Medline Industries, Inc.

Contact: Jen Szabo - Product Manager
Address: One Medline Place, Mundelein, Illinois 60060, USA
Phone: +1-(800)-633-5463 | Fax: +1-(800)-351-1512 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Medline Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of health care supplies & services. We provide products and services to the entire continuum of care, including hospitals, extended care facilities, surgery centers, commercial laundries, home care dealers, home care agencies, physician offices & other alternate care sites. Our product line includes gloves, OR custom procedure trays, scrubs, uniforms & gowns, durable medical equipment, respiratory products, urologicals, diabetic products, surgical instruments & other surgical products. We offer a total program of products designed expressly for continence care, and comprehensive clinical support. We provide a full line of surgical and procedural face masks using the most breathable & fluid-resistant materials. Our ultra-soft cloth-like liners feature cloth-like backsheet that reduces the risk of skin irritation. We offer various health care garments including barrier lab coats, isolation gowns, non-clinical uniforms, patient apparel, lab coats, scrubwear, slippers and surgical textiles. Our lab coats are available in a wide array of styles, length and blends. Our lab coats are offered with a variety of closure options and back belts. All styles of lab coats come with three outside pockets such as one chest and two lower hip pockets. We offer easy embroidery and logo application for a great way to customize the lab coats.

The company was founded in 1966, has revenues of < USD 1 Million, has ~6800 employees and is ISO 13485 and ISO 11135 certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1417592

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• 80 Vertical Microscissors
• Abdominal Binders (FDA Code: FSD / 880.5160)
• Adhesive Bandages (FDA Code: KGX / 880.5240)
A medical adhesive tape or adhesive bandage is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a strip of fabric material or plastic, coated on one side with an adhesive, and may include a pad of surgical dressing without a disinfectant. The device is used to cover and protect wounds, to hold together the skin edges of a wound, to support an injured part of the body, or to secure objects to the skin.
• Adhesive Elastic Bandage Tape
• Adhesive Elastic Stretch Tape
• Adhesive Silk Tape
• Adhesive, Waterproof Tape
• Adult Feeding Kit
• Adult Wheelchairs
• Anesthesia Kit (FDA Code: OFQ / 868.5120)
An anesthesia conduction catheter is a flexible tubular device used to inject local anesthetics into a patient and to provide continuous regional anesthesia.
• Anesthesiology Oropharyngeal Airway (FDA Code: CAE / 868.5110)
An oropharyngeal airway is a device inserted into a patient's pharynx through the mouth to provide a patent airway.
• Anesthetic Gas Mask (FDA Code: BSJ / 868.5550)
An anesthetic gas mask is a device, usually made of conductive rubber, that is positioned over a patient's nose or mouth to direct anesthetic gases to the upper airway.
• Angiography/Angioplasty Kit (FDA Code: OEQ / 870.1650)
An angiographic injector and syringe is a device that consists of a syringe and a high-pressure injector which are used to inject contrast material into the heart, great vessels, and coronary arteries to study the heart and vessels by x-ray photography.
• Anti-Fog Surgical Mask with Adhesive Tape
• Arm Restraint
• Arm Slings (FDA Code: ILI / 890.3640)
An arm sling is a device intended for medical purposes to immobilize the arm, by means of a fabric band suspended from around the neck.
• Arthrogram Trays (FDA Code: OII / 892.1650)
An image-intensified fluoroscopic x-ray system is a device intended to visualize anatomical structures by converting a pattern of x-radiation into a visible image through electronic amplification. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• Aspiration Tray (FDA Code: OJT / 878.4800)
• Aspirators
• Athletic Cloth Tape
• Athletic Elastic Wraps and Tapes
• Autoclaves
• Automatic Autoclaves
• Baby Ear Syringe
• Baby Metzenbaum Scissors
• Bags, Wraps & Tubing
• Balloon Retention Type Catheter (FDA Code: EZL / 876.5130)
A urological catheter and accessories is a flexible tubular device that is inserted through the urethra and used to pass fluids to or from the urinary tract. This generic type of device includes radiopaque urological catheters, ureteral catheters, urethral catheters, coudecatheters, balloon retention type catheters, straight catheters, upper urinary tract catheters, double lumen female urethrographic catheters, disposable ureteral catheters, male urethrographic catheters, and urological catheter accessories including ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheter adapters, ureteral catheter holders, ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheterization trays, and the gastro-urological irrigation tray (for urological use).
• Balloon Type Catheter (FDA Code: GBA / 878.4200)
An introduction/drainage catheter is a device that is a flexible single or multilumen tube intended to be used to introduce nondrug fluids into body cavities other than blood vessels, drain fluids from body cavities, or evaluate certain physiologic conditions. Examples include irrigation and drainage catheters, pediatric catheters, peritoneal catheters (including dialysis), and other general surgical catheters. An introduction/drainage catheter accessory is intended to aid in the manipulation of or insertion of the device into the body. Examples of accessories include adaptors, connectors, and catheter needles.
• Bariatric Abdominal Binder
• Bathing Caps
• Bedpan (FDA Code: FOB / 880.6730)
A body waste receptacle is a device intended for medical purposes that is not attached to the body and that is used to collect the body wastes of a bed patient.
• Bedpans & Urinals
• Biopsy Needle Kit (FDA Code: FCG / 876.1075)
A gastroenterology-urology biopsy instrument is a device used to remove, by cutting or aspiration, a specimen of tissue for microscopic examination. This generic type of device includes the biopsy punch, gastrointestinal mechanical biopsy instrument, suction biopsy instrument, gastro-urology biopsy needle and needle set, and nonelectric biopsy forceps. This section does not apply to biopsy instruments that have specialized uses in other medical specialty areas and that are covered by classification regulations in other parts of the device classification regulations.
• Blood Collection Lancet (FDA Code: FMK / 878.4800)
• Blood pressure Cuffs (FDA Code: DXQ / 870.1120)
A blood pressure cuff is a device that has an inflatable bladder in an inelastic sleeve (cuff) with a mechanism for inflating and deflating the bladder. The cuff is used in conjunction with another device to determine a subject's blood pressure.
• Blotter Accessories, Blotter Sponges
• Bowls & Basins
• Breathing Circuit Bacterial Filter (FDA Code: CAH / 868.5260)
A breathing circuit bacterial filter is a device that is intended to remove microbiological and particulate matter from the gases in the breathing circuit.
• Breathing Circuit Circulator (FDA Code: CAG / 868.5250)
A breathing circuit circulator is a turbine device that is attached to a closed breathing circuit and that is intended to circulate anesthetic gases continuously by maintaining the unidirectional valves in an open position and reducing mechanical dead space and resistance in the breathing circuit.
• Breathing Mouthpiece (FDA Code: BYP / 868.5620)
A breathing mouthpiece is a rigid device that is inserted into a patient's mouth and that connects with diagnostic or therapeutic respiratory devices.
• Bulb Suction Tip
• Bulb-tipped Urethral Catheter
• Caps
• Caps
• Cardiac Catheterization Kit (FDA Code: OES / 870.1200)
An intravascular diagnostic catheter is a device used to record intracardiac pressures, to sample blood, and to introduce substances into the heart and vessels. Included in this generic device are right-heart catheters, left-heart catheters, and angiographic catheters, among others.
• Cardiovascular Procedure Kit (FDA Code: OEZ / 870.1200)
• Cartilage Scissors
• Carts
• Cast Component (FDA Code: LGF / 888.5940)
A cast component is a device intended for medical purposes to protect or support a cast. This generic type of device includes the cast heel, toe cap, cast support, and walking iron.
• Casting Materials

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