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MEDICAL products beginning with : D
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Double Pigtail Urethral Stents (2 suppliers)
Delivery Systems (10 suppliers)
Disposable Microscissors (13 suppliers)
Dermatologic Health (3 suppliers)
Diagnostic Coronary Sinus EP Catheters (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic EP Consoles (4 suppliers)
Doppler Flow Wires (1 supplier)
Delivery Catheters (3 suppliers)
Doppler Flow Devices (3 suppliers)
Doppler Flow Devices are efficient at detecting flow and require direct contact with naked, gel-covered skin. This device allows a very accurate determination of systotic blood pressure.
Diamond Knives (19 suppliers)
Diamond Knives are useful for cutting hard materials that require diamond. Diamond knives are supplied with a trough that is simply filled with water during room temperature sectioning. Diamond knives offer the surgeon the sharpest cutting edge available for ultra-smooth incisions. It feature a ballpoint pen type mechanism for protection of the blade when retracted and handle has interchangeable diamond tips for simple hospital replacement and color coding for ease of identification.
Diagnostic Aids (63 suppliers)
Debriding/Wound Cleaning Agent (8 suppliers)
Defibrillator Aids (12 suppliers)
Dental Flosses (18 suppliers)
Dental Flosses are used by persons who have large inter dental spaces and who have bridges & various dental prosthesis. Dental flosses are available in both waxed and unwaxed forms. Dental flosses are used to clean the surfaces of the teeth accurately if the interproximals are normal and the gums are relatively undamaged. These flosses include a foam outer layer & a reinforcing core and formed as a multi component coextruded filament.
Deodorants & Antiperspirants (11 suppliers)
Deodorizers & Air Fresheners (25 suppliers)
Dermal Patch Therapy (6 suppliers)
Detergents & Bleaches (18 suppliers)
Diabetic Monitoring (19 suppliers)
Diagnostic Charts (9 suppliers)
Diagnostics Lamps (13 suppliers)
Dialysis Equipment (13 suppliers)
Disinfect & Cleaning Solution (29 suppliers)
Disposable Needles (54 suppliers)
Disposable needles are available with a color-coded sheath. It is an instrument used to test sensation in neurologic examinations.
Disposable Syringes (86 suppliers)
Disposable Syringes features single-use item disposable packaging to avoid cross infection, needle sizes of 18-27G, surgical blades and skin grafting blades. Disposable syringes are designed for stable hand gripping, reflecting the structure of human body. Disposable syringes are made using medical grade polypropylene.
Diuretics (5 suppliers)
Diuretic is known as water pills, which help the body to get rid of unneeded water and salt through the urine. There are three types of diuretics such as thiazide, loop and potassium-sparing. Diuretics are used to treat a number of heart-related conditions, including high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney & liver problems and glaucoma. Examples of diuretics include esidrix, lasix, bumex, demadex and zaroxolyn.
Diuretics (2 suppliers)
Diuretics (5 suppliers)
Dri-Heat Sterilizers (1 supplier)
Drinking Bottles (2 suppliers)
Drinking Fountains (4 suppliers)
Doctors Scrubs (20 suppliers)
Digital Spirometer (9 suppliers)
Double and Triple Head Stethoscopes (23 suppliers)
Doppler Flow Monitoring System (3 suppliers)
Double Loop Catheters DL (2 suppliers)
Double Loop Catheters SHDL (2 suppliers)
Dual Chamber Systems Silicone (1 supplier)
Diagnostic Guidewires, Heparin Coated-Fixed Core 3mm J (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Guidewires, Heparin Coated-Fixed Core Straight (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Guidewires, Heparin Coated-Fixed Core Angled (2 suppliers)
Duct Occluder, PDA Closure Devices (2 suppliers)
Duct Occluder is self-expandable and made from wire mesh. The device is used to close potentially life-threatening blood vessels. This device is used to close patent arterial ducts. Duct occluder is a novel device designed to allow for the transcatheter closure of virtually all sized patent ductus arteriosuses.
Distal Guide Catheters (4 suppliers)
Distal Stent Systems (2 suppliers)
Defibrillator Arrhythmias Detector (1 supplier)
DX-PC Spirometry System (1 supplier)
DX-PC Spirometry System is a computer-based pulmonary function analyzer, which combines the accuracy and portability of a pneumotachometer with the sophistication & processing power of a modern personal computer. The DX-PC has telemedicine and networking capabilities.
Diagnostic Catheters, angiography (6 suppliers)
Diagnostic Catheters are used in coronary catheterization and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures. Diagnostic catheters are designed for improved pushability, increased flow rates and torque control. Diagnostic catheters are used during cardiac catheterization for diagnosis of coronary artery disease in order to define vessel anatomy, isolate lesions and identify adjacent cardiac branches, which impinge on the lesion & affect ventricular function.
Diagnostic Catheters Pigtail Ventriculography (3 suppliers)
Diagnostic Catheters Pigtail, Aortography (3 suppliers)
Diagnostic Guidewires (6 suppliers)
2201 to 2250 of 2311 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 40 41 42 43 44 [45] 46 47 >> Next 50 Results
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