Oasis Medical, Inc.

Address: 510-528 S. Vermont Ave., Glendora, California 91741, USA
Phone: +1-(909)-305-5400 | Fax: +1-(909)-305-9987 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Oasis Medical, Inc. manufactures and markets eye care products for ophthalmic & optometric professionals. We offer products such as cataract, dry eye, refractive, retinal & accessories. Our own trademarks are Oasis®, Softplug®, Softshield®, Softcell®, Tonoshield®, Viscoshield®, Phacoshield® and SBP®. We are an ISO 9001 certified facility and our quality system complies with European standards & the code of Federal Regulations. We also provide PVA sponges, lacrimal cannulas and lacrimal intubation sets.

The company was founded in 1987, has revenues of USD 10-25 Million, has ~60 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 2083373

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• Absorbing Supplies
• AC-Powered Keratome (FDA Code: HNO / 886.4370)
A keratome is an AC-powered or battery-powered device intended to shave tissue from sections of the cornea for a lamellar (partial thickness) transplant.
• Anterior Chamber Cannula
• Aspiration Handpieces
• Astigmatomes
• Astigmometer
• Automatic Hand-held Keratometers
• Automatic Objective Refractors With Visual Acuity
• Automatic Objective Refractors Without Visual Acuity
• Autorefractors, Automatic Objective Refractors Without Visual Acuity Capability
• Battery-Powered Thermal Cautery Unit (FDA Code: HQP / 886.4115)
A thermal cautery unit is an AC-powered or battery-powered device intended for use during ocular surgery to coagulate tissue or arrest bleeding by heat conducted through a wire tip.
• CARBON Stab Blades
• Cataract Knife
• Clear Cornea Knives
• Coated Jaeger Lid Plate
• Collagen Corneal Shield (FDA Code: MOE / 886.4750)
An ophthalmic eye shield is a device that consists of a plastic or aluminum eye covering intended to protect the eye or retain dressing materials in place.
• Collagen Punctum Plugs
• Computerized Visual Acuity Test Systems
• Corneal Shield
• Corneal Tissue Implant
• Cryosurgical Console System
• Cystotome (FDA Code: HNY / 886.4350)
A manual ophthalmic surgical instrument is a nonpowered, handheld device intended to aid or perform ophthalmic surgical procedures. This generic type of device includes the manual corneal burr, ophthalmic caliper, ophthalmic cannula, eyelid clamp, ophthalmic muscle clamp, iris retractor clip, orbital compressor, ophthalmic curette, cystotome, orbital depressor, lachrymal dilator, erisophake, expressor, ophthalmic forcep, ophthalmic hook, sphere introducer, ophthalmic knife, ophthalmic suturing needle, lachrymal probe, trabeculotomy probe, cornea-sclera punch, ophthalmic retractor, ophthalmic ring (Flieringa), lachrymal sac rongeur, ophthalmic scissors, enucleating snare, ophthalmic spatula, ophthalmic specula, ophthalmic spoon, ophthalmic spud, trabeculotome or ophthalmic manual trephine.
• Diagnostic Dye
• Disposable Aspiration and Injection Needle (FDA Code: GAA / 878.4800)
A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either reusable or disposable, intended to be used in various general surgical procedures. The device includes the applicator, clip applier, biopsy brush, manual dermabrasion brush, scrub brush, cannula, ligature carrier, chisel, clamp, contractor, curette, cutter, dissector, elevator, skin graft expander, file, forceps, gouge, instrument guide, needle guide, hammer, hemostat, amputation hook, ligature passing and knot-tying instrument, knife, blood lancet, mallet, disposable or reusable aspiration and injection needle, disposable or reusable suturing needle, osteotome, pliers, rasp, retainer, retractor, saw, scalpel blade, scalpel handle, one-piece scalpel, snare, spatula, stapler, disposable or reusable stripper, stylet, suturing apparatus for the stomach and intestine, measuring tape, and calipers. A surgical instrument that has specialized uses in a specific medical specialty is classified in separate regulations in parts 868 through 892.
• Disposable Implant Knives
• Disposable Ophthalmic Cannulae
• Disposable Slit Knives
• Early Treatment Of Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS)
• Extended Duration Punctum Plugs
• Eyed pigtail Probe
• Halogen Ophthalmo-Retinoscope Set
• Halogen Retinoscope Sets
• Hand-held Cautery device
• Handpieces
• Implant Knives
• Incision Scalpels
• Infant Lacrimal Dilator
• Intraocular Fluid (FDA Code: LWL / 886.4275)
An intraocular fluid is a device consisting of a nongaseous fluid intended to be introduced into the eye to aid performance of surgery, such as to maintain anterior chamber depth, preserve tissue integrity, protect tissue from surgical trauma, or function as a tamponade during retinal reattachment.
• Iris Retractor Clip (FDA Code: HOC / 886.4350)
• Lacrimal Cannula
• Lacrimal Dilator (FDA Code: HNW / 886.4350)
• Lacrimal Dilators and Cannulas
• Lacrimal Intubation and DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy)
• Lacrimal Probes (FDA Code: HNL / 886.4350)
• Lacrimal Punctum Plug
• Laser retinoscope
• Laser Scanning Systems for Visual Testing
• Manual Pupillometer (FDA Code: HLH / 886.1700)
A pupillometer is an AC-powered or manual device intended to measure by reflected light the width or diameter of the pupil of the eye.
• Membrane Scratcher
• Membrane Spatula

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