Millar Instruments, Inc.

Address: 6001-A Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas 77023-5417, USA
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Profile: Millar Instruments, Inc. specializes in the development of pressure sensor technology. We integrate this technology in our catheters for applications in the life sciences. Our catheters are now known around the world as the Millar Mikro-Tip® pressure transducer catheters. We are an ISO & CE certified company for quality assurance & design examination. Our product telemetry system offers superior telemetry platform that includes the features, cost, and technical support. This system is capable of measuring blood pressure, sympathetic nerve activity & other biopotentials signals in rats and larger animals. It implements digital data transmission and wireless inductive power charging which provides significant benefits. In addition to pressure catheters, we also fabricate precise sensor catheters for pressure/velocity, doppler and pressure/volume measurements.

The company was founded in 1971, has revenues of USD 5-10 Million, has ~80 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1625382

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• Balloon Type Cardiovascular Catheter
• Blood Pressure Transducer
• Cardiovascular Catheters
• Catheter Tip Blood Pressure Transducer (FDA Code: DXO / 870.2870)
A catheter tip pressure transducer is a device incorporated into the distal end of a catheter. When placed in the bloodstream, its mechanical or electrical properties change in relation to changes in blood pressure. These changes are transmitted to accessory equipment for processing.
• Catheter Tip Flow Transducer
• Data Acquisition Systems
• Diagnostic Intravascular Catheter (FDA Code: DQO / 870.1200)
An intravascular diagnostic catheter is a device used to record intracardiac pressures, to sample blood, and to introduce substances into the heart and vessels. Included in this generic device are right-heart catheters, left-heart catheters, and angiographic catheters, among others.
• Electrocardiograph Transmitter/Receiver System (FDA Code: DXH / 870.2920)
A telephone electrocardiograph transmitter and receiver is a device used to condition an electrocardiograph signal so that it can be transmitted via a telephone line to another location. This device also includes a receiver that reconditions the received signal into its original format so that it can be displayed. The device includes devices used to transmit and receive pacemaker signals.
• Electrode Recording Catheter (FDA Code: DRF / 870.1220)
An electrode recording catheter or an electrode recording probe is a device used to detect an intracardiac electrocardiogram, or to detect cardiac output or left-to-right heart shunts. The device may be unipolar or multipolar for electrocardiogram detection, or may be a platinum-tipped catheter which senses the presence of a special indicator for cardiac output or left-to-right heart shunt determinations.
• Electrophysiology Catheters
• Extravascular Blood Pressure Transducer (FDA Code: DRS / 870.2850)
An extravascular blood pressure transducer is a device used to measure blood pressure by changes in the mechanical or electrical properties of the device. The proximal end of the transducer is connected to a pressure monitor that produces an analog or digital electrical signal related to the electrical or mechanical changes produced in the transducer.
• FFR-CFR Pressure Wires
• Gastro-Urology Ureteral Catheter (FDA Code: EYB / 876.5130)
A urological catheter and accessories is a flexible tubular device that is inserted through the urethra and used to pass fluids to or from the urinary tract. This generic type of device includes radiopaque urological catheters, ureteral catheters, urethral catheters, coudecatheters, balloon retention type catheters, straight catheters, upper urinary tract catheters, double lumen female urethrographic catheters, disposable ureteral catheters, male urethrographic catheters, and urological catheter accessories including ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheter adapters, ureteral catheter holders, ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheterization trays, and the gastro-urological irrigation tray (for urological use).
• Intracavitary Phonocatheter System (FDA Code: DXW / 870.1270)
An intracavitary phonocatheter system is a system that includes a catheter with an acoustic transducer and the associated device that processes the signal from the transducer; this device records bioacoustic phenomena from a transducer placed within the heart, blood vessels, or body cavities.
• Intravenous Blood Flowmeter (FDA Code: DPW / 870.2100)
A cardiovascular blood flowmeter is a device that is connected to a flow transducer that energizes the transducer and processes and displays the blood flow signal.
• Laser Doppler Blood Flowmeter
• Long-Term Vascular Catheter
• Mikro-Tipr Pressure Catheters
• Miniature Pressure Transducer (FDA Code: IKE / 890.1615)
A miniature pressure transducer is a device intended for medical purposes to measure the pressure between a device and soft tissue by converting mechanical inputs to analog electrical signals.
• Percutaneous Catheter (FDA Code: DQY / 870.1250)
A percutaneous catheter is a device that is introduced into a vein or artery through the skin using a dilator and a sheath (introducer) or guide wire.
• Percutaneous Catheters Sets, Pediatric
• Percutaneous Catheters Sets, Pediatric Percutaneous Access
• Pressure Analysis Software
• Pressure Sensor Systems
• Pressure Volume Systems
• Radiofrequency Physiological Transmitter/Receiver System (FDA Code: DRG / 870.2910)
A radiofrequency physiological signal transmitter and receiver is a device used to condition a physiological signal so that it can be transmitted via radiofrequency from one location to another, e.g., a central monitoring station. The received signal is reconditioned by the device into its original format so that it can be displayed.
• Research Specialty Catheter Services
• Right Angle Ventricular Catheters
• Sterile Single-Use Angiographic Catheter
• Therapeutic Intravascular Catheter (FDA Code: LJS / 880.5970)
A percutaneous, implanted, long-term intravascular catheter is a device that consists of a slender tube and any necessary connecting fittings, such as luer hubs, and accessories that facilitate the placement of the device. The device allows for repeated access to the vascular system for long-term use of 30 days or more, and it is intended for administration of fluids, medications, and nutrients; the sampling of blood; and monitoring blood pressure and temperature. The device may be constructed of metal, rubber, plastic, composite materials, or any combination of these materials and may be of single or multiple lumen design.
• Thermodilution Probe (FDA Code: KRB / 870.1915)
A thermodilution probe is a device that monitors cardiac output by use of thermodilution techniques; this device is commonly attached to a catheter that may have one or more probes.
• Transducer Signal Amplifier and Conditioner (FDA Code: DRQ / 870.2060)
A transducer signal amplifier and conditioner is a device used to provide the excitation energy for the transducer and to amplify or condition the signal emitted by the transducer.
• Ultra-Miniature Pressure Volume Catheters
• Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
• Ultrasonic Transducer (FDA Code: JOP / 870.2880)
An ultrasonic transducer is a device applied to the skin to transmit and receive ultrasonic energy that is used in conjunction with an echocardiograph to provide imaging of cardiovascular structures. This device includes phased arrays and two-dimensional scanning transducers.
• Urological Percutaneous Catheters and Sets
• Ventricular Catheters (FDA Code: HCA / 882.4100)
A ventricular catheter is a device used to gain access to the cavities of the brain for injection of material into, or removal of material from, the brain.

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