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MEDICAL products beginning with : E
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Emergency Accessory Devices, Emergency Airways Kit (2 suppliers)
Emergency Accessory Devices, Isolation Valves & Kits (1 supplier)
Emergency Accessory Devices, CPR Board (3 suppliers)
Emergency Ventilator (16 suppliers)
Emergency Ventilator is a device, intended to provide emergency respiratory support by means of a facemask or a tube inserted into a patient's airway. The emergency ventilator is integrated into the frame of the door.
Electrotherapy, Ultrasound Units (42 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Pedal Exerciser (15 suppliers)
The Pedal Exerciser is suitable for lower limb rehabilitation and light leg exercising while seated on a chair or bed. It includes rubber tips, which prevent the exercise pedal from sliding across surfaces & protects them from scratching or damage.
Exercise Products, Long-Strap Therapeutic Weights (15 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Short Strap Therapeutic Weights (15 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Therapeutic Cuff Weights (13 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Fitbells (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Cast-Iron Plate Weights (14 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Shoulder Wand (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Mobile Weight Rack (1 supplier)
Exercise Products, Wrist Roller (2 suppliers)
Wrist Roller is a device designed for strengthening the wrists together in a rolling-pulling motion. It consists of a bar of varying lengths with a cord or rope attached, which the user rolls and unrolls. Wrist roller is a great forearm exercise.
Exercise Products, Shoulder Finger Ladder (1 supplier)
Shoulder Finger Ladder is a single vertical unit with 36 steps at 1 1/4 inch intervals. It is constructed of hardwood with a smooth finish.
Exercise Products, Dumbbell Wagon (2 suppliers)
Dumbbell Wagon features oak laminate finish on all surfaces, dumbbells, lower storage shelf with vertical divider and 3″ diameter heavy-duty casters.
Exercise Products, Dumbbell Racks (3 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Wall Mount Weight Rack (1 supplier)
Wall Mount Weight Rack is made of solid oak. It holds 1 to 5 or 10 lb. strap weights. It includes mounting hardware.
Exercise Products, Plate Weight Tree (1 supplier)
Exercise Products, Exercise Mats (23 suppliers)
Exercise Mats provide a non-slip and stable surface to prevent shifting & sliding while exercising.
Exercise Products, Closed-Cell Foam Exercise Mat (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Exercise Balls (41 suppliers)
Exercise Balls are used as part of a physical therapy program for individuals with low back pain. The exercise balls are used to increase lower back mobility, abdominal & back muscle strength and to improve proprioception.
Exercise Products, Exercise Ball Pump (1 supplier)
Exercise Products, Foam Rolls (2 suppliers)
Foam Rolls are important for functional stabilization programs and rehabilitation. They are used by themselves or with resistance bands or loops. Foam rolls are a great tool for improving flexibility, balance and strength.
Exercise Products, Ball Rack For Therapy Balls (38 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Fitness Cables (4 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Resistive Exercise System (2 suppliers)
Resistive Exercise System includes a frame structure, a seat member secured within the frame structure at a low entry level, a pair of opposing arm supports attached to the frame structure, a plurality of weight members adjustably positioned upon a weight shaft and a plurality of cables attached to the weight shaft each having a handle attached thereto.
Exercise Products, Mobilization Bench (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Multi-Purpose Training Bench (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Medical Cable System (3 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Over The Door Arm & Shoulder Exerciser (11 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Motion Enhancement System (8 suppliers)
Motion Enhancement System allows patients to safely add resistance while performing lower extremity stretching, strengthening and increasing range of motion exercises.
Exercise Products, Rehabilitation Pulley System (8 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Exercise Bands (4 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Latex Free Exercise Bands (3 suppliers)
Latex-Free Exercise Bands are used by individuals with known or suspected allergic responses to latex containing products. Latex free exercise bands are made of synthetic rubber.
Exercise Products, Training Kits (4 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Hand Exercisers (19 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Resistance Bands (4 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Cords Resistive Exercise Systems (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Hand & Finger Exerciser (7 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Swim Training Aids (16 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Balance Disk (3 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Slide Board (2 suppliers)
Slide Board is slidably supported on the base and carries the printer head. The slide board is restricted to resiliently reciprocally slide within a slot formed on the leaf spring seat.
Exercise Products, Exercise Table (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Wobble Boards (3 suppliers)
Wobble boards are useful for intermediate & advanced balance-board trainers and allow for 15 to 20 degrees of motion in all planes.
Exercise Products, Rocker Boards (2 suppliers)
Exercise Products, Non-Slip Mat (1 supplier)
Exercise Products, Knee Machine (5 suppliers)
Knee Machine tests the functional ability of quadriceps & hamstrings and measures range of motion and force output. The knee machine provides testing and exercising either bilaterally or unilaterally, with support provided for the idle leg.
Exercise Products, Nesting Stools (1 supplier)
Exercise Products, Quadricep Board (2 suppliers)
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