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Contact: Praveen Narang - MD
Address: Narang Tower, 46 Community Centre, Naraina Ph-I, New Delhi, Delhi 110028, India
Phone: +91-(11)-45554000, 25892020 | Fax: +91-(11)-45554001, 25892026 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Narang Medical Limited is a manufacturer & exporter of medical supplies, surgical instruments, hospital equipment, laboratory products, diagnostics and sundries. Our products include laryngoscope sets & spares, hospital holloware, disposable/surgical medical products, orthopedic implants & instruments, hospital/medical furniture, suction machines & units, diagnostic equipment, height & weight scales, infant care/baby care equipment and general surgical instruments. We have a wide variety of height & weight scales including baby weighing, height measuring, physician, and multi purpose scales. Our disposable surgical/medical products include disposable suction catheters, infant feeding tubes, umbilical cannula, drainage sheet, polypropylene kidney tray, close wound suction unit, pregnancy test kit, scalp vein set, external male catheter, and hypo-allergenic microporous surgical tape.

The company is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, CE and WHO certified.

FDA Registration Number: 9613910
US Agent: Parveen Narang
Phone: +1-(175)-490-0333  E-Mail:

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• AC-Powered Cast Removal Instrument (FDA Code: LGH / 888.5960)
A cast removal instrument is an AC-powered, hand-held device intended to remove a cast from a patient. This generic type of device includes the electric cast cutter and cast vacuum.
• AC-powered Goniometer (FDA Code: KQX / 888.1500)
A goniometer is an AC-powered or battery powered device intended to evaluate joint function by measuring and recording ranges of motion, acceleration, or forces exerted by a joint.
• Adhesive Bandages (FDA Code: KGX / 880.5240)
A medical adhesive tape or adhesive bandage is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a strip of fabric material or plastic, coated on one side with an adhesive, and may include a pad of surgical dressing without a disinfectant. The device is used to cover and protect wounds, to hold together the skin edges of a wound, to support an injured part of the body, or to secure objects to the skin.
• Adjustable Hospital AC-Powered Beds (FDA Code: FNL / 880.5100)
An AC-powered adjustable hospital bed is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a bed with a built-in electric motor and remote controls that can be operated by the patient to adjust the height and surface contour of the bed. The device includes movable and latchable side rails.
• Adjustable Hospital Hydraulic Bed (FDA Code: FNK / 880.5110)
A hydraulic adjustable hospital bed is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a bed with a hydraulic mechanism operated by an attendant to adjust the height and surface contour of the bed. The device includes movable and latchable side rails.
• Adult Bedpans
• Adult Wheelchairs
• Adult, Double-head Stethoscope
• Air Way Tube
• Aluminium Surgical Box
• Aluminum Pressure Steam Sterilizers
• Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
• Anesthetic Gas Mask (FDA Code: BSJ / 868.5550)
An anesthetic gas mask is a device, usually made of conductive rubber, that is positioned over a patient's nose or mouth to direct anesthetic gases to the upper airway.
• Artificial Resuscitator, Adult
• Artificial Resuscitator, Child
• Artificial Resuscitator, Infant
• Atomizer Bulbs
• Austin Moore Pins
• Autoclavable Artificial Resuscitator
• Autoclavable Bed Pan
• Autoclave Accessories, Aluminium Container
• Autoclave Accessories, Bakelite Wing Nut
• Autoclave Accessories, Electric Cord
• Autoclave Accessories, Immersion Heater
• Autoclave Accessories, Pressure Gauge
• Autoclave Accessories, Pressure Valve
• Autoclave Accessories, Rubber Gasket
• Autoclave Accessories, Sterilization Sticker
• Autoclave Sterilizer
• Autoclaves
• Automatic Rotary Microtome (FDA Code: IDO / 864.3010)
Tissue processing equipment consists of devices used to prepare human tissue specimens for diagnostic histological examination by processing specimens through the various stages of decalcifying, infiltrating, sectioning, and mounting on microscope slides.
• Awl (FDA Code: HWJ / 888.4540)
An orthopedic manual surgical instrument is a nonpowered hand-held device intended for medical purposes to manipulate tissue, or for use with other devices in orthopedic surgery. This generic type of device includes the cerclage applier, awl, bender, drill brace, broach, burr, corkscrew, countersink, pin crimper, wire cutter, prosthesis driver, extractor, file, fork, needle holder, impactor, bending or contouring instrument, compression instrument, passer, socket positioner, probe, femoral neck punch, socket pusher, reamer, rongeur, scissors, screwdriver, bone skid, staple driver, bone screw starter, surgical stripper, tamp, bone tap, trephine, wire twister, and wrench.
• Baby Crib
• Bandage Skin Traction
• Battery Operated Suction Unit
• Bed Couches
• Bedpan (FDA Code: FOB / 880.6730)
A body waste receptacle is a device intended for medical purposes that is not attached to the body and that is used to collect the body wastes of a bed patient.
• Bedpans & Urinals
• Bedside Lockers
• Bedside Screens
• Bedside Tables
• Bedside/Revolving Stools
• Benchtop Steam Sterilizers
• Bend Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail for Tibia
• Bender (FDA Code: HXW / 888.4540)
• Bending/Contouring Instrument (FDA Code: HXP / 888.4540)
• Bipolar Hip Prosthesis
• Bone Cap (FDA Code: JDT / 888.3000)
A bone cap is a mushroom-shaped device intended to be implanted made of either silicone elastomer or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. It is used to cover the severed end of a long bone, such as the humerus or tibia, to control bone overgrowth in juvenile amputees.
• Bone Plates, Calcaneal
• Bone Plates, Cloverleaf

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