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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Strabismus Ocular Muscle Hooks (4 suppliers)
Sterilizing Aids (28 suppliers)
Surgical Blades (64 suppliers)
Surgical Handles (20 suppliers)
Surgical Gloves (102 suppliers)
Sports Medicine (35 suppliers)
Sports Medicine is an interdisciplinary subspecialty of medicine, which deals with the treatment and preventive care of athletes, both amateur and professional. The sports medicine team includes specialty physicians & surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists and coaches. Sports medicine encompass an array of specialties, including cardiology, pulmonology, orthopaedic surgery, exercise physiology, biomechanics and traumatology.
Sponges (42 suppliers)
Scales (42 suppliers)
Surgical Scalpels (46 suppliers)
Surgical Scalpels are very sharp knives used for surgery. They are fine blades with handles used where extremely fine cutting is required. Scalpels have two components such as handles & blades used to incise or excise soft tissues. These surgical scalpels are designed as tools for minimally invasive surgical procedures and are ideal for delicate & precision cuts.
Seizure Suppressants (1 supplier)
Seizure Suppressants (10 suppliers)
Self-Adherent Wraps/Bandages (24 suppliers)
Self-Adherent Wraps are used for bandaging. These self-adherent wraps are generally washable and reusable. A self-adhering wrap is designed to provide firm support and adjustable compression.
Sensitivity Supplies (12 suppliers)
Shampoos & Conditioners (15 suppliers)
Shave Creams (4 suppliers)
Shave Creams contain glycerin to moisturize and coconut oil to protect & allow the razor to gently stroke the skin. Shave Creams are transformed to luxury shaving lather with the use of a shave brush and hot water.
Shoe Covers (40 suppliers)
Shoes & Boots (32 suppliers)
Skin Adhesives (9 suppliers)
Skin Bleaching Agents (3 suppliers)
Skin Bleaching Agents are used to lighten the skin. These include mequinol, azelaic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, soy, vitamin C, licorice extract and niacinamide. Skin bleaching agents are helpful in lightening melasma and maintaining skin-lightening improvements.
Skin Cancer Lesion Treatments (10 suppliers)
Skin Closures (11 suppliers)
Skin Creams & Lotions (62 suppliers)
Skin hooks (31 suppliers)
Skin Machines (6 suppliers)
Skin Protectants (11 suppliers)
Skin protectants are a valuable intervention for diaper rash. These protectants include allantoin, calamine, cod liver oil, dimethicone, kaolin, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, talc, topical starch, white petrolatum and zinc oxide.
Skin Staplers & Removers (24 suppliers)
Soap & Soap Dispensers (56 suppliers)
Sound Instruments (6 suppliers)
Specialty Diagnostic Supplies (33 suppliers)
Sphygmomanometers (86 suppliers)
Sphygmomanometer is a device used to measure blood pressure, comprising an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure. This is an instrument used for determining arterial blood pressure indirectly. A sphygmomanometer consists of a hand bulb pump, a unit that displays the blood pressure reading and an inflatable cuff that is usually wrapped around a persons upper arm.
Sphygmomanometer Aids (30 suppliers)
Spinal & Anesthetic Needles & Trays (21 suppliers)
Spirometer & Respiratory Aids (36 suppliers)
Spirometer is an apparatus for measuring the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. It is a precision differential pressure transducer for the measurements of respiration flow rates. The spirometer records the amount of air & the rate of air that is breathed in and out over a specified time.
Sporting Goods (12 suppliers)
Sports Supports (11 suppliers)
Sprays & Liquids (5 suppliers)
Stain Removers & Cleaners (9 suppliers)
Stain Sets & Solutions (23 suppliers)
Stationary Cycles (2 suppliers)
Stainless Medical Tubing (1 supplier)
Silicone Tubing, Medical Grade (24 suppliers)
Skin Nutrition Anti-Aging System (61 suppliers)
Specialty Dental Flosses (7 suppliers)
Salicylate Free, Face Cleanser (1 supplier)
Seaweed Mud Mask Treatment (1 supplier)
Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner (3 suppliers)
Smooth lotion hand cleaner is a waterless, petroleum solvent-free hand cleaner. It contains no harsh chemicals, mineral oils or ammonia that can sting cuts and abrasions. Pure, fresh-smelling natural citrus power does the cleaning while aloe; lanolin, glycerin and jojoba condition and protect skin.
Scrubbers Hand Cleaner (6 suppliers)
Solvent Free Hand Cleaner (2 suppliers)
Safety Razors (10 suppliers)
A safety razor is a device that is used to remove hair from areas of the body where it is undesirable such as the face for men and the legs and underarm regions for women. It consists of a specially designed blade mounted in a metal or plastic shell that is attached to a handle. This kind of razor can be designed as a refillable cartridge, which can accept new blades, or as a disposable unit, which is intended to thrown away after the blade becomes dull.
Straight Razors (9 suppliers)
Straight razor is a reusable knife blade. It is used for shaving facial hair. These are also called cut throat razors. It consists of a semi or full hollow-ground blade sharpened on one edge. The blade can be made of either stainless steel, which is slow to hone and strop but dulls more slowly, or high-carbon steel, which hones and strops quickly but requires it more often, and will rust if neglected. The blade rotates on a pin through its tang between two protective pieces called scales: when folded into the scales, the blade is protected from accidental damage, and the user is protected from accidental injury.
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