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MEDICAL products beginning with : W
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Women's Jackets (2 suppliers)
White Pants (1 supplier)
Waterproof Shoe Covers (18 suppliers)
Weighing Balances (9 suppliers)
Wireless Bar Code Reader (4 suppliers)
Wireless Bar Code Reader is a wireless computer device for reading barcodes printed on various surfaces. It consists of a light source, a lens and a photo conductor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Wireless bar code reader simplifies the setting and operation of a microwave oven. It comprises a scanning unit for reading bar codes in a cookbook and a transmitting unit for transmitting to the control unit of the microwave oven.
Western Blotting Equipment, Blotting Trays (13 suppliers)
Washer Disinfectors (16 suppliers)
Wire Glove Dispensers (4 suppliers)
Waterproof Handheld pH Meters (3 suppliers)
Western Blot, HIV Test Kit (4 suppliers)
Water Purification, Analytical and Laboratory Grade Water (2 suppliers)
Water-microbiology kit (37 suppliers)
Water Microbiology Kit consists of all hardware and consumables needed to process a water sample for on-orbit bacterial enumeration.
Water-resistant pH/mV/ Temperature Meter Kits (3 suppliers)
Water-resistant pH/mV/ Temperature Meter Kits features rugged, water-resistant case, dual LCD display, 5 memorized buffer values and perform one- or two- point calibration.
Waterproof pH and Temperature Meters (1 supplier)
Wound Procedure Kits (3 suppliers)
Wearable Digital Pulse (1 supplier)
Wrapped Serological Pipets (1 supplier)
Water-based Sphygmomanometer (24 suppliers)
Water Testing KIt (3 suppliers)
Water Purification System With Pump (16 suppliers)
Water Purification Systems For Ultrapure (18 suppliers)
Washable Underpads (11 suppliers)
Well Plate Vacuum Manifold (1 supplier)
Water Purification, Water Storage and Dispensing (2 suppliers)
Water Storage and Dispensing System (1 supplier)
A water storage and dispensing system includes a water storage tank, a dispenser, and a conduit system. The conduit system extends between and fluidly connects the storage tank and the dispenser. The conduit system includes an outer shell conduit defining a conduit passage and an inner tubing extending through the conduit passage. The inner tubing is in fluid communication with each of the storage tank and the dispenser and is arranged and configured to convey water from the storage tank to the dispenser.
West Nile Virus Protection Kit (1 supplier)
West nile virus protection kit is used for excellent protection against biting mosquitoes, which may transmit west nile virus and other diseases.
Wart Removal, Cosmetic (2 suppliers)
A wart is a rough growth caused by one of a number of strains of human papillomavirus. Warts are unsightly and can impede normal function. There are three main types of wart removal treatment: home remedy, over-the-counter, and treatment by a qualified dermatologist or other physician. Wart removal by a qualified dermatologist or other physician is the most effective method for removing stubborn warts.
Woven Cotton Gauze Sponges (24 suppliers)
Woven cotton gauze sponges are used for wound dressings; wound packing and general wound care. It is made of cotton.
Whitening Battery-Powered Toothbrush (3 suppliers)
Waxed Dental Floss (4 suppliers)
Water Activated Hand Cleaner (2 suppliers)
Whitening Toothbrush (5 suppliers)
Water Vooled Magnetic Stimulators (5 suppliers)
Wide-Area Optical Tracking System (2 suppliers)
Weighted Vaginal Speculum (5 suppliers)
Wrapped Bioceramic Orbital Implant (1 supplier)
Wrapped bioceramic orbital implant is designed for use in enucleation procedures. The implant is made of the porous, strong, non-brittle biomaterial alumina. The vicryl mesh wrapping allows the suturing of the muscles directly onto the implant. The extensive pore system enhances fibrovascular in growth, which keeps the implant from migrating and allows the secure attachment of extraocular muscles, thereby improving implant motility.
Wireless Foot Switch (1 supplier)
USB foot switches are available in single, dual, and triple foot switch configurations. It connects to virtually any computer with an available USB port. These are USB compliant and self powered from the USB port.
Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscopes (18 suppliers)
Wireless indirect ophthalmoscope provides surgeons with a lightweight, portable magnification system for use during operations. It leaves surgeons free to move around the patient completely unhindered. It is also beneficial from a health and safety point of view as there are no trailing cables to snag on other equipment or for theatre staff to trip over. This instrument is fitted with a compact battery pack, which is perfectly balanced with the optics, making it much more comfortable to wear than previous models.
Warmed LB agar plates (4 suppliers)
Wide-Field Pediatric Retinal Imaging (2 suppliers)
Wavefront Aberrometer (6 suppliers)
Wavefront aberrometer is used for measuring wavefront aberrations. These wavefront aberrometry measurements are used diagnostically, to determine causes of visual disturbances, and are also used to program ablations in wavefront-guided procedures, whether used for first-time laser eye surgery patients or for therapeutic retreatments.
WIDE Angle Surgical VIEWING System (1 supplier)
Wide angle surgical viewing system is used for vitreoretinal surgery. It allows truly remarkable views of the retina, where the surgeon can appreciate nearly the entirety of the fundus with dazzling clarity. It provides flexibility in lighting all or parts of the retina, and enhanced lens design and optics permit the surgeon to work on one part of the retina while making sure that his/her manipulations do not cause retinal breaks at the retinal periphery.
Worth 4-dot Neutralization test Kit (2 suppliers)
Wrist Implants Arthrodesis Hardware (4 suppliers)
Wide Angle Arthroscopes (7 suppliers)
Wide angle arthroscope is a thin flexible fiberoptic scope which is introduced into a joint space through a small incision to carry out diagnostic and treatment procedures within the joint. It features recessed scratch-resistant sapphire lens and stainless steel shaft and lens housings. It has superior clarity and durability.
Wrist Implants, Carpal Implants (3 suppliers)
Waterproof Cast Liner (2 suppliers)
Waterproof cast liner is a waterproof, breathable cast padding designed to allow the user to do a range of everyday activities, from bathing and showering to swimming to washing their hands, without the worry of keeping their cast dry. The cast liner drie
Water Resistant Casting Material (40 suppliers)
Walking Canes (41 suppliers)
Wrist Tennis Elbow Brace (4 suppliers)
Wrist tennis elbow brace is a multi-purpose support that wraps around to provide compression to the wrist. It provides adjustable compression and added support. The removable metal inserts provide customized protection on both the top and underneath the wrist. The overall length allows for functional activity without complete immobilization.
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