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Salmonella IgG ELISA Kit (1 supplier)
Salmonella IgG ELISA Kit provides rapid and sensitive method of detecting antibodies to duck serum or egg yolk. This kit is used for screening test to confirm whether flock exposed to serum and the test is used to monitor vaccination response. The kit includes enzyme conjugate reagent, substrate, stop solution, wash buffer concentrate, diluent and microplate adhesives.
Stem Cell Bank (2 suppliers)
Stem cell bank stores ethically-approved, quality-controlled stem cell lines derived from adult, fetal and embryonic tissues.
Serological Water Bath (1 supplier)
Serological water bath is ideal for sample pre-treatment and all thermostatic tests. It is of double wall construction. The inner wall is made out of highly polished thick stainless steel and outer wall is made out of mild steel sheet finished in stoving white enamel paint or staple mat color combinations. The gap is filled with special glass wool for temperature insulation. The bath is provided with a drain cock to easily drain out the water and clean the chamber when required.
Single Wall Water Bath (1 supplier)
Single wall water bath is made of stainless steel sheet. Its top of the bath and concentric rings are chromium plated. The heating elements have an automatic cut off device when the bath gets dry.
Stretcher Mattress (7 suppliers)
Stretcher mattress is a device for transporting disabled or sick persons. This is attached to a stretcher frame or a transport vehicle. This mattress consists of fluid proof coatings and cushioning materials. The stretcher frame comprises a plurality of belt take-up mechanisms for attaching the stretcher mattress to the frame.
Scrub Shirts (17 suppliers)
Sterile Gauze Swabs, Lap Sponges (5 suppliers)
Sterile gauze swabs and lap sponges are made of absorbent cotton gauze. These are constructed from BP and I.P. type gauze that has high absorbency level with high volume retention and chlorine free bleach. It is used for wound cleaning, dressing, packing and other general wound care.
Snap-on Plastic Pants (1 supplier)
Snap-on plastic pants are suitable for wearing over either nappies or absorbent pants. These plastic waterproof pants have snap fixing at the sides for ease of changing. These are made from soft and milky white plastic. It has enclosed elastics at the legs and waist for to prevent wicking for maximum security and comfort.
Standard Diaper Pins (1 supplier)
Standard diaper pins are designed for use with reusable cloth diapers. These are made of strong, rustproof stainless steel. The plain or decorative safety-lock heads ensure diaper a secure, comfortable fit. These stainless steel diaper pins feature a pinch guard on the spring and a safety lock to prevent accidental unlatching.
Standard Ophthalmoscope (11 suppliers)
The standard ophthalmoscope uses halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. It is versatile and reliable for general use. It has halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination.
Standard Sigmoidoscope (4 suppliers)
Sigmoidoscope Set (3 suppliers)
Standard Sigmoidoscope Set (1 supplier)
Sigmoidoscope Illumination System (1 supplier)
Self-Measurement Blood Pressure System, Manual Inflation (2 suppliers)
Self-Measurement Blood Pressure System, Auto Inflation (2 suppliers)
Single-lumen Stethoscopes (2 suppliers)
Single-lumen stethoscopes contain a single tube running from the chestpiece that splits at each binaural and are fine for general exam use.
Streak Retinoscope (11 suppliers)
A streak retinoscope is used to assess a refractive error of an eye. It is also used to viewing the eye under examination. A streak of light is reflected off of a front surface mirror. This light is emitted from the instrument and the streak type can be rotated 360 degrees.
Spot Retinoscopes (2 suppliers)
A spot retinoscope is a hand-held instrument that is used to objectively determine the refractive power of the eye. A spot of light is reflected off of a front surface mirror. This light is emitted from the instrument and the spot type can be rotated 360 degrees.
Standard Laryngoscopes (17 suppliers)
Skin Surface Microscopes (1 supplier)
Skin surface microscope is used to distinguish pigmented skin lesions such as basal cell carcinoma vs. malignant melanoma by providing the ability to magnify, illuminate and measure.
Surface-Mounted Illuminators (2 suppliers)
Steering Handle For IV Pole (1 supplier)
Standard IV Stand (5 suppliers)
Standard IV stand is designed to provide durability and easy movement in a variety of patient-care settings. It contains five-legged base, five plastic hooded casters, telescoping stainless steel pole, and four stainless steel hooks. It has heavy-gauge powder-coated steel wide wheelbase for stability.
