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Adapters & Connectors, Thermometer with Tee Adapter (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Trache Tee Oxygenator (3 suppliers)
Trache Tee Oxygenator allows administration of oxygen to endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube. It includes oxygen nipple adaptor and aerosol tee.
Adapters & Connectors, Universal Wye Connector (2 suppliers)
Adapters & Connectors, Parallel Wye - Adult (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Parallel Wye Pediatric with Gas Sampling Port (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Reusable Wye (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Oxygen Supply Tubing Connector (4 suppliers)
Adapters & Connectors, Oxygen Supply Tubing Water Trap (3 suppliers)
Adapters & Connectors, Neonatal Temperature Probe Adapter (14 suppliers)
Adapters & Connectors, Neonatal Adapter (3 suppliers)
Neonatal Adapter includes 12inch of 10mm corrugated tubing, 18mm nebulizer adaptor and neonatal tee.
Adapters & Connectors, Neonatal Pressure Line Tee (1 supplier)
Neonatal Pressure Line Tee is used in connecting 1/8 inch I.D. tubing to a pressure line for purposes of auxiliary monitoring.
Adapters & Connectors, Adult Probe Adapter (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Oxygen Diluter (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Nebulizer Adapter (1 supplier)
Nebulizer Adapter includes an adapter for positioning in the mouth of the infant. The adapter serves to depress the tongue of the infant and to deliver nebulized medication to the rearward area of the infant's throat, where the medication is inhaled into the lungs of the infant.
Adapters & Connectors, Step-Down Adapter (1 supplier)
Adapters & Connectors, Drive Line Adapter (1 supplier)
Anesthesia System (12 suppliers)
Anesthesia System consists of the various components that communicate with each other during the administration of inhalation anesthesia. The system components include the anesthesia machine, the vaporizers, the anesthetic circuit, the ventilator and the scavenging system.
Arrhythmia Workstation (1 supplier)
Arrhythmia Workstation provides one compact, PC-based solution for both bedside and telemetry monitored patients. Arrhythmia workstation is used for advanced arrhythmia analysis, including viewing of full disclosure, cardiac trends and arrhythmia episode history with snapshots.
Aerosol-generating Device (1 supplier)
Aerosol Generating Device generates an aerosol having a desired particle size by passing a liquid through a flow passage heated to convert the liquid into a vapor. Aerosol generating device includes a housing, a heater and an optional mouthpiece.
Anesthesia Circuit Fitting (2 suppliers)
Aerosol Delivery System (5 suppliers)
Aerosol Delivery System comprises a container defining a chamber for a product to be delivered, an outlet from the chamber, a valve for controlling passage of product through the outlet & a pump for pressurizing product to be delivered.
Aerosol Mask (12 suppliers)
Aerosol Mask is a device, worn over the mouth when humidified 02 are needed. The mask is connected to a large volume nebulizer. It is anatomically shaped to fit under the chin and has gently rolled edges for long-term comfort.
Aerosol Therapy Masks (32 suppliers)
Aerosol Compressors (23 suppliers)
Analog Dry Bath Incubator (3 suppliers)
Analog Dry Bath Incubator is a convenient block heater for microcentrifuge tube samples. This incubator is ideal for any application involving the use of microcentrifuge tubes such as denaturing DNA, restriction enzyme digests and incubation of cultures.
Alcohol Lamps (1 supplier)
Alcohol lamps are used in chemistry and biology laboratories. It is also used in making coffee or tea. Alcohol lamps have the advantages of easy refilling of alcohol and availability. