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Profile: Mediwatch USA is engaged in developing medical products for the point-of-care environment. We have medical equipment for the diagnosis of a variety of clinical conditions. We expertise in urology, diagnostic ultrasound, urodynamics and point-of-care biochemistry. Urodynamic studies involve the measurement of pressure, flow or electrical activity of the lower urinary tract. Our products include portable real-time ultrasound bladder scanner, Portascan+™ calculates the bladder volume automatically from an ultrasound image and an in-built thermal printer provides a permanent hard copy printout of results for accurate record keeping and archiving. We have Urodyn 1000, which is for spontaneous uroflow, non-invasive testing, screening for bladder outlet obstruction, therapeutic follow-up after surgery and drug treatment. We also have Duet Sensic™ navigation software for intraprocedure editing and analysis at a glance with touch-screen functionality, smart buttons and manoeuvre frames. We supply water-filled vesical catheters, abdominal catheters UPP catheters and disposable surface electrodes.

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• Cutaneous Electrode (FDA Code: GXY / 882.1320)
A cutaneous electrode is an electrode that is applied directly to a patient's skin either to record physiological signals (e.g., the electroencephalogram) or to apply electrical stimulation.
• Cystometric Gas on Hydraulic Device (FDA Code: FAP / 876.1620)
A urodynamics measurement system is a device used to measure volume and pressure in the urinary bladder when it is filled through a catheter with carbon dioxide or water. The device controls the supply of carbon dioxide or water and may also record the electrical activity of the muscles associated with urination. The device system may include transducers, electronic signal conditioning and display equipment, a catheter withdrawal device to enable a urethral pressure profile to be obtained, and special catheters for urethral profilometry and electrodes for electromyography. This generic type of device includes the cystometric gas (carbon dioxide) device, the cystometric hydrualic device, and the electrical recording cystometer, but excludes any device that uses air to fill the bladder.
• Diagnostic Ultrasonic Transducer (FDA Code: ITX / 892.1570)
A diagnostic ultrasonic transducer is a device made of a piezoelectric material that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals and acoustic signals into electrical signals and intended for use in diagnostic ultrasonic medical devices. Accessories of this generic type of device may include transmission media for acoustically coupling the transducer to the body surface, such as acoustic gel, paste, or a flexible fluid container.
• Digital Ultrasound Imaging System
• Disposable Pressure Transducers
• Disposable Surface Electrodes, Disks With Leads
• Disposable Surface Electrodes, Tab Electrodes
• Electrical Gastrointestinal Motility Analyzer (FDA Code: FFX / 876.1725)
A gastrointestinal motility monitoring system is a device used to measure peristalic activity or pressure in the stomach or esophagus by means of a probe with transducers that is introduced through the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract. The device may include signal conditioning, amplifying, and recording equipment. This generic type of device includes the esophageal motility monitor and tube, the gastrointestinal motility (electrical) system, and certain accessories, such as a pressure transducer, amplifier, and external recorder.
• Electrode Cables (FDA Code: IKD / 890.1175)
An electrode cable is a device composed of strands of insulated electrical conductors laid together around a central core and intended for medical purposes to connect an electrode from a patient to a diagnostic machine.
• Evoked Response Electrical Stimulator (FDA Code: GWF / 882.1870)
An evoked response electrical stimulator is a device used to apply an electrical stimulus to a patient by means of skin electrodes for the purpose of measuring the evoked response.
• External Penile Rigidity Device (FDA Code: LKY / 876.5020)
• Extravascular Blood Pressure Transducer (FDA Code: DRS / 870.2850)
An extravascular blood pressure transducer is a device used to measure blood pressure by changes in the mechanical or electrical properties of the device. The proximal end of the transducer is connected to a pressure monitor that produces an analog or digital electrical signal related to the electrical or mechanical changes produced in the transducer.
• Hydraulic Cystometric Device (FDA Code: FEN / 876.1620)
• Multiple Lumen Catheter (FDA Code: GBP / 878.4200)
An introduction/drainage catheter is a device that is a flexible single or multilumen tube intended to be used to introduce nondrug fluids into body cavities other than blood vessels, drain fluids from body cavities, or evaluate certain physiologic conditions. Examples include irrigation and drainage catheters, pediatric catheters, peritoneal catheters (including dialysis), and other general surgical catheters. An introduction/drainage catheter accessory is intended to aid in the manipulation of or insertion of the device into the body. Examples of accessories include adaptors, connectors, and catheter needles.
• Nerve Conduction Velocity Measurement Device (FDA Code: JXE / 882.1550)
A nerve conduction velocity measurement device is a device which measures nerve conduction time by applying a stimulus, usually to a patient's peripheral nerve. This device includes the stimulator and the electronic processing equipment for measuring and displaying the nerve conduction time.
• Portable Multipurpose Real-Time Ultrasound Scanner
• Portable Real-Time Bladder Scanner
• Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner
• Pressure Transducers
• Ultrasonic Puls-Echo Scanner (FDA Code: IYO / 892.1560)
An ultrasonic pulsed echo imaging system is a device intended to project a pulsed sound beam into body tissue to determine the depth or location of the tissue interfaces and to measure the duration of an acoustic pulse from the transmitter to the tissue interface and back to the receiver. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• Ultrasound Bladder Scanners
• Urodynamic Measurement System
• Urodynamics Navigation Software
• Urodynamics Systems
• Uroflowmeter (FDA Code: EXY / 876.1800)
A urine flow or volume measuring system is a device that measures directly or indirectly the volume or flow of urine from a patient, either during the course of normal urination or while the patient is catheterized. The device may include a drip chamber to reduce the risk of retrograde bacterial contamination of the bladder and a transducer and electrical signal conditioning and display equipment. This generic type of device includes the electrical urinometer, mechanical urinometer, nonelectric urinometer, disposable nonelectric urine flow rate measuring device, and uroflowmeter.
• Vacuum Pumps
• Vaginal Electrodes
• Water-Filled Abdominal Catheters

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