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MEDICAL products beginning with : M
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Medical Tooling (9 suppliers)
Micro-Machining (1 supplier)
Measuring Tapes (3 suppliers)
Mucus Extractors (8 suppliers)
Medical Simulators (13 suppliers)
Maternal Screening for Genetic Defects (1 supplier)
Maternal Screening involves earlier identification of pregnancies at risk either by serum screening or ultrasound as well as noninvasive methods for prenatal diagnosis.
Medical CAD Applications - FEA analysis (2 suppliers)
Medical Imaging Software for 3D Modeling (63 suppliers)
Medical Shoe (14 suppliers)
Mucous Specimen Collection Systems (1 supplier)
Magnetic Resonance, Ferumoxsil Oral Suspension (1 supplier)
Magnetic Resonance, Gadoversetamide Injection (1 supplier)
MRI Infusion Pump Systems, Infusion System Accessories (59 suppliers)
MRI Compatible Anesthesia Systems (1 supplier)
Medication Nebulizers (6 suppliers)
Medication Nebulizers are used to deliver aerosolized medications to patients with respiratory disease.
Medical Gas Regulators, Flowgauge Regulators (4 suppliers)
Medical Gas Regulators are equipped with a 2-inch, color-coded cylinder contents gauge, a pressure relief valve and a DISS outlet fitting.
Medical Gas Regulators, Flowmeter Regulators (9 suppliers)
Medical Gas Regulators, Preset Regulators (7 suppliers)
Medstar Adapters (1 supplier)
Microarray Slide Hybridization Incubator (2 suppliers)
Multi-Function Rotators (2 suppliers)
Multi-Function Rotators features multi-function rotation, alternative platforms for larger tubes, continuous or timed operation for each phase, 360° vertical rotation and 5 second pause.
Multi-Function Programmable 3-D Shaker/Rotator (1 supplier)
Microprocessor Controlled Orbital Shaker (1 supplier)
Microprocessor Controlled Orbital Shaker features smooth horizontal orbital motion for mixing in bottles, flasks & beakers, soft start & noise free operation, speed of 50 to 300 rpm and power of 120V.
Microplate Shaker (3 suppliers)
Microplate Thermoshaker (1 supplier)
Modular Slide Storage Cabinet (9 suppliers)
Modular Slide Storage Cabinet has a durable cold rolled steel construction with baked on epoxy finish.
Microscope Slide Dispenser (29 suppliers)
Microscope Slide Dispenser features stainless steel slide dispenser, which holds up to 54 standard 3″ x 1″ microscope slides, sponge rubber cushion on bottom prevents scratching & slipping on bench-top and sterilizable. It includes sponge blocks spacers and identification labels.
Microplate Replicators (1 supplier)
Microplate Replicators transfers small volumes of inoculum from microplates to daughter plates or membranes. It features simple & inexpensive time saver, which is ideal for transferring samples from one well plate to another and economical substitute for expensive robotics systems. It includes an alcohol reservoir and cleaning pads for debris removal.
Miniature Diaphragm Pumps (2 suppliers)
Miniature Diaphragm Pumps are used for anaesthesia delivery and patient gas monitoring systems. Miniature diaphragm pumps are used in the instrumentation, industrial, medical and electronics industries.
Mastectomy Bras (13 suppliers)
Mattress Pads (19 suppliers)
Microscopes Repairs (4 suppliers)
Mobile Urology Imaging System (1 supplier)
Manual Collimators (22 suppliers)
Myomonitor (1 supplier)
MyoMonitor is used to deliver gentle electrical stimulation to the muscles. The MyoMonitor is a battery-powered, cable-free electromyography (EMG) device. MyoMonitor is capable of storing over three hours of data, which can be transferred to a regular personal computer and analyzed with special software. The MyoMonitor uses an active parallel bar electrode that does not require skin preparation or conductive gel. MyoMonitor assists physicians in exercise training for rehabilitative therapy as well as studying carpal tunnel syndrome while subjects perform routine activities such as typing.
Metal Snap and Eyelet for two-piece construction (1 supplier)
Medical Color Display System (4 suppliers)
Magnifying Headlight (2 suppliers)
Magnifying headlight is a precision professional instrument. It is designed to enhance the vision with halogen illumination. It is suitable for all applications and procedures where clear magnification and a natural white light increase accuracy and productivity.
Metal Halide Light Source (1 supplier)
Metal halide light source is used for image processing and inspection. It is the perfect light source for use with fiber optic scopes. It enhances color with white light. It is suitable for applications that require bright, white light such as microscopy applications.
M Type Endoscope Coupler (1 supplier)
Multi-Sample Needles (1 supplier)
Multi-sample needles permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture. Its sharp and smooth edges make penetration painless for patients and provide easy connection to rubber stoppers. These multi sample needles provide extra smooth vein entry and minimal drag.
Multi-Sample Luer Adapters (2 suppliers)
Multi-sample luer adapters allows for a direct connection to patient I.V. hub, while the other end attaches to a vacutainer holder for multiple sampling.
Multi-Sample Luer Holder (1 supplier)
Monopolar Coagulation Probes (2 suppliers)
Multipurpose Knot Pusher Ligator (1 supplier)
Multipurpose knot pusher ligator is a device that allows the surgeon to place intracorporeal knots. The system is designed for easy threading without loss of suture. It can be used for measuring and retraction.
Micro Motor Dermabrader (1 supplier)
Medical Labels (12 suppliers)
Medical labels are suited to medical/biological research applications where data integrity is critical. The label is unaffected by extremes in temperature and is protected from chemical agents commonly used in laboratory settings. The adhesive is suitable for use in food packaging and for blood bag identification due to the absence of tacking agents that migrate through most substrates.
Monofilament Sternotomy closure wire 4x45cm (1 supplier)
Monofilament Sternotomy closure wire 6x45cm (1 supplier)
Monofilament Sternotomy closure wire (1 supplier)
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