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Protective Cast Liner (2 suppliers)
Protective cast liner is suitable for skin excoriation that is a significant problem encountered by children who are confined to hip spica casts. This condition can result in discomfort, odor and a host of other complications related to patient hygiene. T
Padded Elbow Brace (3 suppliers)
Padded elbow brace is a device for protecting limb joints, which is generally in the form of a tubular member that can be easily slipped onto a limb joint. The tubular member includes upper and lower sections connected to each other so as to form an open ended cavity therebetween. The lower section is generally hourglass shaped and is made of a stretchable elastic material. The upper section includes crossover pieces and is also made of a stretchable elastic material.
Post Operative Elbow Braces (11 suppliers)
Post operative elbow brace is a brace with flexion and extension control to support the elbow. It provides the excellent fit, comfort, and support for users. It can be used following surgery or trauma to the elbow. It comes in single hinge and dual hinge
Partially Invasive Bone Growth Stimulator (1 supplier)
Primary Femoral Components (13 suppliers)
Primary femoral component is designed to achieve optimum stability via a bi-planer taper, broad lateral shoulder and extended lateral porous coating. It is ideal for the surgeon who favors more porous coating without the thigh pain and stress shielding found in extensively porous coated cylindrical stem designs. It is also offered in a lateralized option for increased joint stability. It is made complete with the addition of a reduced proximal profile option for the stovepipe canal often found in total hip arthroplasty.
Porous Femoral Components (10 suppliers)
Portable Fracture Table (1 supplier)
Portable fracture table provides the perfect table complement for any fracture procedure. It is designed to play an integral role in the surgical process. It supports the knowledge and skill of the surgeon to minimize the invasiveness of procedures through patient positioning, reliable traction capabilities, and outstanding radiolucancy.
Portable Hand Surgery Tables (6 suppliers)
Portable hand surgery table has a top for supporting a patient's arm during hand surgery. Its concave end accommodates the attending surgeon's torso so that the attending surgeon can sit comfortably. A tongue-shaped end portion extends from the end opposite the concave end for securing the hand surgery table to a conventional operating table where the patient may lie and rest his or her forearm on the hand surgery table top. Elbow support structures are attached to respective sides of the hand surgery table and have convex peripheries for the attending surgeon and the nurse assistant to rest their elbows and forearms.
Prefabricated Hip Orthoses (6 suppliers)
Prefabricated hip orthoses are intended for post-operative total hip patients. It is a lightweight, easy-to-wear, effective orthosis designed as a prophylaxis to prevent dislocation until the disrupted musculature has healed sufficiently. It is also useful for non-operative patients requiring increased hip stability.
Post-Operative Hip Orthoses (9 suppliers)
Post-operative hip orthoses is used to provide stability to the region and limit motion to reduce the risk of dislocation. It is needed to restrict the motions and minimize the chances of hook dislodgment or fracture.
Pediatric Hip Orthoses (10 suppliers)
Pediatric hip orthoses enhances hip stability by supporting and positioning the hips in optimal alignment while allowing controlled range of motion. It can be used post-operatively to maintain the corrected surgical position, or can be provided to maximize function during activities of daily living. Improved alignment through the hip encourages appropriate acetabular and femoral modeling, and reduces the tendency for subluxation and dislocation.
Prefabricated Functional Knee (1 supplier)
Pulsed Lavage System (1 supplier)
Pulsed lavage system provides irrigation to remove bacteria in a complex musculoskeletal wound. It is used by physicians to cleanse the surgical site during total joint arthroplasty. It uses a separate suction lumen to reduce clogging and an ergonomic handle design to minimize hand fatigue.
Peripheral Nerve Stimulators (6 suppliers)
A peripheral nerve stimulator is used when a general anesthetic (anaesthetic) is administered to a patient, as opposed to a local anesthetic. It simulates an electrical impulse in the nerve and the resulting muscle contractions. It is handheld and delivers constant current stimulation patterns. The constant current feature ensures the selected current is actually delivered and thus muscle responses are comparable throughout the entire operation, even if the skin resistance changes.
posterior cruciate ligament Instruments (8 suppliers)
Prefabricated Pediatric Orthoses (2 suppliers)
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