Nurse Assist, Inc.

Contact: Gary Pedersen - Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Address: 3400 Northern Cross Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 76118, USA
Phone: +1-(817)-231-1300, 800-649-6800 | Fax: +1-(817)-231-1500 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Nurse Assist, Inc. is an ISO 13485:2003 certified company. Quantum cables are manufactured with Santoprene™ which is a environmental-friendly plastic rubber that can be incinerated with minimal toxic residuals. Quantum cables are more pliable and drape gently over the hand. Quantum cables deliver more power to the instrument and perform longer without failure. Our lock-in molding process eliminates wire pull-out, and our insert-molded connectors are completely sealed to reduce the chance of fluid or debris migrating into the connectors. Quantum cables will also adapt to any form of sterilization.

The company was founded in 1999, has revenues of USD 10-25 Million, has ~80 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1650927

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• Balloon Retention Type Catheter (FDA Code: EZL / 876.5130)
A urological catheter and accessories is a flexible tubular device that is inserted through the urethra and used to pass fluids to or from the urinary tract. This generic type of device includes radiopaque urological catheters, ureteral catheters, urethral catheters, coudecatheters, balloon retention type catheters, straight catheters, upper urinary tract catheters, double lumen female urethrographic catheters, disposable ureteral catheters, male urethrographic catheters, and urological catheter accessories including ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheter adapters, ureteral catheter holders, ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheterization trays, and the gastro-urological irrigation tray (for urological use).
• Bed Occupancy Monitor
• Bed Patient Monitor (FDA Code: KMI / 880.2400)
A bed-patient monitor is a battery-powered device placed under a mattress and used to indicate by an alarm or other signal when a patient attempts to leave the bed.
• Cables (FDA Code: ISN / 890.3420)
An external limb prosthetic component is a device intended for medical purposes that, when put together with other appropriate components, constitutes a total prosthesis. Examples of external limb prosthetic components include the following: Ankle, foot, hip, knee, and socket components; mechanical or powered hand, hook, wrist unit, elbow joint, and shoulder joint components; and cable and prosthesis suction valves.
• Carts
• Catheter Syringe
• Disposable Leg Bags
• Disposable Syringes
• Drug Wound Dressing (FDA Code: FRO)
• Electrosurgical Cutting and Coagulation Device (FDA Code: GEI / 878.4400)
An electrosurgical cutting and coagulation device and accessories is a device intended to remove tissue and control bleeding by use of high-frequency electrical current.
• Enteral Administration Kit
• Enteral Infusion Pump (FDA Code: LZH / 880.5725)
An infusion pump is a device used in a health care facility to pump fluids into a patient in a controlled manner. The device may use a piston pump, a roller pump, or a peristaltic pump and may be powered electrically or mechanically. The device may also operate using a constant force to propel the fluid through a narrow tube which determines the flow rate. The device may include means to detect a fault condition, such as air in, or blockage of, the infusion line and to activate an alarm.
• Extension Tube for Urinary Leg Bag
• Fabric Leg Bag
• Fabric Leg Bag Holders
• Fabric Leg Bag Straps
• Food Pump
• Gastrointestinal Tube and Accessories (FDA Code: KNT / 876.5980)
A gastrointestinal tube and accessories is a device that consists of flexible or semi-rigid tubing used for instilling fluids into, withdrawing fluids from, splinting, or suppressing bleeding of the alimentary tract. This device may incorporate an integral inflatable balloon for retention or hemostasis. This generic type of device includes the hemostatic bag, irrigation and aspiration catheter (gastric, colonic, etc.), rectal catheter, sterile infant gavage set, gastrointestinal string and tubes to locate internal bleeding, double lumen tube for intestinal decompression or intubation, feeding tube, gastroenterostomy tube, Levine tube, nasogastric tube, single lumen tube with mercury weight balloon for intestinal intubation or decompression, and gastro-urological irrigation tray (for gastrological use).
• General Hypodermic Supplies
• General Medical Supplies
• General Surgery Supplies
• Hospital pull Carts
• Hospital Push Carts
• Insulin Disposable Syringes Kits
• Intraocular Irrigating Solutions
• Irrigating Solutions
• Irrigation Sets & Tubing
• IV Catheters & Infusion Sets
• Latex Free Leg Bag
• Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag Holder
• Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag Kit
• Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bags
• Leg Bag Holder
• Leg Bag Straps
• Liquid Medication Dispenser (FDA Code: KYX / 880.6430)
A Liquid medication dispenser is a device intended for medical purposes that is used to issue a measured amount of liquid medication.
• Male Urinal to Latex Leg Bag Adaptor
• Medical Carts
• Medication Carts
• Non Dental Irrigating Syringe (FDA Code: KYZ / 880.6960)
An irrigating syringe is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a bulb or a piston syringe with an integral or a detachable tube. The device is used to irrigate, withdraw fluid from, or instill fluid into, a body cavity or wound.
• Ophthalmic Irrigating Solutions (OISs)
• Parenteral Administration Kit
• Pediatric Urine Collector (FDA Code: KNX / 876.5250)
A urine collector and accessories is a device intended to collect urine. The device and accessories consist of tubing, a suitable receptacle, connectors, mechanical supports, and may include a means to prevent the backflow of urine or ascent of infection. The two kinds of urine collectors are:
• Perineal Irrigation Kit
• Reusable Latex Leg Bag
• Reusable Leg Bags
• Reusable Syringes
• Sterile Irrigation Tray (FDA Code: EYN / 876.5980)
• Sterile Leg Urine Collection Bag for External Use (FDA Code: FAQ / 876.5250)
• Sterile Urethral Catheterization Kit (FDA Code: FCM / 876.5130)
• Suction Catheter and Tip (FDA Code: JOL / 880.6740)
A vacuum-powered body fluid suction apparatus is a device used to aspirate, remove, or sample body fluids. The device is powered by an external source of vacuum. This generic type of device includes vacuum regulators, vacuum collection bottles, suction catheters and tips, connecting flexible aspirating tubes, rigid suction tips, specimen traps, noninvasive tubing, and suction regulators (with gauge).

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