Dale Medical Products, Inc.

Contact: Rob McElaney
Web: http://www.dalemed.com
Address: P.O. Box 1556, 7 Cross Street, Plainville, Massachusetts 02762-0556, USA
Phone: +1-(800)-343-3980 | Fax: +1-(508)-695-6587 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Dale Medical Products, Inc. supplies post-surgical patient care products for the acute care hospital and long-term markets. Our product stabilock endotracheal tube holder provides fast and easy application to secure endotracheal tubes. It prevents accidental extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization. The adhesive base is applied to the patient. The adhesive is skin friendly and can be left in place for up to 3 days. The tubing channel is made of lightweight, flexible material to securely hold the endotracheal tube in place with strong adhesive tape. The cushioned neckband is soft and comfortable on the face and neck & uses velcro closures to adjust for a snug fit. The adhesive base can be adapted for patients with facial hair by cutting off the rounded ends and applying to the patients cheeks.

The company was founded in 1961, has revenues of USD 10-25 Million, has ~150 employees.

FDA Registration Number: 1214422

45 Products/Services (Click for related suppliers)  
• Abdominal Belt
• Abdominal Binders (FDA Code: FSD / 880.5160)
• Abdominal Supports
• Adhesive Bandages (FDA Code: KGX / 880.5240)
A medical adhesive tape or adhesive bandage is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a strip of fabric material or plastic, coated on one side with an adhesive, and may include a pad of surgical dressing without a disinfectant. The device is used to cover and protect wounds, to hold together the skin edges of a wound, to support an injured part of the body, or to secure objects to the skin.
• Adjustable Height Radiolucent Arm board
• Arm Boards
• Bariatric Abdominal Binder
• Bendable Armboard
• Breast Binder (FDA Code: HEF / 880.5160)
• Breathing Tube Support (FDA Code: JAY / 868.5280)
A breathing tube support is a device that is intended to support and anchor a patient's breathing tube(s).
• Chest Binder
• Compression Garments
• Continuing Education Service
• Endotracheal Tubes
• Endotracheal Tubes, Close Fitting
• Endotracheal Tubes, High Volume Tapered
• External Non-Inflatable Extremity Splint (FDA Code: FYH / 878.3910)
A noninflatable extremity splint is a device intended to immobilize a limb or an extremity. It is not inflatable.
• Foley Catheter Holders (FDA Code: EYJ / 876.5130)
A urological catheter and accessories is a flexible tubular device that is inserted through the urethra and used to pass fluids to or from the urinary tract. This generic type of device includes radiopaque urological catheters, ureteral catheters, urethral catheters, coudecatheters, balloon retention type catheters, straight catheters, upper urinary tract catheters, double lumen female urethrographic catheters, disposable ureteral catheters, male urethrographic catheters, and urological catheter accessories including ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheter adapters, ureteral catheter holders, ureteral catheter stylets, ureteral catheterization trays, and the gastro-urological irrigation tray (for urological use).
• Garments
• Gastrointestinal Tube and Accessories (FDA Code: KNT / 876.5980)
A gastrointestinal tube and accessories is a device that consists of flexible or semi-rigid tubing used for instilling fluids into, withdrawing fluids from, splinting, or suppressing bleeding of the alimentary tract. This device may incorporate an integral inflatable balloon for retention or hemostasis. This generic type of device includes the hemostatic bag, irrigation and aspiration catheter (gastric, colonic, etc.), rectal catheter, sterile infant gavage set, gastrointestinal string and tubes to locate internal bleeding, double lumen tube for intestinal decompression or intubation, feeding tube, gastroenterostomy tube, Levine tube, nasogastric tube, single lumen tube with mercury weight balloon for intestinal intubation or decompression, and gastro-urological irrigation tray (for gastrological use).
• General Diagnostic Supplies
• General Medical Supplies
• General Urology Supplies
• Limboardr Arm Boards
• Lymphedema Compression Garments
• Nasal Endotracheal Tubes
• Nasopharyngeal Airways (FDA Code: BTQ / 868.5100)
A nasopharyngeal airway is a device used to aid breathing by means of a tube inserted into a patient's pharynx through the nose to provide a patent airway.
• OB/GYN Abdominal Binder
• Oral Endotracheal Tubes
• Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder
• Post-Surgery Compression Garments
• Postsurgical Garments
• Rib & Abdomen Supports
• Rib Belts
• Soft Rib Fracture Orthosis (FDA Code: IPX / 890.3490)
A truncal orthosis is a device intended for medical purposes to support or to immobilize fractures, strains, or sprains of the neck or trunk of the body. Examples of truncal orthoses are the following: Abdominal, cervical, cervical-thoracic, lumbar, lumbo-sacral, rib fracture, sacroiliac, and thoracic orthoses and clavicle splints.
• Sterile Arm Board with Cover (FDA Code: BTX / 878.3910)
• Surgical Apparel Accessories (FDA Code: LYU / 878.4040)
Surgical apparel are devices that are intended to be worn by operating room personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the surgical patient and the operating room personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material. Examples include surgical caps, hoods, masks, gowns, operating room shoes and shoe covers, and isolation masks and gowns. Surgical suits and dresses, commonly known as scrub suits, are excluded.
• Surgical Garments
• Tracheal Tube Fixation Device (FDA Code: CBH / 868.5770)
A tracheal tube fixation device is a device used to hold a tracheal tube in place, usually by means of straps or pinch rings.
• Tracheostomy Airway
• Tracheostomy Anti-disconnect Devices
• Tracheostomy Tube and Cuff (FDA Code: JOH / 868.5800)
A tracheostomy tube and tube cuff is a device intended to be placed into a surgical opening of the trachea to facilitate ventilation to the lungs. The cuff may be a separate or integral part of the tracheostomy tube and is, when inflated, intended to establish a seal between the tracheal wall and the tracheostomy tube. The cuff is used to prevent the patient's aspiration of substances, such as blood or vomit, or to provide a means for positive-pressure ventilation of the patient. This device is made of either stainless steel or plastic.
• Tracheostomy Tube Holders
• Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes
• Ureteral Catheter Holder (FDA Code: EYJ / 876.5130)

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