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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Sealed Dialysis Bag (2 suppliers)
Shelly Fistula Needle (11 suppliers)
Siliconized fistula needle (12 suppliers)
Stimulating Bar Electrode (1 supplier)
The stimulating bar electrode has flat disks electrodes usually with a 30mm spacing of 9mm contacts. It is fitted with shrouded 4mm connectors. It is suitable for connection to any Power Labs with built-in isolated stimulators.
Skull Flap Cutter (1 supplier)
Skull Bone Removal Pliers (1 supplier)
Stainless Steel Brain Biopsy Needles (7 suppliers)
Stereotactic Head Frames (1 supplier)
Surgical Drills (17 suppliers)
Surgical drills are designed for research applications that require surgical burrs and trephines. The drill is constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy for balance and control.
Silastic Dural Substitute (3 suppliers)
Synthetic Dural Substitute (3 suppliers)
Subdural Electrocorticogram (1 supplier)
Somatosensory evoked potential System (1 supplier)
Shielded Finger Clip Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Sealed Beam Headlight (1 supplier)
Sphenoidal Electrodes (1 supplier)
Small Kerrison Punches (8 suppliers)
Stereotactic Lesioning System (2 suppliers)
Serrated Micro Curette (3 suppliers)
Stainless Steel Needle Holders (162 suppliers)
Stainless steel needle holders are designed for grasping needles during suturing. These are designed to stay at the end of thick knitting needles. It is made of a stainless steel material.
Single Channel Perfusion Monitor (1 supplier)
Single channel perfusion monitor is a small lightweight, flame retardant plastic case. Its meter is equipped with a convenient multiposition handle/stand. It measures microcirculation in 1 cubic mm of tissue for real-time assessment of perfusion.
Small Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide (5 suppliers)
Small Fragment Instruments Set (1 supplier)
Saggital Saw Handpiece (2 suppliers)
Small Fragments Implants (3 suppliers)
Suction Units Accessories (6 suppliers)
Suction Units Accessories, Suction Jar (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Silicone Ventose Cup (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Bacterial Filter (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Bacterial Filter Disposable (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, PVC Tube (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Silicone Tube (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Gasket Silicone (1 supplier)
Suction Units Accessories, Connecting Tube (7 suppliers)
Suction Units Accessories, Angled Connector (1 supplier)
Sphygmomanometer Accessories, Rubber Bulbs (1 supplier)
Sphygmomanometer Accessories, Inflating Balls (1 supplier)
Sphygmomanometer Accessories, Velcro Cuff (1 supplier)
Sphygmomanometer Accessories, Release Valves (1 supplier)
Sternal Wire Twister (18 suppliers)
Surface Cleaning Brush (1 supplier)
Steel Ruler (1 supplier)
Sponge Forceps (52 suppliers)
Sponge Forceps are used in non-surgical and surgical gynecogical procedures. These are also used to remove stuck membranes while performing cervical examinations and to clamp onto cervical tissue to prevent bleeding. These forceps have the ability to grip and manipulate tissue during examinations and minor surgeries with a minimum of damage and trauma. These forceps are used to hold and examine the cervix for tearing and to set the cervix while suturing vaginal tears.
Suture Forceps (15 suppliers)
Suture forcep is a traditional forcep with handle and split planar arms. The arm distal ends have a two-prong fork attached. The pair of prongs on each arm fork allows holding tissue taut while suturing a wound or incision.
Sheet Holders (1 supplier)
Sklarlite r Nail Forceps (1 supplier)
Staphylococcus Aureus Test Kit (2 suppliers)
Streptococci Test Kit (2 suppliers)
Syphilis IgG Kit (1 supplier)
Syphillis IgG Kit is used for the in vitro detection of IgG type antibodies to treponema pallidum in human serum or plasma. This kit is pre-coated with highly purified specific T. pallidum antigen. The Samples or controls are added to the microtiter plate wells and incubated. This kit includes microtiter plate, pre-coated with T. pallidum antigen, HRP conjugate goat anti-human IgG/IgM, blank control, normal animal serum, non-reactive control, inactivated normal human serum, reactive control, inactivated human T. pallidum antibody positive serum, sample diluent, conjugate diluent and wash buffer.
Salmonella IgM ELISA Kit (1 supplier)
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