Derma Sciences, Inc.

Contact: Barbara Benchoff
Address: 214 Carnegie Center Suite 300, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA
Phone: +1-(609)-514.4744 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Derma Sciences, Inc. manufactures & markets a complete line of products for wound and skin care. Our products can be broken down into five categories including advanced wound care, traditional wound care, burn care, skin care and bathing, specialty securement & closure devices. We also deliver contract manufacturing services for OEM or private label products. Our alginate calcium dressing absorbs moderate to large amounts of wound drainage and may help control minor bleeding. Alginate ropes can be used to fill or pack the dead space in a wound. A secondary dressing is needed to hold alginates in place and to protect the wound from outside contaminants. Our primaderm® dermal cleanser is available in a spray bottle that delivers solution at safe pressures. The nozzle can be set to either stream or spray to accommodate the desired pressure for removing debris or for cleansing the wound. The cleanser contains Poloxamer 188, an effective surfactant known to be gentle on tissue. It is used for pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first & second degree burns, cuts, abrasions, and minor irritations of the skin.

The company was founded in 1991, has revenues of USD 5-10 Million, has ~20 employees.

FDA Registration Number: 9680091
US Agent: Judith E. O'grady / Integra Lifesciences Corporation
Phone: +1-(609)-936-2311  Fax: +1-(609)-275-9445  E-Mail:

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• Absorbable Gauze, Dressing
• Adhesive Bandage Strip
• Adhesive Bandages (FDA Code: KGX / 880.5240)
A medical adhesive tape or adhesive bandage is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a strip of fabric material or plastic, coated on one side with an adhesive, and may include a pad of surgical dressing without a disinfectant. The device is used to cover and protect wounds, to hold together the skin edges of a wound, to support an injured part of the body, or to secure objects to the skin.
• Adhesive Elastic Bandage Tape
• Adhesive Gauze Bandage
• Anoscope and Accessories (FDA Code: FER / 876.1500)
An endoscope and accessories is a device used to provide access, illumination, and allow observation or manipulation of body cavities, hollow organs, and canals. The device consists of various rigid or flexible instruments that are inserted into body spaces and may include an optical system for conveying an image to the user's eye and their accessories may assist in gaining access or increase the versatility and augment the capabilities of the devices. Examples of devices that are within this generic type of device include cleaning accessories for endoscopes, photographic accessories for endoscopes, nonpowered anoscopes, binolcular attachments for endoscopes, pocket battery boxes, flexible or rigid choledochoscopes, colonoscopes, diagnostic cystoscopes, cystourethroscopes, enteroscopes, esophagogastroduodenoscopes, rigid esophagoscopes, fiberoptic illuminators for endoscopes, incandescent endoscope lamps, biliary pancreatoscopes, proctoscopes, resectoscopes, nephroscopes, sigmoidoscopes, ureteroscopes, urethroscopes, endomagnetic retrievers, cytology brushes for endoscopes, and lubricating jelly for transurethral surgical instruments. This section does not apply to endoscopes that have specialized uses in other medical specialty areas and that are covered by classification regulations in other parts of the device classification regulations.
• Antimicrobial Silver Dressings
• Bandage Retainer
• Breast Pads
• Cast Bandage (FDA Code: ITG / 890.3025)
A prosthetic and orthotic accessory is a device intended for medical purposes to support, protect, or aid in the use of a cast, orthosis (brace), or prosthesis. Examples of prosthetic and orthotic accessories include the following: A pelvic support band and belt, a cast shoe, a cast bandage, a limb cover, a prosthesis alignment device, a postsurgical pylon, a transverse rotator, and a temporary training splint.
• Cohesive Elastic Bandage
• Cohesive Elastic Bandage Wrap
• Contract Sterilization
• Cotton Filled Gauze Sponges
• Cotton Gauze
• Disposable Breast Pads
• Disposable Medical Scissors (FDA Code: JOK / 880.6820)
Medical disposable scissors are disposable type general cutting devices intended for medical purposes. This generic type of device does not include surgical scissors.
• Disposable Surgical Instrument Kit (FDA Code: KDD / 878.4800)
A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either reusable or disposable, intended to be used in various general surgical procedures. The device includes the applicator, clip applier, biopsy brush, manual dermabrasion brush, scrub brush, cannula, ligature carrier, chisel, clamp, contractor, curette, cutter, dissector, elevator, skin graft expander, file, forceps, gouge, instrument guide, needle guide, hammer, hemostat, amputation hook, ligature passing and knot-tying instrument, knife, blood lancet, mallet, disposable or reusable aspiration and injection needle, disposable or reusable suturing needle, osteotome, pliers, rasp, retainer, retractor, saw, scalpel blade, scalpel handle, one-piece scalpel, snare, spatula, stapler, disposable or reusable stripper, stylet, suturing apparatus for the stomach and intestine, measuring tape, and calipers. A surgical instrument that has specialized uses in a specific medical specialty is classified in separate regulations in parts 868 through 892.
• Drug Wound Dressing (FDA Code: FRO)
• Elastic Adhesive Bandages
• Elastic Bandage with Removable Clip
• Elastic Bandages (FDA Code: FQM / 880.5075)
An elastic bandage is a device consisting of either a long flat strip or a tube of elasticized material that is used to support and compress a part of a patient's body.
• Elastic Tubular Bandages
• Elbow & Heel Protectors
• ENT Manual Surgical Instrument (FDA Code: LRC / 874.4420)
• Expendable Gauze & Tape
• External Gauge (FDA Code: GER)
• Eye Pads
• Eye Pads Dressing Sponges
• Fast Edge Gauze bandage
• Fecal Incontinence Device
• Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages
• Foam Convoluted Pressure Pad
• Foot Support
• Foot Support Positioning System
• Four-Layer Bandaging System
• Gauze
• Gauze Bandages
• Gauze Dressings
• Gauze Pads
• Gauze Sponges
• Gauze Trays
• Heel Protector
• Hot/Cold Water Bottle (FDA Code: FPF / 880.6085)
A hot/cold water bottle is a device intended for medical purposes that is in the form of a container intended to be filled with hot or cold water to apply heat or cold to an area of the body.
• Hydrogel Wound and Burn Dressing (FDA Code: MGQ)
• Hydrogel Wound Dressing (W/Out Drug And/Or Biologic) (FDA Code: NAE / 878.4022)
A hydrogel wound dressing is a sterile or non-sterile device intended to cover a wound, to absorb wound exudate, to control bleeding or fluid loss, and to protect against abrasion, friction, desiccation, and contamination. It consists of a nonresorbable matrix made of hydrophilic polymers or other material in combination with water (at least 50 percent) and capable of absorbing exudate. This classification does not include a hydrogel wound dressing that contains added drugs such as antimicrobial agents, added biologics such as growth factors, or is composed of materials derived from animal sources.
• Hydrophilic Wound Dressings (FDA Code: NAC / 878.4018)
A hydrophilic wound dressing is a sterile or non-sterile device intended to cover a wound and to absorb exudate. It consists of nonresorbable materials with hydrophilic properties that are capable of absorbing exudate (e.g., cotton, cotton derivatives, alginates, dextran, and rayon). This classification does not include a hydrophilic wound dressing that contains added drugs such as antimicrobial agents, added biologics such as growth factors, or is composed of materials derived from animal sources.
• Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape
• Impregnated Dressings
• Internal Gauze/Sponge (FDA Code: EFQ)

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