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Profile: Keeler Ltd. specializes in magnification and diagnostic products for professionals in the optical & healthcare industries. Our product list comprises of direct ophthalmoscopes, volk lenses, otoscopes, retinoscopes, tonometers and slit lamps. In our fibre optic otoscopes, halogen illumination is transmitted via fibre optics for homogeneous illumination, leading to clear and accurate diagnosis of aural images. They have a large head design for unobstructed view. The closed head system is ideally suited to pneumatic testing for tympanic mobility. They can be used with either permanent or disposable specula. Our Pulsair desktop tonometer has been designed with the user and patient in mind. The slim profile of the tonometer head reduces patient anxiety, and allows the clinician to maintain the all-important visual contact with the patient.

FDA Registration Number: 1000391004
US Agent: N/a / N/a

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• AC-Powered Cryophthalmic Unit (FDA Code: HRN / 886.4170)
A cryophthalmic unit is a device that is a probe with a small tip that becomes extremely cold through the controlled use of a refrigerant or gas. The device may be AC-powered. The device is intended to remove cataracts by the formation of an adherent ice ball in the lens, to freeze the eye and adjunct parts for surgical removal of scars, and to freeze tumors.
• AC-Powered Ophthalmoscope (FDA Code: HLI / 886.1570)
An ophthalmoscope is an AC-powered or battery-powered device containing illumination and viewing optics intended to examine the media (cornea, aqueous, lens, and vitreous) and the retina of the eye.
• AC-Powered Retinoscope (FDA Code: HKL / 886.1780)
A retinoscope is an AC-powered or battery-powered device intended to measure the refraction of the eye by illuminating the retina and noting the direction of movement of the light on the retinal surface and of the refraction by the eye of the emergent rays.
• AC-Powered Tonometer (FDA Code: HKX / 886.1930)
A tonometer and accessories is a manual device intended to measure intraocular pressure by applying a known force on the globe of the eye and measuring the amount of indentation produced (Schiotz type) or to measure intraocular tension by applanation (applying a small flat disk to the cornea). Accessories for the device may include a tonometer calibrator or a tonograph recording system. The device is intended for use in the diagnosis of glaucoma.
• AC-Powered Transilluminator (FDA Code: HJM / 886.1945)
A transilluminator is an AC-powered or battery-powered device that is a light source intended to transmit light through tissues to aid examination of patients.
• Amsler Grid (FDA Code: HOQ / 886.1330)
An Amsler grid is a device that is a series of charts with grids of different sizes that are held at 30 centimeters distance from the patient and intended to rapidly detect central and paracentral irregularities in the visual field.
• Battery-Powered Ophthalmoscope (FDA Code: HLJ / 886.1570)
• Color Vision Tester (FDA Code: HIT / 886.1170)
A color vision tester is a device that consists of various colored materials, such as colored yarns or color vision plates (multicolored plates which patients with color vision deficiency would perceive as being of one color), intended to evaluate color vision.
• Eye Loupes
• Haag Type Slit Lamp
• Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
• Loupes
• Low Power Binocular Loupe (FDA Code: HJH / 886.5120)
A low-power binocular loupe is a device that consists of two eyepieces, each with a lens or lens system, intended for medical purposes to magnify the appearance of objects.
• Low-Vision Spectacle Telescope (FDA Code: HKK / 886.5870)
A low-vision telescope is a device that consists of an arrangement of lenses or mirrors intended for use by a patient who has impaired vision to increase the apparent size of objects. This generic type of device includes handheld or spectacle telescopes.
• Manual Non Powered Refractor with Phoropter (FDA Code: HKN / 886.1770)
A manual refractor is a device that is a set of lenses of varous dioptric powers intended to measure the refractive error of the eye.
• Manual Tonometer (FDA Code: HKY / 886.1930)
• Non-Contact Tonometers
• Ophthalmic Loupes
• Ophthalmic operating spectacles (loupes)
• Ophthalmic Trial Frame (FDA Code: HPA / 886.1415)
An opthalmic trial lens frame is a mechanical device intended to hold trial lenses for vision testing.
• Ophthalmoscope Aids
• Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Device Aids
• Ophthalmoscope Pocket Set
• Ophthalmoscopes
• Optical Non-contact Tonometers
• Otoscopes (FDA Code: ERA / 874.4770)
An otoscope is a device intended to allow inspection of the external ear canal and tympanic membrane under magnification. The device provides illumination of the ear canal for observation by using an AC- or battery-powered light source and an optical magnifying system.
• Pocket Ophthalmoscope
• Retinoscopes
• Slit Lamps
• Standard Direct Ophthalmoscopes
• Standard Ophthalmoscope
• Surgical Loupes
• Surgical Magnifying Loupes
• Surgical Microscopes Loupes
• Tonometers
• Zeiss Type Slit Lamp

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