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MEDICAL products beginning with : C
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Color Tracer Braid (2 suppliers)
Chromatography Paper Sheets (1 supplier)
CPR Rescue Masks (11 suppliers)
CPR Lifemask Resuscitator (5 suppliers)
Color Coordinated Organizer Set (1 supplier)
Cardiosprague (1 supplier)
Chest Caliper (1 supplier)
CT Simulators (3 suppliers)
Carbon Fiber Immobilization Boards (1 supplier)
Colour Scanner (0 suppliers)
Coagulometer (3 suppliers)
Cuvette Trays (1 supplier)
Clinical Histomatic Slide Stainer (2 suppliers)
Ciprofloxacin Topical Gel (1 supplier)
Collagen Granules (2 suppliers)
Cardio Gel (1 supplier)
Cable Jacket Repair (1 supplier)
Chemical Fume Cleaner (1 supplier)
Chemical Mixers (1 supplier)
Corneoscleral Punch (1 supplier)
Cryomatic System (1 supplier)
Corneal Topography System (10 suppliers)
Caddies (1 supplier)
Corneal Trephine Blades (7 suppliers)
Corneal Trephine Punches (3 suppliers)
Colour Screener (1 supplier)
Computerized Acuity Testing Program (1 supplier)
Color Vision Analyzer (1 supplier)
Cannula Loading Forceps (1 supplier)
Caromedr Post Surgery Garments (1 supplier)
Contrast Media (8 suppliers)
Controls (34 suppliers)
Controls for Diagnostic Equipment (36 suppliers)
Copolymer Gloves (11 suppliers)
Copolymer Gloves are latex gloves that are polymer coated on the inside for an extremely comfortable fit and protection against latex allergies. Copolymer gloves are manufactured from a unique blend of PVC polymer resin, plasticizer, oils, stabiliser and thixotropes.
Corn & Callous Supplies (5 suppliers)
Cotton Sponges (27 suppliers)
Cotton Sponges are ideal for wound dressings, wound packing and general wound care. It contains an inner sheet of cellulose and cotton fill for superior absorption & wound care performance. Cotton sponges are constructed of fine mesh gauze.
Cotton & Rayon Dressings (14 suppliers)
Cotton, Rayon Supplies (16 suppliers)
Couches (10 suppliers)
CPR Equipment (25 suppliers)
Crutches, Canes, Walkers (116 suppliers)
Cryosurgery (19 suppliers)
Cryosurgery is a technique for freezing and killing abnormal cells. It is used to treat some kinds of cancer & some precancerous or noncancerous conditions and used both inside the body & on the skin. Cryosurgery is an alternative to surgery for liver cancer, prostate cancer and precancerous condition of the cervix. Cryosurgery is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen to destroy abnormal tissue. Cryosurgery is used to treat external tumors. It reduces the risk of joint damage when compared with more extensive surgery and helps lessen the need for amputation.
Cup & Bottle Carriers (1 supplier)
Cups (23 suppliers)
Containers (48 suppliers)
Compact Anesthesia Monitor (33 suppliers)
Compact anesthesia monitor is a monitor designed for the limited space of day surgery, post anesthesia care and induction rooms. It offers the flexibility of a modular system with basic hemodynamic parameters and airway gas monitoring. It provides networking and record keeping capabilities.
Cardiac Defibrillators (53 suppliers)
The cardiac defibrillator is a device with synchronized cardioversion capability and a rhythm strip printer. These are generally used instrument in hospital, ambulance and industry for resuscitation after electrocution or cardiac arrest. Defibrillation involves the application of a short pulse of electric current (4-10ms) through the chest of the patient; it has been demonstrated that the required energy is a function of the patient's weight.
Central Venous Catheters (28 suppliers)
Central venous catheters are also called vascular access device. It is a long, thin, flexible tube used to give medications, fluids, nutrients, or blood products over a long period of time, usually several weeks or more. The catheter is inserted through the skin into a vein often in the neck or chest. It is threaded through the vein until it reaches a large vein near the heart. It is used to give long-term medication treatment for pain, infection, cancer, or to supply nutrition. A central venous catheter can be left in place far longer than an intravenous catheter, which gives medications into a vein near the skin surface. It is also used to measure the blood pressure in the superior vena cava, which helps to diagnose certain heart problems.
Cardiac Catheters (9 suppliers)
The cardiac catheter is a fine tube threaded through an artery to the heart. It is designed for passage, usually through a peripheral blood vessel, into the chambers of the heart under radiographic control. It is usually made of polythene tubing, which is introduced into the relevant vessel, generally in the cubital fossa or the femoral region. Its progress is watched under X-rays until it is seen to enter the heart.
Cables, Extension Cables Disposable and Reusable (23 suppliers)
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