Skinfold Calipers (8 suppliers)
Skinfold calipers are large pinchers that measure the thickness of the fat layer on specific body sites. It provides accurate measurement of subcutaneous tissue. The pivoted tips adjust for parallel measurement of skinfolds.
Snellen Eye Test Chart (4 suppliers)
The Snellen eye chart has a series of letters or letters and numbers, with the largest at the top. As the person being tested reads down the chart, the letters gradually become smaller. It is used to test visual acuity, position the patient 10 or 20 feet in front of the Snellen eye chart.
Sensory Nerve Tester (2 suppliers)
Safe Posture Belts (3 suppliers)
StressBall (4 suppliers)
A stress ball is a malleable toy. It is usually not more than 7cm in diameter. It is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers, ostensibly to either help relieve stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand.
Small Lower Body Blanket (1 supplier)
Small lower body blanket is designed for use in chest, cardiac and upper extremity surgery. It covers lowers extremities and lower abdominal region. It is ideal for warming the large child or small adult during upper body surgery. It can be used in the supine, lateral, or prone position.
Surgical Access Blanket (3 suppliers)
Surgical access blanket is designed to used for many surgical procedures, including laminectomies, spinal procedures, abdominal procedures, and transplants.
Six Body Refrigeration Units (1 supplier)
Stainless Steel Urn (1 supplier)
Single Chamber Washer/Disinfector (1 supplier)
Single chamber washer/disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with control system. It is used for reprocessing flexible endoscopes. The wash, high-level disinfect and rinse process has been standardized and validated for consistent reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. For infection control, the system is compatible with virtually all approved liquid chemical sterilants.
Servicing, Steam Sterilizers (1 supplier)
Servicing, Autoclaves (2 suppliers)
Servicing, autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and other objects. This means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are inactivated. An autoclave heats sterilizing solutions above their boiling point to sterilize medical or laboratory instruments.
Servicing, Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Chambers (4 suppliers)
Servicing, hyperbaric chamber is a steel, aluminum, or clear plastic room in which air can be compressed to a pressure that is greater than sea level. Most patients are treated at a pressure equivalent to two or/and a half times normal atmospheric pressure. It can be equipped with comfortable reclining chairs or stretch out to a completely flat position. To enhance patient comfort, music or movies can play during treatments, which are usually provided through a headset or an interior speaker. Whenever the chamber is in use, medical personnel trained in hyperbarics are in constant contact via visual or audio communications. A hypobaric chamber is a chamber used during aerospace or high terrestrial altitude research or training to simulate the effects of high altitude on the human body, especially hypoxia and hypobaria.
Servicing, Monoplace Chambers (1 supplier)
Servicing, monoplace chamber is a system that accommodates one patient at a time. The patient lies down on a stretcher, which slides into the chamber. Typically the chamber is pressurized with oxygen. The patient receives oxygen by breathing the oxygen inside of the chamber. During treatment the patient remains lying comfortably on a specialized contoured bed.
Servicing, Calorimeter (1 supplier)
Servicing, calorimeters are used to measure the absorbance of a solution at a particular wavelength of light. These are hand-held and battery operated for rugged use in the field for water and environmental testing.
Servicing, Psychrometric Rooms/Facilities (1 supplier)
Servicing, Specialty Environmental Chamber (1 supplier)
Standard Step Stool (10 suppliers)
Spine Analyzer (1 supplier)
Shower Access Chairs (24 suppliers)
The shower access chair is an ideal solution to getting patients to and from the shower area. It is designed to operate in showers and other wet environments. It features a swing-out armrest for lateral transfers, retractable footrest and mildew resistant mesh seat back.
Shower Chairs (61 suppliers)
Shower Chair Commodes (35 suppliers)
Specialty Shower Chair Commodes (30 suppliers)
Standard Shower Chair (30 suppliers)
Standard Linen Carts (3 suppliers)
Surgical Head Rest (2 suppliers)
Surgical head rest gives good wrist support, provides space to place instruments and allows drainage of irrigation fluid. It is used for holding the head during neurosurgery. It supports patients in a prone or supine position during pre-operative sedation or post-operative recovery. This is portable and used on any treatment table.
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