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MEDICAL products beginning with : P
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Preconnected Urethral Tray (1 supplier)
Pediatric Drug Delivery (0 suppliers)
Permanent Pacing Leads (1 supplier)
Pacing Lead Adaptors (2 suppliers)
Prong Stone Graspers (4 suppliers)
Pathology Beam Splitter (1 supplier)
Precision Machining (8 suppliers)
Pinard Stethoscopes (26 suppliers)
Plasma Tubes (4 suppliers)
Plasma Tubes feature lithium and sodium heparin. These tubes are coated with 14 IU heparin per 1 ml blood.
Precision Glide Needles (1 supplier)
Precision Glide Needles features autoclavable, regular bevel, stainless steel and single-use with color-coded hubs.
Pharmacy Refrigerators (19 suppliers)
Pharmacy Refrigerators are equipped with temperature recording discs, which document the integrity of refrigeration and by an alarm system connected to the refrigeration system that monitors refrigerator dysfunction.
Prenatal Diagnosis (2 suppliers)
Prenatal Diagnosis is the diagnosis of a disease or condition in a fetus or embryo before it is born. It is used to detect birth defects such as neural tube defects, chromosome abnormalities and genetic diseases. It is also used to determine the sex of the unborn baby.
Pill Box (8 suppliers)
Pediatric Cannula with Non-Flared Nasal Tips (1 supplier)
Pediatric Cannula with Non-Flared Nasal Tips includes soft, transparent vinyl, adjustable elastic band and 7 feet oxygen supply tubing.
Pediatric Medium Concentration Mask (5 suppliers)
Pediatric Medium Concentration Mask is made of clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort & visual patient assessment, adjustable nose clip and 7 feet oxygen supply tubing.
Pediatric Nonrebreathing Mask with Safety Vent (1 supplier)
Pediatric Elongated Aerosol Mask (1 supplier)
Pediatric Aerosol Mask (5 suppliers)
Pediatric Aerosol Mask is molded from a clear, very soft and comfortable material. It is anatomically shaped to fit under the chin and has gently rolled edges for long-term comfort.
Pediatric Tracheostomy Mask (2 suppliers)
Passive Humidification (1 supplier)
Pediatric Ventilator Circuits, Conventional (Non-Heated Wire) (2 suppliers)
Pediatric Ventilator Circuits, Heated-Wire (1 supplier)
Pediatric Rebreathing Circle Systems (1 supplier)
Peak Flow Meters & MDI Spacers, Universal-Range 50-720 LPM (16 suppliers)
Prefilled Syringes, Gadoversetamide Injection (1 supplier)
Prefilled Syringes, Ioversol Injection (2 suppliers)
Phototherapy System (8 suppliers)
Phototherapy System permits the new light source to assume a coaxially aligned position with the proximal end portion of a light transmission medium in place of the failed light source without any manual input by the user. Phototherapy system includes a flexible pad for positioning an infant during phototherapy treatment and one or more light emitters for directing light through portions of the pad for exposing the infant's skin to the light during phototherapy treatment.
Patient Monitoring Systems (114 suppliers)
Peak Flow Meter For Asthma And Allergy Patients' PEF rate (5 suppliers)
Peak Flow Meter is a small, hand-held device used to manage asthma by monitoring airflow through the bronchi. The peak flow meter measures the patient's maximum ability to expel air from the lungs or peak expiratory flow rate. Peak flow meter for asthma is like a thermometer for a fever. It's a tool that helps to monitor what's going on inside the body.
Portable Treatment Compressor (1 supplier)
Portable Treatment Compressor features solid-state components, piston style compressor, nebulizer docking port, latex free and provides unobtrusive treatment.
Pressure Compensated Flowmeters (1 supplier)
Pediatric Intermittent Suction Unit (0 suppliers)
Pediatric Intermittent Suction Unit offers dual modes, an intermittent mode for gastric drainage and a continuous mode or tracheal, pharyngeal or surgical suctioning. This device is ideal for neonatal and pediatric patients or sensitive applications where limiting the peak vacuum level is important.
Platform Rocker (1 supplier)
Platform 3-D Rocker (1 supplier)
Pipet Washers (1 supplier)
Pipet Canisters (1 supplier)
Pipet Canist is made from type 304 stainless steel, which offers high resistance to corrosion. It is fabricated from polytherimide resiners. It withstands repeated steam and dry heat sterilization.
Pulmonary Function Testing System (5 suppliers)
Pulmonary Function Testing System is a complete pulmonary function testing lab, which helps health care professionals diagnose lung diseases and manage treatment of the patients. It consists of a flow sensor, a patented nitrogen analyzer, gas chromatograph, an IBM-compatible computer with Pentium processor, full-color monitor, a printer and other peripherals. Its applications include screening asthma patients, assessing pre-operative & post-operative risk of heart and lung surgery patients.
Patient Positioners, Incline Mats (2 suppliers)
Incline Mats are known as cheese mats or wedges, which are used to teach basic tumbling skills. Incline mats are used with other mats in creating better & complicated skills, to include back hand springs and back tucks. These mats are manufactured with the finest quality of polyfoam, nylon zippers and handles. Incline mat is covered with 18oz. coated vinyl for extra durability.
Patient Positioners, Five-Strap Wedge (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Flat-Top Wedge (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Classroom Seats (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Half Rolls (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Bi-Height Wedges (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Mobile Floor Sitters (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Stand-Alone Tray (1 supplier)
Patient Positioners, Wrap-Around Collar (2 suppliers)
Photogrammetry System (1 supplier)
Photogrammetry System monitors the structural deformation of the large objects under sun- induced thermal stress in space conditions. Photogrammetry system is designed to reduce simulator-to-treatment and treatment-to-treatment patient. The photogrammetry system measures special targets made of a 0.1-mm thick (0.004 inch), flat, grayish colored retro-reflective material.
Pain Relief Equipment (15 suppliers)
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment (22 suppliers)
Porcelain Teeth (1 supplier)
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