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Profile: Medtec designs, develops and distributes oncology products & systems essential for accurate cancer diagnosis & treatment. Our product line consists of precision crafted radiation oncology equipment and accessories. We manufacture all our products according to the FDA's cGMP QS regulation and our operations are ISO: 9001 & CE MARK certified company. Our Elite™ line of medical physics devices is a unique & comprehensive collection of precise, cost-effective measurement and quality assurance tools.

The company was founded in 1983, has revenues of USD 25-50 Million, has ~80 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1932738

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• Automatic Needle Shielding System
• Brachytherapy Tables
• Brachytherapy, Implant Needles
• Brachytherapy, Needle Shielding
• Breast Caliper
• Breast Support Thermoplastic
• Breathing Mouthpiece (FDA Code: BYP / 868.5620)
A breathing mouthpiece is a rigid device that is inserted into a patient's mouth and that connects with diagnostic or therapeutic respiratory devices.
• Calipers (FDA Code: KTZ / 888.4150)
A caliper for clinical use is a compass-like device intended for use in measuring the thickness or diameter of a part of the body or the distance between two body surfaces, such as for measuring an excised skeletal specimen to determine the proper replacement size of a prosthesis.
• Carbon fiber L-profile for Posiboard Breast Masks
• Chilling Unit (FDA Code: IMF / 890.5940)
A chilling unit is a refrigerative device intended for medical purposes to chill and maintain cold packs at a reduced temperature.
• Disposable Implant Needles
• Endocavity Cover Kit
• Endocavity Needle Guides
• Fecal Occult Blood Test
• Fecal Occult Blood Test Kits
• Fecal Occult Blood Testing Kit
• Gastric and Fecal Occult Blood Test
• Implant Needles
• Laparoscopic Cover
• Latex-Free Bite Blocks
• Light Beam Patient Position Monitor (FDA Code: IWE / 892.5780)
A light beam patient position indicator is a device that projects a beam of light (incoherent light or laser) to determine the alignment of the patient with a radiation beam. The beam of light is intended to be used during radiologic procedures to ensure proper positioning of the patient and to monitor alignment of the radiation beam with the patient's anatomy.
• Manual Radionuclide Applicator (FDA Code: IWJ / 892.5650)
A manual radionuclide applicator system is a manually operated device intended to apply a radionuclide source into the body or to the surface of the body for radiation therapy. This generic type of device may include patient and equipment supports, component parts, treatment planning computer programs, and accessories.
• Mechanical Table (FDA Code: INW / 890.3750)
A mechanical table is a device intended for medical purposes that has a flat surface that can be inclined or adjusted to various positions. It is used by patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions to increase tolerance to an upright or standing position.
• Medical Chair and Table (FDA Code: KMN / 880.6140)
A medical chair or table is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a chair or table without wheels and not electrically powered which, by reason of special shape or attachments, such as food trays or headrests, or special features such as a built-in raising and lowering mechanism or removable arms, is intended for use of blood donors, geriatric patients, or patients undergoing treatment or examination.
• Medical Linear Accelerator (FDA Code: IYE / 892.5050)
A medical charged-particle radiation therapy system is a device that produces by acceleration high energy charged particles (e.g., electrons and protons) intended for use in radiation therapy. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, treatment planning computer programs, component parts, and accessories.
• Needle Loading and Handling
• Needle Shielding
• Non-Sterile Scanning Kit with Extension Tube
• Patient Arm Rest
• Patient Safety Straps
• Personnel Protective Shield (FDA Code: KPY / 892.6500)
A personnel protective shield is a device intended for medical purposes to protect the patient, the operator, or other persons from unnecessary exposure to radiation during radiologic procedures by providing an attenuating barrier to radiation. This generic type of device may include articles of clothing, furniture, and movable or stationary structures.
• Powered Heating Unit (FDA Code: IRQ / 890.5950)
A powered heating unit is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of an encased cabinet containing hot water and that is intended to heat and maintain hot packs at an elevated temperature.
• Powered Non-Tilting Radiographic Table (FDA Code: IZZ / 892.1980)
A radiologic table is a device intended for medical purposes to support a patient during radiologic procedures. The table may be fixed or tilting and may be electrically powered.
• Powered Radiation Therapy Couch (FDA Code: JAI / 892.5770)
A powered radiation therapy patient support assembly is an electrically powered adjustable couch intended to support a patient during radiation therapy.
• Prone Breast Positioner
• Protractor (FDA Code: HTH / 888.4600)
A protractor for clinical use is a device intended for use in measuring the angles of bones, such as on x-rays or in surgery.
• Radiographic Anthropomorphic Phantom (FDA Code: IXG / 892.1950)
A radiographic anthropomorphic phantom is a device intended for medical purposes to simulate a human body for positioning radiographic equipment.
• Radiographic Grid (FDA Code: IXJ / 892.1910)
A radiographic grid is a device that consists of alternating radiolucent and radiopaque strips intended to be placed between the patient and the image receptor to reduce the amount of scattered radiation reaching the image receptor.
• Radiographic Head Holder (FDA Code: IWY / 892.1920)
A radiographic head holder is a device intended to position the patient's head during a radiographic procedure.
• Radiographic Test Pattern (FDA Code: IXF / 892.1940)
A radiologic quality assurance instrument is a device intended for medical purposes to measure a physical characteristic associated with another radiologic device.
• Radiologic Table (FDA Code: KXJ / 892.1980)
• Radiological Eye Shield (FDA Code: IWS / 892.6500)
• Radiological Quality-Assurance Instrument (FDA Code: LHO / 892.1940)
• Radiolucent Stretcher
• Scanning Kits
• Scanning Kits, Sterile Extension Tube
• Skin Marker (FDA Code: FZZ / 878.4660)
A skin marker is a pen-like device intended to be used to write on the patient's skin, e.g., to outline surgical incision sites or mark anatomical sites for accurate blood pressure measurement.
• Stationary Top Radiographic Table (FDA Code: IXQ / 892.1980)
• Stretcher Rail Mounts
• Surgical Covers

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