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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Pathology Work Station (4 suppliers)
Place Microtube Storage Rack (2 suppliers)
Pediatric Wheelchairs (29 suppliers)
Patient Transfer Chair (14 suppliers)
Portable Patient Transfer System (8 suppliers)
Physical Abuse Colposcope (1 supplier)
Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Set (1 supplier)
Plastic Bed Pans (5 suppliers)
Plastic Douche Can (1 supplier)
Plastic Kidney Tray (3 suppliers)
Plastic Emesis Trays (1 supplier)
Pail Bucket (1 supplier)
P.V.C Endobronchial Suction Catheters (2 suppliers)
P.V.C Infant Feeding Tubes (26 suppliers)
Proximal Femoral & Recon Nails (3 suppliers)
Plate Bending Press (1 supplier)
Plate Bender (2 suppliers)
Portable Suction Unit (12 suppliers)
Pedal Operated Suction Unit (2 suppliers)
Pipe Suction Trolley (1 supplier)
Patent Ductus Forceps (1 supplier)
Peripheral Vessel Clamp (3 suppliers)
Plastic Headband (3 suppliers)
Pinard Fetoscope (3 suppliers)
Pinard Fetoscope allows the doctor or other healthcare worker to check on the health of the growing fetus. It is a simple tool that can warn of trouble before the mother is aware that anything is wrong. It is inserted into the uterus through a small incision made in the belly.
Placenta/Ovum Forceps (10 suppliers)
Puncturing Forceps (1 supplier)
Polyclonal Antibody Goat Anti-whole hCG (22 suppliers)
Polyclonal Antibody Goat Anti-mouse IgG (22 suppliers)
Polyclonal Antibody Goat Anti-human IgG (23 suppliers)
Polyclonal Antibody Goat Anti-rabbit IgG (23 suppliers)
Polyclonal Antibody Goat Anti-HbsAg IgG (22 suppliers)
Particle Sizing Instruments (1 supplier)
Particle sizing instruments includes scanning mobility particle sizer and aerodynamic particle sizer spectrometers. It is used in a wide range of particle sizing research applications where the particle size doesn't exceed 20 µm. The instrument also includes a laser, a detector and a correlator.
Pathogen Identification Device (2 suppliers)
Pathogen identification device system scanner is a DNA analysis machines. It can detect several different pathogens, including organisms like anthrax, plague, botulism and E. coli, using PCR or polymerase chain reaction, which immerses a sample in a chemical bath designed to identify the agent. It uses hot air instead of a heated block to amplify DNA.
Photon Counting Spectrofluorimeter (1 supplier)
Paraffin Wax Bath (15 suppliers)
Paraffin wax bath soothes the pain of arthritis, joint stiffness, inflammation, sports injuries, muscle spasms dry and cracked skin. It hydrates and soothes dry skin for a more beautiful appearance, stimulates circulation and relieves pain of sore joints and adjustable temperature control.
Penrose Drains (5 suppliers)
Penrose Drains are widely used in surgical procedures as an aid in wound healing. Penrose drains are placed in the peritoneal cavity to evacuate areas of potential or actual infection. Penrose drains are used to encircle the esophagus superior and inferior to the diverticulum to facilitate the dissection. These penrose drains are used to allow for postoperative drainage. Penrose drains are pulled through the pathway that delivers the driveline through the skin. Penrose drains are used to create controlled enterocutaneous fistulas.
Pediatric Orthoses (8 suppliers)
PCR Units (Quantitative) (2 suppliers)
Plate Rollers (1 supplier)
pH and Temp Meters (2 suppliers)
Personal Microcentrifuges (5 suppliers)
Personal Microcentrifuges are compact & easy to use and powerful to enable each workstation to be equipped with a personal centrifuge for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins. Its feature includes maintenance-free drive, a separate short spin and a lid that opens automatically at the end of the run, reducing handling time.
PCR Hoods (4 suppliers)
PCR Tube Microfuge Adapters (1 supplier)
Plate Sealing Films (15 suppliers)
Plate Sealing Foils (7 suppliers)
Plate Sealing Mats (7 suppliers)
Plate Sealing Mats are produced from research grade silicone. It is designed for high throughput screening, piercable & self-sealing ports and alpha-numeric grid system.
Prostate Biopsy Guidance Systems (1 supplier)
Pipette Calibration Software (7 suppliers)
Pipette Calibration Software monitors and documents the accuracy & precision of a pipette throughout the entire operating life. This new program is designed for recording and processing data from gravimetric or photometric pipette tests. It is used to test all pipette types from various manufacturers and other liquid handling devices such as a bottletop dispenser.
Pipette Racks (8 suppliers)
Pipetting Aids (7 suppliers)
Pipetting Aids feature a rapid release valve for one-handed operation. Pipetting aids are used when pipetting all material. It has a plunger at one end and a rubber ring at the other end. Pipetting aids are available to replace mouth pipetting.
3201 to 3250 of 3516 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 [65] 66 67 68 69 70 71 >> Next 50 Results
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