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MEDICAL products beginning with : E
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Estrone-3 Glucuronide, Fertility Monitor (3 suppliers)
Electronic Fertility Monitor (1 supplier)
Electronic Fertility Monitor is a handheld device that indicates the fertility. Electronic fertility monitor involves urinary testing of estrogen metabolites, which marks the start of the fertile phase and the LH surge that takes place 36 hours before the end of the fertile phase.
Electronic Fetal Monitor (16 suppliers)
Electronic Fetal Monitor is an ultrasound device that records the babys heartbeat and the relative strength of a contraction on a strip of paper. Electronic fetal monitor is an apparatus for observing & recording the heart rate of a fetus and for keeping track of the frequency, length & strength of the mothers uterine contractions.
External Fetal Monitor (12 suppliers)
External Fetal Monitor is attached to the mother's abdomen with two straps. One strap holds the tocodynamometer, which is used to measure the frequency and strength of the uterine contractions. The other strap holds an ultrasound transducer similar to the doppler scanner near the baby's heart to measure the fetal heartbeat. External fetal monitor is used to listen to baby in labor and for certain tests like the non-stress test. External fetal monitor is the round disc that senses and receives sound waves in order to get an accurate count of the baby's heartbeat. The disc is connected to a fetal monitor machine via a wire.
Estriol (Unconjugated) Enzyme Immunoassay Test Kit (3 suppliers)
Estriol, Saliva Testing Kit (3 suppliers)
Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers (10 suppliers)
Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers are effective sterilizing equipment if sophisticated handling techniques are used. The main disadvantage of ethylene oxide sterilizers is the long sterilization times required, typically one to four hours exposure time plus additional time for aeration. These units are developed to perform warm & cold sterilization, using large gas cylinders with different mixtures of between 15% ETO-85% CO2 and 90%ETO-10% CO2.
Electro Diagnostic Equipment (42 suppliers)
Electro Diagnostic Equipment is used to look at visual structures and functions of diabetics.
ELISA Test Kits, Human Growth Hormone, (HGH) (7 suppliers)
ELISA Test Kits, Urinary Growth Hormone (5 suppliers)
Electrical Equipment For Laboratory (3 suppliers)
Early Warning System For Microbial Detection (2 suppliers)
Electro-Magnetic Microplate Shaker (1 supplier)
Electro-Magnetic Microplate Shaker is made of corrosion resistant materials and operated in incubators or refrigerators.
ELISA Microplate Washer (13 suppliers)
Elisa Assay Microplate Washers (24 suppliers)
Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (2 suppliers)
Electronic Pipettes (7 suppliers)
Electronic Pipettes feature a motorized piston drive. Electronic pipettes are used in the laboratory for metering fluids. These electronic pipettes eliminate repetitive plunger activation and non-neutral hand/wrist postures with electronically activated plungers.
Ergonomic Pipettes (3 suppliers)
Elisa plate reader (6 suppliers)
Elisa Plate Reader is an instrument, which detects and quantitates absorbence at visible wavelengths. It is useful for carrying out Elisa reactions.
elisa plate reader software (3 suppliers)
ELISPOT Plate Reader system (1 supplier)
Elispot Plate Reader System is comprised of the following components, such as Elisa stand kit, lockable macro system for Elispot plates with digital camera port, hi-resolution XY motorized stage, 3 chip 390 color video camera with power supply and custom 96 well insert.
Early Pregnancy Testing Kit (20 suppliers)
Enzyme Immunoassay Kit, Prolactin ELISA Kit (2 suppliers)
Electronic, Rotary Microtomes; (13 suppliers)
Easy to Use Slide Spinner (1 supplier)
EasyDip Slide Staining (3 suppliers)
Electronic Soap Dispensers (17 suppliers)
Electro Sphygmomanometer (25 suppliers)
Electric Steam Sterilizer (4 suppliers)
An electric steam sterilizer is used to sterilize any item related to feeding the infant, including bottles; breastfeeding bottles and breast pump tubes, nipples and bottle parts. It can also be used to cleanse pacifiers and teethers.
Elisa strip Reader (5 suppliers)
Exam Table Paper (19 suppliers)
Elementary Microscope (2 suppliers)
Ear Thermometers (57 suppliers)
Electronic TOP-LOADING BALANCES (4 suppliers)
Electrodes, Ultrasound Gel (31 suppliers)
Ultrasound gel is a salt and alcohol free, non-corrosive and non-irritant gel used for ultrasonic transmission. It is water based viscous gel that has been specially formulated for use with ultrasound transmission apparatus.
Electric Powered Vacuum Pumps (5 suppliers)
Electrolyte Replenishers, Ringer's dextrose (5 suppliers)
Electrolyte replenishers, ringer's dextrose's are sterile, nonpyrogenic solutions each containing isotonic concentrations of electrolytes in water for injection. The solutions containing dextrose and electrolytes are hypertonic; those containing only electrolytes are isotonic. They are administered by intravenous infusion for parenteral replacement of extra cellular losses of fluid and electrolytes, with or without minimal carbohydrate calories.
Elastic Athletic Supports (5 suppliers)
Emergency Medical Cases (2 suppliers)
Electroencephalography Ambulatory EEG Systems (9 suppliers)
Ambulatory EEG system includes a self-powered recording instrument adapted to be worn by a patient. The recording apparatus includes an A/D converter and a digital memory capable of storing digital data representing analog waveform signals derived from a large number of electrodes secured to the patient. Recording of digital waveform data is governed by a controller, which upon the occurrence of a neurologically significant event causes the storage of waveform data over an interval immediately preceding the event and immediately following the event.
EEG Amplifier Adapters (3 suppliers)
Electroencephalography Amplifier Adapters (1 supplier)
External Drainage System (2 suppliers)
Electrosurgical Electrode Cables (26 suppliers)
Electrode Head Cap System (1 supplier)
Electrode Medium head cap (1 supplier)
Electrode Large Head cap (1 supplier)
Electrode Small Head cap (1 supplier)
Electrode Extra Small Head Cap (1 supplier)
Electromyography (EMG) (26 suppliers)
Electromyography (EMG) is used to diagnose nerve and muscle diseases. It is a technique for evaluating and recording physiologic properties of muscles at rest and while contracting. EMG is performed using an instrument called an electromyograph. It detects the electrical potential generated by muscle cells when these cells contract, and also when the cells are at rest.
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