign material) contamination of the injected fluid.
• Arterial Line Cardiopulmonary Bypass Blood Filter (FDA Code: DTM / 870.4260)
A cardiopulmonary bypass arterial line blood filter is a device used as part of a gas exchange (oxygenator) system to filter nonbiologic particles and emboli (blood clots or pieces of foreign material flowing in the bloodstream which will obstruct circulation by blocking a vessel) out of the blood. It is used in the arterial return line.
• Arthroscopic Insufflator
• Blood Banking Products
• Blood Collection Sets
• Blood Transfusion Microfilter (FDA Code: CAK / 880.5440)
An intravascular administration set is a device used to administer fluids from a container to a patient's vascular system through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. The device may include the needle or catheter, tubing, a flow regulator, a drip chamber, an infusion line filter, an I.V. set stopcock, fluid delivery tubing, connectors between parts of the set, a side tube with a cap to serve as an injection site, and a hollow spike to penetrate and connect the tubing to an I.V. bag or other infusion fluid container.
• Blood Transfusion Sets (FDA Code: BRZ / 880.5440)
• Breathing Circuit Bacterial Filter (FDA Code: CAH / 868.5260)
A breathing circuit bacterial filter is a device that is intended to remove microbiological and particulate matter from the gases in the breathing circuit.
• Cardiopulmonary Bypass Cardiotomy Suction Line Blood Filter (FDA Code: JOD / 870.4270)
A cardiopulmonary bypass cardiotomy suction line blood filter is a device used as part of a gas exchange (oxygenator) system to filter nonbiologic particles and emboli (a blood clot or a piece of foreign material flowing in the bloodstream which will obstruct circulation by blocking a vessel) out of the blood. This device is intended for use in the cardiotomy suction line.
• Cardiopulmonary Pre-Bypass Filter (FDA Code: KRJ / 870.4280)
A cardiopulmonary prebypass filter is a device used during priming of the oxygenator circuit to remove particulates or other debris from the circuit prior to initiating bypass. The device is not used to filter blood.
• Cardiovascular Intravascular Filter (FDA Code: DTK / 870.3375)
A cardiovascular intravascular filter is an implant that is placed in the inferior vena cava for the purpose of preventing pulmonary thromboemboli (blood clots generated in the lower limbs and broken loose into the blood stream) from flowing into the right side of the heart and the pulmonary circulation.
• Cellulose Acetate Membrane Electrophoresis Equipment
• Common Vaccines
• Contract Manufacturing
• Cord Blood Processing System And Storage Container (FDA Code: OAO / 864.9900)
• Dialysis Blood Filter (FDA Code: FKJ / 876.5820)
A hemodialysis system and accessories is a device that is used as an artificial kidney system for the treatment of patients with renal failure or toxemic conditions and that consists of an extracorporeal blood system, a conventional dialyzer, a dialysate delivery system, and accessories. Blood from a patient flows through the tubing of the extracorporeal blood system and accessories to the blood compartment of the dialyzer, then returns through further tubing of the extracorporeal blood system to the patient. The dialyzer has two compartments that are separated by a semipermeable membrane. While the blood is in the blood compartment, undesirable substances in the blood pass through the semipermeable membrane into the dialysate in the dialysate compartment. The dialysate delivery system controls and monitors the dialysate circulating through the dialysate compartment of the dialyzer.
• Dialysis Transducer Protector (FDA Code: FIB / 876.5820)
• Engineering/Design Service
• Filter Media
• Filter Needle
• Filter Needles with Polypropylene Hub
• Filter Paper
• Freezing Bag System
• Gas Clean Filter System
• Gas Filter
• Gas Filtering Tubes
• General Medical Supplies
• Heat and Moisture Condenser (FDA Code: BYD / 868.5375)
A heat and moisture condenser (artificial nose) is a device intended to be positioned over a tracheotomy (a surgically created opening in the throat) or tracheal tube (a tube inserted into the trachea) to warm and humidify gases breathed in by a patient.
• Heat and Moisture Exchanging Filters
• Hydrophilic Membrane Filter
• Hydrophobic Membrane Filter
• Infusion Bag Sets
• Infusion Line Filter (FDA Code: FPB / 880.5440)
• Insufflator Gas Line Filter
• Intravenous Tubing Filter
• Laboratory Bacteriological Filter
• Lipoproteins Electrophoretic Separation Test (FDA Code: JHO / 862.1475)
A lipoprotein test system is a device intended to measure lipoprotein in serum and plasma. Lipoprotein measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of lipid disorders (such as diabetes mellitus), atherosclerosis, and various liver and renal diseases.
• Liquid Gel Chromatography
• Membrane Filter Holder
• Membrane Filter Unit (FDA Code: JRL / 862.2050)
General purpose laboratory equipment labeled or promoted for a specific medical use is a device that is intended to prepare or examine specimens from the human body and that is labeled or promoted for a specific medical use.
• Microporous Membrane Filter
• Paper Chromatography Equipment
• Particulate Membrane Filter
• Particulate Water Purification Filter
• Pediatric Blood Filtration Systems
• Pediatric IV Filters
• Piston Syringe (FDA Code: FMF / 880.5860)
A piston syringe is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a calibrated hollow barrel and a movable plunger. At one end of the barrel there is a male connector (nozzle) for fitting the female connector (hub) of a hypodermic single lumen needle. The device is used to inject fluids into, or withdraw fluids from, the body.

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