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SPECT Imaging Isotopes (13 suppliers)
Stitch Scissors (22 suppliers)
Straight-Movable Core (1 supplier)
Stereotactic Frames/Planning Systems (7 suppliers)
Stereotactic frame/planning system consists of a rigid head-mounted frame, whose purpose is to provide a rigid fiducial marker system during imaging, as well as a rigid platform for mounting instruments during surgery. The set of fiducial markers is visualized with the respective imaging modalities and provides a coordinate system within which targets appearing in the images may be localized. The frame also provides the means for determining coordinate trasformations between frame-space and image-space as described below.
Specialty Introducers, No Torque Right (1 supplier)
Shani Coronary Catheters (1 supplier)
Specialty Introducers (2 suppliers)
Specialty Introducers Keller-Timmermans (1 supplier)
Standard Arterial Puncture Devices (2 suppliers)
Skull and Spine Rapid X-ray (2 suppliers)
Single Chamber Systems (1 supplier)
Stress Test Base Systems (6 suppliers)
Support Catheters (4 suppliers)
Support catheters are designed for use in the vascular system. These catheters are intended to support a guidewire during access of the vasculature. It allows for exchange of guidewires, and provides a conduit for the delivery of saline solutions or diagnostic contrast agents.
Stab Blades (2 suppliers)
Spectral Transmittance Meters (1 supplier)
Spectral transmittance meter is an electric equipment designed to measure light wavelength transmission in all types of lens material. It provides an easy way for the user to understand the differences between multi-coated and UV protected sunglasses. It enables determinations of UV transmission as well as visible light wavelength.
Screenoscopes (1 supplier)
Screenoscope provides accurate and reliable tests of a wide variety of visual performances. It is very simple to operate, and incorporates test charts that can be interchanged as required. The tests show, for both far and near, visual acuity for the right eye, left eye; binocular visual acuity; stereopsis; vertical and lateral phorias.
Stimulators (23 suppliers)
There are basically two forms of stimulators that are used in neurology. These are either constant-voltage or constant-current stimulators. Constant-voltage stimulators maintain a constant potential difference at the electrodes, whereas constant-current stimulators maintain a passage of constant current through the tissue. Constant-voltage stimulators effectively have a low internal resistance, therefore the output voltage is not dependent upon variation of the output current. Constant-current stimulators, on the other hand, effectively have a high internal resistance, and output current is, to within certain limits, independent of tissue-resistance variability.
Sleep Study Systems (6 suppliers)
Sleep study systems are used to diagnose the sleep apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome. These systems are intended for recording and reviewing sleep studies. These systems include all necessary software and hardware for performing sleep studies.
Scleral Depressors (15 suppliers)
Scleral depressors have anodized aluminum handle with a pocket clip. It indents the eye to bring the peripheral retina into view while performing indirect ophthalmoscopy. It may be placed on the eyelid to indent the globe or may be used directly on the surface of the globe when topical anesthesia is administered.
Spatulas (25 suppliers)
Self-Retaining Retractor Systems (37 suppliers)
Self-retaining retractor systems provide several toothed frames with different size and innovative retracting devices with barbs, which result in outstanding hands-free exposure in operation. This retractor set is composed of a big, medium & small cyclo-frames, oval-frame, greater curvature retractors, lesser curvature retractors, wide retractors for deep operation, narrow head retractors for deep operation and pectinate retractors.
Skin Grafting Instruments (7 suppliers)
Skin grafting instruments typically include razors with one edge flat and hook for stretching skin. In skin grafting, razors are used for removing strips of the epidermal skin layer. The incision is best made by a to-and-fro sawing motion, keeping the flat edge of the razor parallel with the skin surface. Hooks are generally in retractor form with blades recurved and provided with fine short teeth. These are employed to engage and draw the skin tightly while it is being incised with a razor or other cutting instrument.
Static External Fixators (5 suppliers)
Small Joint Arthroscopes (4 suppliers)
Super Broth (2 suppliers)
Super Broth is manufactured from non animal origin ingredients. It is a molecular genetic medium, which is used to grow E.coli to a high cell density. This medium is a nutrient-rich formulation designed to outperform the classical animal based formulation.
SOC Media (4 suppliers)
SOB Media (2 suppliers)
Small Joint Arthroscopy Instruments (4 suppliers)
Small Joint Arthroscopy Instrument Sets (3 suppliers)
Small joint arthroscopy instrument sets are available in a variety of low profile styles such as straight, rotary, and grasper. It consists of a complete line of small yet durable instruments specifically designed for small joint arthroscopy.
Suture Punches (2 suppliers)
Suture punches are available in a variety of styles and sizes such as standard straight, mini straight, mini curved left, mini curved right, and mini 15° up. These punches can be used either with or without a cannula. These punches have the ability to be used with any sliding suture anchor.
Slit Lamp Adapters (3 suppliers)
Slit lamp adapter is a diode laser system used to activate a light sensitive (photoactivated) drug called visudyne. This therapy may help delay vision loss in patients with an eye disorder called subfoveal choroidal neovascularization (CNV). CNV is an irreversible eye disorder in which the abnormal growth of new blood vessels in the eye causes swelling and scar tissue that result in vision loss.
Small Joint Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Small joint electrodes are indicated for procedures of the TMJ, wrist and other small joints. Its tip is effective for the cutting and hemostasis of soft tissue encountered during surgery.
Special Application Electrodes (1 supplier)
Subpial Transectors (1 supplier)
Subpial transector is designed to treat epilepsy when the seizure focus is in a cortical area that cannot be surgically resected without causing an unacceptable neurological deficit. It cuts fine parallel in the cortical surface to disrupt the initial spread of the seizure discharge without compromising the vertical organization of the cortex.
Standard Active Fixation Leads (3 suppliers)
Standard active fixation leads have a bipolar active fixation electrode for use with a cardiac pacemaker. This bipolar active fixation electrode includes a pair of coaxial electrodes, separated by an intermediate insulator, formed into the shape of a helix. The bipolar electrode helix is preferably advanceable from a distal end of the bipolar pacing lead.
Standard Passive Fixation Leads (2 suppliers)
SPECT Imaging Systems (14 suppliers)
Surgical Patches (8 suppliers)
Silicone Orbital Implants (3 suppliers)
Symblepharon Rings (3 suppliers)
Stainers (16 suppliers)
Slit Knives (6 suppliers)
Suture Anchors (10 suppliers)
Suture Passers (7 suppliers)
Shoulder Retractor Sets (4 suppliers)
Shoulder Repair Rasps (2 suppliers)
Suture Retrievers (3 suppliers)
Suture Retrievers is an instrument for retrieving suture, which includes a shaft with proximal and distal ends. The suture retriever has an elongated housing provided with a needle tip and a lateral opening situated near the tip. The suture retriever is passed through the lateral cannula into the subacromial space and the nylon sutures are grasped.
Suture Knives and Cutters (2 suppliers)
Shoulder Arthroscopy and Mini Open Sets (3 suppliers)
Semen Analyzers (2 suppliers)
Semen Analyzers are developed to study mammalian spermatozoa follow the movement of the head and not the flagellum.
2001 to 2050 of 4251 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 40 [41] 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 >> Next 50 Results
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