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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Mole Mapping Software (1 supplier)
Multipurpose Examination lights (3 suppliers)
MRI Compatible Lights (4 suppliers)
Manual Tourniquet (1 supplier)
Military Tourniquet. (2 suppliers)
Morgan Lens (1 supplier)
The Morgan lens provides ocular irrigation and medication to the cornea and conjuctiva. It consists of a molded lens with directional fins, attached tubing and adaptor. Once inserted, the Morgan Lens floats on the very layer of solution it is delivering, separating it from the tender ocular tissues and vaulting the cornea, never touching it. As the lens floats above the eye, the flushing process soothes the injury and provides instant relief to irritated eyes. It is the most effective method for treating ocular trauma. It is widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation.
Medium Towels (1 supplier)
Mayo Scissors Straight (2 suppliers)
Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved (6 suppliers)
Mosquito Artery Forceps Straight (6 suppliers)
Medical Grade Silicone Adhesive (2 suppliers)
Maternity/OB Pads (3 suppliers)
Maternity/OB pads are a great option for maternity recovery. The pads provide excellent protection and strength.
Medical gauze (9 suppliers)
Medical Adhesive Tape (33 suppliers)
Medical adhesive tape consists of non-woven cloth coated with medical-grade, acrylic and pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is suitable for TENS, ECG electrode, and bandage applications and removes cleanly without causing skin trauma. It suits direct skin applications.
Medical Swab Stick (4 suppliers)
Mastectomy Contour Bra (1 supplier)
Mastectomy contour bra is a contoured soft cup bra having a subtle jacquard fabric. The camisole styling gives better coverage and a smooth transition from cup to straps.
Multichamber 1 Piece Bags (2 suppliers)
Multichamber 2 Piece Bags (1 supplier)
Multichamber two-piece bag is specifically for urostomates. The unique design of the bag combined with the function of the multichambers make the bag discreet and comfortable to use. In addition, the chambers reduce splashing sounds, creating an even more discrete experience.
Mattress & Pillow Covers (24 suppliers)
Mattress & pillow covers provide complete protection against dust mite allergens. Its microwoven encasing lets air and perspiration pass through the fabric that helps to have a nice sleep. It is easy to launder by washing in hot water and drying on permanent press.
Mouth Guard (9 suppliers)
Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth. It is often used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports. There are three types of mouth guards such as stock mouth protectors, boil and bite mouth protectors and custom fitted mouth protectors. Using mouth guards during sports or athletic activity can help in preventing dental damage.
Medical Translation Services (3 suppliers)
Manual Defibrillator (7 suppliers)
Manual defibrillators are also known as defibrillator paddles. These are used to deliver high intensity electrical charges to patients in ventricular fibrillation or cardiac arrest, restoring normal heart rhythm and restarting the flow of blood.
Manual Defibrillator With Pacing (1 supplier)
Manual Defibrillator With Shock Advisory Feature (2 suppliers)
Manual Defibrillator With Pacing & Shock Advisory (2 suppliers)
Mobile Aneroid Sphygmomanometers (6 suppliers)
Multi-Channel Electrocardiographs (18 suppliers)
Manual Audiometer (5 suppliers)
Manual audiometer allows precise threshold measurements of patients hearing and helps quantify hearing loss related to many factors, including otitis media. Tones are presented steady; frequency modulated and pulsed stimulus modes. Its hearing levels are instantly displayed on large LCD.
Manual Examination Table (12 suppliers)
Manual examination table includes a removable, one-piece seamless top. It is designed for patient comfort and easy cleaning. Its flexible rear drawer design allows changing to either right-hand or left-hand access without the use of tools. Its unique fold-down front can also turn into a work shelf for examination assistance.
Manual Muscle Test System (1 supplier)
Manual muscle test system is a hand-held strength measurement system. It combines precision and accuracy with an ergonomic design to provide with accurate, objective and reliable results. The three interchangeable padded stirrups enable to employ established protocols with efficiency while ensuring patient comfort.
Mechanical Balance Beam Scale (6 suppliers)
Mechanical balance beam scale has die-cast combination kilo/lb. It is a beam heavy-duty base and lever system. It includes dual-reading measuring rod. These are used in hospitals, offices, gyms, schools, or even in homes.
Minor Surgical Light (4 suppliers)
Minor surgical light is ideal for all medical environments where illumination is required for external examinations and procedures. It provides a pure, crisp and defined light pattern, with a true representation of tissue color. A built-in fan provides a cool beam. It is suitable for variety of settings and practices such as: trauma centers, emergency rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, intensive care units, clinics, plastic surgery, dermatology, and ophthalmology. It provides both amazing illumination and unparalleled aesthetics.
Mobile Magnifying Light (1 supplier)
Mobile magnifying light is ideal for any medical inspection application. It generally offers 22 watts of fluorescent light and 3x magnification.
Maternity Support Belt (8 suppliers)
Maternity support belt provides maximum comfort and relief for expectant moms. It is made from special elastic that is cool and feather soft to skin. It helps ease back pain and provides abdominal support.
Multimedia Training Softwares (4 suppliers)
Multi-Access Blanket (1 supplier)
Multi-access blanket offers access to any part of the patient's body while providing full patient coverage. It allows quick access to patient's chest, arms, torso, and lower body from six convenient panels. Its foot drape minimizes the risk of thermal injury in foot and lower leg area.
Malignant Hyperthermia Cart (1 supplier)
Mortuary Equipment (3 suppliers)
Mayo Table (1 supplier)
Midsize Shower Chair Commode (25 suppliers)
Multi-purpose Carts (5 suppliers)
Mobile Utility Cabinets (4 suppliers)
Mortuary Embalming Stations & Tables (2 suppliers)
Mobile Autopsy Table (9 suppliers)
Mortuary Refrigerators (5 suppliers)
Medical Utility Box (1 supplier)
Microtube Freezer Storage Box (2 suppliers)
Manual Beds (16 suppliers)
MIT Knee Cushion (1 supplier)
Medium Lateral Wall Retractor (1 supplier)
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