HealthTronics, Inc.

Address: 9825 Spectrum Dr. Bldg. 3, Austin, Texas 78717, USA
Phone: +1-(512)-328-2892, (888)-252-6575 | Fax: +1-(512)-439-8303 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Health Tronics, Inc. is a provider of urological services and products. Our service list comprises of lithotripsy, radiation therapy, cryotherapy, laser treatment, laboratory services, and equipment services. Our product list comprises of lithotripters, laser products and their related consumables. RevoLix™ is our surgical laser ideal for treating prostate enlargement as well as performing other kinds of minimally invasive surgery. It has a wavelength of 2013 nanometers. It makes clean, shallow cuts with no tissue trauma while maintaining excellent hemostasis. It is used to treat prostate enlargement, urological problems, bladder tumors, strictures and tissue preserving excisions. Our TotalRad™ enables urologists to establish and operate radiation therapy centers using image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) technology.

The company has ~290 employees. NYSE:HTRN (SEC Filings)

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• 3D Imaging Device Repair Service
• 3D Imaging Devices
• 3D Imaging Systems
• C-arms Repair Services
• C-arms Spare Parts
• Calipers (FDA Code: KTZ / 888.4150)
A caliper for clinical use is a compass-like device intended for use in measuring the thickness or diameter of a part of the body or the distance between two body surfaces, such as for measuring an excised skeletal specimen to determine the proper replacement size of a prosthesis.
• Cryosurgical Unit (FDA Code: GEH / 878.4350)
• Diagnostic Ultrasonic Transducer (FDA Code: ITX / 892.1570)
A diagnostic ultrasonic transducer is a device made of a piezoelectric material that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals and acoustic signals into electrical signals and intended for use in diagnostic ultrasonic medical devices. Accessories of this generic type of device may include transmission media for acoustically coupling the transducer to the body surface, such as acoustic gel, paste, or a flexible fluid container.
• Digital Imaging Systems
• For Ablation Of Cardiac Tissue Surgical Device (FDA Code: OCL / 878.4400)
An electrosurgical cutting and coagulation device and accessories is a device intended to remove tissue and control bleeding by use of high-frequency electrical current.
• General Medical Imaging
• General Medical Imaging Accessories
• General Medical Imaging Device Spares
• General Medical Imaging Repair Services
• Image Intensifier Spare Parts
• Image Intensifiers Repair Services
• Imaging Systems
• Intra Operative Imaging Suite
• Lithotripters
• Lithotripters
• Lithotripters Accessories
• Lithotripters Installation Services
• Lithotripters Maintenance Services
• Lithotripters Rental Service
• Lithotripters Spare Parts
• Medical Imaging
• Medical Imaging Installation Service
• Medical Imaging Kits
• Medical Imaging Systems
• Mobile Urology Imaging System
• PSA Analyzer
• Radiology Table Accessories
• Table Repair Services
• Tables
• Ultrasonic Puls-Echo Scanner (FDA Code: IYO / 892.1560)
An ultrasonic pulsed echo imaging system is a device intended to project a pulsed sound beam into body tissue to determine the depth or location of the tissue interfaces and to measure the duration of an acoustic pulse from the transmitter to the tissue interface and back to the receiver. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler Imaging System (FDA Code: IYN / 892.1550)
An ultrasonic pulsed doppler imaging system is a device that combines the features of continuous wave doppler-effect technology with pulsed-echo effect technology and is intended to determine stationary body tissue characteristics, such as depth or location of tissue interfaces or dynamic tissue characteristics such as velocity of blood or tissue motion. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories.
• Urethral Dilators (FDA Code: KOE / 876.5520)
A urethral dilator is a device that consists of a slender hollow or solid instrument made of metal, plastic, or other suitable material in a cylindrical form and in a range of sizes and flexibilities. The device may include a mechanism to expand the portion of the device in the urethra and indicate the degree of expansion on a dial. It is used to dilate the urethra. This generic type of device includes the mechanical urethral dilator, urological bougies, metal or plastic urethral sound, urethrometer, filiform, and filiform follower.
• Urodynamics Chair/Table
• Urological Catheters (FDA Code: KOD / 876.5130)
A urological catheter and accessories is a flexible tubular device that is inserted through the urethra and used to pass fluids to or from the urinary tract. This generic type of device includes radiopaque urological catheters, ureteral catheters, urethral catheters, coudecatheters, balloon retention type catheters, straight catheters, upper urinary tract catheters, double lumen female urethrographic catheters, disposable ureteral catheters, male urethrographic catheters, and urological catheter accessories including ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheter adapters, ureteral catheter holders, ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheterization trays, and the gastro-urological irrigation tray (for urological use).
• Urological Extracorporeal Shock-wave Lithotriptor (FDA Code: LNS / 876.5990)
An extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter is a device that focuses ultrasonic shock waves into the body to noninvasively fragment urinary calculi within the kidney or ureter. The primary components of the device are a shock wave generator, high voltage generator, control console, imaging/localization system, and patient table. Prior to treatment, the urinary stone is targeted using either an integral or stand-alone localization/imaging system. Shock waves are typically generated using electrostatic spark discharge (spark gap), electromagnetically repelled membranes, or piezoelectric crystal arrays, and focused onto the stone with either a specially designed reflector, dish, or acoustic lens. The shock waves are created under water within the shock wave generator, and are transferred to the patient's body using an appropriate acoustic interface. After the stone has been fragmented by the focused shock waves, the fragments pass out of the body with the patient's urine.

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