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Plaster Cast Knives (3 suppliers)
Plaster Spreader (12 suppliers)
Night splint is designed to hold the foot in a neutral position during sleep, thereby helping to alleviate the morning pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis. It is also used for virtually any condition where stabilization of the ankle in a neutral position is desired.
Plaster Shears and Scissors (14 suppliers)
Metatarsal pad is a soft, dome-shaped pad that is placed inside the shoe. The purpose of the metatarsal pad is to shift pressure from one or more metatarsal heads to the metatarsal shaft. The size of the pad is dictated by the amount of relief needed for the metatarsal heads.
Physiotherapy Aids (8 suppliers)
Progesterone Microtiter Tests (2 suppliers)
Pneumatic Otoscope (6 suppliers)
Pneumatic otoscope provides bright, white light output and a rotating lens with ultra seal for pneumatic otoscopy. It also provides light output for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination.
Pneumatic Consulting Otoscope (2 suppliers)
Pediatric Speculum (2 suppliers)
Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometers (7 suppliers)
Pediatric, Single-head Disposable Stethoscope (3 suppliers)
PC-Based ECG Systems (8 suppliers)
Portable ECG System With Serial PC Interface (1 supplier)
Portable ECG System With USB PC interface (1 supplier)
Portable ECG System For Pocket PC (3 suppliers)
PC-Based Spirometry (2 suppliers)
PC-Based Exercise ECG (2 suppliers)
Portable Laryngoscope (10 suppliers)
Portable laryngoscope is a compact, flexible, lighted tube used to look at the inside of the larynx. It is inserted through the mouth into the upper airway. It is a medical instrument that is used to obtain a view of the glottis.
Portable Binocular Microscope (4 suppliers)
Portable binocular microscope is a compact device that is used in surgery to provide a clear view of small and inaccessible parts of the body. It is fitted with double eyepieces for vision with both eyes. The purpose in dividing the same image from a single objective of the usual compound microscope is to reduce eyestrain and muscular fatigue, which may result from monocular, high-power microscopy.
Portable Headlight (7 suppliers)
Portable headlight is designed to provide portable illumination for the health care provider. It is used for outpatient surgery, hospital rounds and house calls. It allows patients to adjust the angle and degree of lighting.
Penlight Battery (1 supplier)
Personal Rulangemeter & Goniometer (1 supplier)
Pinch Gauge (5 suppliers)
Pinch gauge is a precision instrument for measuring the force of prehension. It is designed to measure pinch strength. The therapist holds the gauge while the user pinches the pads. The gauge has an analogue display that shows the maximum pinched pressure.
Pediatric Table (16 suppliers)
Portable Wheelchair Scale (6 suppliers)
Portable wheelchair scales are lightweight electronic wheel chair scales offering a maximum capacity of 600 pounds and weighing increments of 0.2 pounds. These wheelchair scales enable accurate weighing of patients with limited mobility.
Physician Balance Beam Scale (6 suppliers)
Physician balance beam scale is a scale that is used to take accurate measurements of weight loss or gain programs, without using electricity. It is built in height rod features a large heavy-duty steel 1/4 lb platform with raised balance beam for increased foot room. With accurate readout and easy weight reading, the weight capacity of the 402KL is 350 lbs with an optional counter weight that can be added to bump it to 450 lbs. It also features easy to read double beams with slide poises and a 30″-78″ measuring rod to help monitor growth.
Privacy Screens (5 suppliers)
Privacy screen is a screen used for clinic or medical practice. It is available in different colors. It is the perfect furniture piece when privacy is needed.
Pneumatic Stools With Casters (2 suppliers)
Pneumatic Stool With Glides (1 supplier)
Posture Correction Seat Insert (2 suppliers)
Posture Measuring Device (2 suppliers)
Podiatry Chair (2 suppliers)
Podiatry chair is an electromechanical chair. It is equipped with electric height adjustment as well as a motorized adjustable seat section. It is also easily adjusted to lay flat making it ideal for other treatments such as physiotherapy.
Physio table (1 supplier)
Physiotherapy Table (3 suppliers)
Pediatric Full Body Blanket (1 supplier)
Pediatric full body blanket is a smaller version of the full body blanket, providing warmth to smaller patients during recovery. Its foot drape minimizes the risk of thermal injury in foot and lower leg area.
Preoperative Blanket (2 suppliers)
Pediatric Underbody Blanket (1 supplier)
Pediatric underbody blanket is designed for providing warmth to smaller patients during recovery. The under-patient design of the pediatric full access blanket warms even the tiniest patients while allowing full access for surgeons and staff.
Peel Pouches (5 suppliers)
Peel pouches are primarily used for terminally sterilized medical devices. It can be designed for all conventional sterilization methods. It employs a clear or opaque medical grade packaging materials that include aluminum foil, PET, nylon, paper, polyethylene films, and specialized barrier materials.
Pharmaceuticals Bags (18 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical bags are designed to transport and protect medications from aggressive outside temperatures, cold or hot, as well as shocks and light. These are commonly used to transport pharmaceutical materials through all the phases of the drug manufacturing process.
Plastic Chin Rest (2 suppliers)
Plastic chin rest is made of clear plastic material. It is equipped with two socket punches with strap that allows regulating the height of the chin-rest itself according to the physical characteristics of the deceased.
Porcelain Urns (1 supplier)
Painted Steel Urns (1 supplier)
Painted Pressed Brass Urn (1 supplier)
PVC Condolence Book (1 supplier)
Pre-Processing Sink (1 supplier)
Pre-processing sink is designed to accommodate the requirements of pre-processing the endoscope prior to automated washing and disinfecting. It provides adequate size and adaptation to the endoscope to remove gross contaminants. The sink chamber is of a size to provide sufficient space to accommodate all flexible and most rigid endoscopes and accessories, to manually wipe down the insertion tube of the endoscope, to brush the channels, and to soak the entire endoscope or accessory to loosen dried or stubborn debris.
Portable Adjustment Bench (2 suppliers)
Portable Adjustment Tables (10 suppliers)
Portable Massage Table (10 suppliers)
Pregnancy Massage Table (2 suppliers)
Pool Access Chair (3 suppliers)
The pool access chair is an ideal solution to swimming pool handicapped access via a platform lift or ramp. It is designed to operate in pool water environments and showers. It features a swing-out armrest for lateral transfers and retractable footrest.
Pillow Speaker (7 suppliers)
The pillow speakers have an optional 12-pin, durable plug that is designed to function as a strain relief and withstand accidental removal from station plug without damage to pillow speaker or patient station.
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