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Small Fragment Sets (5 suppliers)
Streptococcus Test Kits (14 suppliers)
Specialty Drapes (7 suppliers)
Specialty Drapes are used to define or frame the surgical site. Specialty drapes are available in a variety of sizes & styles for orthopedics, ophthalmology, radiology and general surgery procedures. These specialty drapes include bustier, knit & bias dresses, skirt variations and custom fit evening gowns. Specialty drapes feature fenestrated & non-fenestrated sterile drapes and two decorative drape prints.
Surgical Helmet Systems (9 suppliers)
Surgical Helmet Systems is a power tool in total joint surgery. Surgical helmet systems are superior to masks and face shields because they cover the entire head & use a head-mounted fan to circulate air. These devices not only protect the surgical team from splashes of bloodborne pathogens and keep them cool during surgery, they decrease contamination of the surgical wound, which is always an important consideration during total joint reconstruction. These helmet systems are an invaluable addition to the operating room during splash heavy procedures.
Subdermal EEG Electrodes (1 supplier)
Single Disk Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Surgical Smoke Evacuators (23 suppliers)
Surgical Smoke Evacuator includes a housing and means defining an air flow channel through the housing. Surgical smoke evacuator is a stand alone device, which includes replaceable filters & a control panel that is operable to control the speed of evacuation and also to time the amount of use attributed to the various removable filters.
Shielded Paired Disc Electrodes (1 supplier)
Shielded Bar Electrodes (1 supplier)
Shielded Ring Electrodes (1 supplier)
Syphilis - Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) (4 suppliers)
Schepens Orbital Retractors (11 suppliers)
Shields and Barriers (6 suppliers)
Sleep Study Center Facility Planning (1 supplier)
Soft Tissue Grafts (3 suppliers)
Soft Tissue Grafts are used in reconstructive urological procedures. Soft tissue grafts are used to replace missing thick tissue. This type of graft involves taking a small piece of tissue from the surface skin on the roof of the mouth and transplanting to areas in the mouth that are lacking. This type of graft restores and augments the missing thick keratinized gingiva but does not result in covering of the exposed root. Soft tissue grafts are used to cover roots or develop gum tissue, which is absent due to excessive gingival recession. Soft tissue grafts are utilized primarily in sports medicine procedures.
Silicone Drains (3 suppliers)
Shoulder Holders (1 supplier)
Standard Static Perimetry (6 suppliers)
Skin Staplers (21 suppliers)
Sequential Compression Devices (4 suppliers)
Sequential Compression Devices consist of a pair of sleeves containing multiple chambers, which are sequentially inflated from the anide to the knee or mid-thigh. Sequential compression devices are used to minimize the risk of deep venous thrombosis until the patient is fairly mobile. These devices consist of sleeves that fill with air and a pump.
Shoulder Braces (15 suppliers)
Shoulder Braces are attached to the head of the table and are used to prevent the patient slipping toward the head of the table when in the trendelenburg position. Shoulder braces are not used when the arm is extended on an arm board to avoid compression of the axillary nerve.
Sliding Microtome Aids (7 suppliers)
Stereomicroscopes (15 suppliers)
Stereomicroscopes use external lighting and are effective in the range of 6 x to 150 x magnification. Stereomicroscopes are used to scan large carriers of trace evidence such as clothing, for fibers, gunpowder particles and specks of blood.
Shaking Water Baths (7 suppliers)
Serological Pipets (2 suppliers)
Serological Pipets feature a unique vertical stripe, which creates a thermometer-like effect at the meniscus, making volume easy to read and a wide assortment of package configurations, including individually wrapped in all-plastic or paper/plastic wrap & bulk packs.
Standard Reagent Reservoirs (3 suppliers)
Serum Thyroglobulin (Tg) Kit (2 suppliers)
SNP (Short Nucleotide Polymorphism) Genotyping Systems (2 suppliers)
Sterile Barrier Pipette Tips (36 suppliers)
Sterile Non-Barrier Pipette Tips (34 suppliers)
Small Bone Pneumatic Power Systems (2 suppliers)
Small Bone Electric Power Systems (3 suppliers)
Slings and Anchor Systems (6 suppliers)
Suprapubic Tube Sets (1 supplier)
Stone Extractors (5 suppliers)
Stone Extractors are used for stone manipulation and removal in the renal pelvis under direct vision.
Semi-Rigid Ureterscopes (2 suppliers)
Semi Rigid Ureteroscopy is used to access the ureter below the iliac vessels, so that various lithotripsy options are available for fragmenting stones.
Standard Urethral Access (2 suppliers)
Surgical Restraint Systems (3 suppliers)
Staphylococcus (Staph) Test Kits (1 supplier)
Steppers and Stabilizers (15 suppliers)
Spirometry (10 suppliers)
Spirometry is the pulmonary function test, which measures the volume of air inspired or expired as a function of time. Spirometry is an important tool used for assessing conditions such as asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. Spirometry is a test that helps diagnose various lung conditions, most commonly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is also used to monitor the severity of certain lung conditions. Spirometry provides an objective measurement of lung function.
Slide Spinners (1 supplier)
Supraglotic Airway Tool (LMA, King LT) (4 suppliers)
Surgical Clip Appliers (5 suppliers)
Surgical Clips (3 suppliers)
Surgical Clips are anchored by fibrous tissue. It produces artifacts on the image. Surgical clips are used to hold bone & tissue together and used in thoracic surgery.
Syringe Pumps (34 suppliers)
Syringe Pump contains a stepper motor-driven syringe and a three-way valve that connects the syringe to one of two fluid input/output positions, allowing well-defined fluid uptake and delivery. The pumps are available as a stand-alone device. Syringe pumps provide high pressure and high accuracy for applications such as high performance liquid chromatography. Our pumps are used for mass spectroscopy, calibration, drug & nutritional infusions and microdialysis. These syringe pumps are used in mobile phase supplies.
Surgical Microscope 3CCD Cameras (43 suppliers)
Surgical Microscope Video Adapters (25 suppliers)
Surgical Microscope Video Adapters are designed for surgical microscopes. There are horizontal and vertical centering controls, to help to place the image from the camera exactly in the centre of field of view.
Standard Coronary Sinus Guide Catheters (3 suppliers)
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors (24 suppliers)
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