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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Aquatic Therapy Chemicals (1 supplier)
Adult Standing Systems (13 suppliers)
Aerosol Therapy Kits (18 suppliers)
Adult Four-wheel Scooters (19 suppliers)
Adult Rear Wheel Scooters & Accessories (9 suppliers)
Adult Three-wheel Scooters & Accessories (15 suppliers)
Adult Walkers & Accessories (74 suppliers)
Adult Wheelchairs (115 suppliers)
Arch Supports (24 suppliers)
Air Purifiers (35 suppliers)
Aspirators (109 suppliers)
Aspirator is an apparatus for removing fluid from a body cavity, consisting usually of a hollow needle and a cannula, connected by tubing to a container in which a vacuum is created by a syringe or a suction pump. It is made of metal or of plastic. These are often designed to be portable for use in ambulances and nursing homes, and can run on AC/DC or battery power.
Automobile Lifts & Transfer Devices (11 suppliers)
Air Seat Cushions (24 suppliers)
Adult Front Wheel Scooters (5 suppliers)
Acetabular Components (6 suppliers)
Ankle & Foot Orthoses (25 suppliers)
Arm & Shoulder Orthoses (16 suppliers)
Arthroscopic Equipment (7 suppliers)
Aquatic Therapy, Accessories (18 suppliers)
Aquatic Pool Lifts (14 suppliers)
Aquatic Therapy Pools Kits (4 suppliers)
Assistive Kits, Walkers (57 suppliers)
Architectural Accessibility Kits (2 suppliers)
Adapted Automobiles & Vans (1 supplier)
Ankle Foot Orthoses (20 suppliers)
Aquatic Therapy Kits, Whirlpool Kits (17 suppliers)
Architectural Accessibility Kits, Ramps (4 suppliers)
Aluminum Canes (17 suppliers)
Ankle Straps (8 suppliers)
Air Bed Pads (3 suppliers)
Antibiotic Impregnated Bone Cement (14 suppliers)
Antibiotic impregnated bone cement is mainly used for treating severe orthopaedic infections. In the form of beads and spacers, antibiotic-impregnated cement can provide high concentrations of local antibiotic to a wound with minimal systemic toxic exposure.
Adjustable Bone Holding Forceps (58 suppliers)
Adjustable Medical Cast Saws (7 suppliers)
Aluminum Casting Stands (7 suppliers)
Auxiliary Crutches (4 suppliers)
Auxiliary crutches are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The height of these crutches can be adjustable. Armrests are padded for utmost comfort.
Aerobic Exercise Mat (2 suppliers)
Aerobic exercise mat is great for the home or gym. It is made of 2' thick long lasting polyfoam. It is covered in heavy vinyl with heavy nylon stitching for durability.
Adjustable Exercise Weights (24 suppliers)
Aluminum Finger Splints (39 suppliers)
Aluminum finger splint is a lightweight strip that can be cut to any desired length with utility scissors. It is ideal for use with the wrist-hand-finger orthosis (WHFO). It comes in three different sizes and made of aluminum material.
Ankle and Foot Braces (55 suppliers)
Artificial Hydroxyapatite (8 suppliers)
Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Systems (5 suppliers)
Arthroscopic meniscal repair system allows control the amount of compression across the tear ensuring a secure repair. It consists of three components including a soft tissue anchor, a connecting suture, and a top hat, which compresses the meniscus tear against the anchor. It comes in both non-absorbable and absorbable options.
Athletic Mouthguards (7 suppliers)
Athletic Mouthguards are used for the prevention of oral/facial injuries in contact sports. It protects and topically treats the teeth. It is a generally U-shaped channel molded preferably from a composition of thermoplastic resin and a fluoride compound such as sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, or sodium fluorosilicate.
Amputation And Metacarpal Saws (1 supplier)
Two-screw odontoid fixation is an optimal treatment for type II odontoid fractures. It allows increased torsional instability, which can result in a lower fusion rate.
Anterior Odontoid Screw Fixation (6 suppliers)
Anterior odontoid screw fixation is a safe and efficacious treatment for odontoid fractures, especially type II odontoid fractures. It offers stable fixation without loss of atiantoaxial motion.
Anterior Old Plating Systems (11 suppliers)
Anterior old plating systems are designed to provide flexibility and simplicity for the spinal surgeon, allowing replication of normal anatomical function and safe fixation of the plate. These systems include numerous features that meet the needs of the spinal surgeon in providing safe, effective anterior cervical spine fixation.
Aspirating Irrigating System (1 supplier)
Orthopedic drill systems, Pneumatic neurosurgical drill system is a lightweight system designed for a varitey of surgical disciplines including otolaryngology, neuro, skullbase, craniofacial, spine and maxillofacial.
Arm Prosthesis (10 suppliers)
Ankle Prosthesis (4 suppliers)
Ankle prosthesis is an anatomical three-piece total ankle replacement. It resurfaces the tibia and talus by minimal bone resection and incorporates a mobile inlay. It provides high intrinsic stability, low contact stresses to the bone, low ligament stress and minimal wear.
Arthroscopy Shoulder Instrument Set (4 suppliers)
Arthroscopy shoulder instrument set is a comprehensive set of manual instruments that can be used for arthroscopic or mini-open shoulder repairs. It is designed to allow flexibility in suture passing and suture retrieving methods that are critical to success in these procedures.
Autoclavable Small Joint Arthroscopes (6 suppliers)
Autoclavable small joint arthroscopes are ideal optical reference for small joints. It utilizes fibre optic telescope for small joint arthroscopy. It is fully autoclavable and very durable. It offers exceptional light distribution, bright images and high color reproduction.
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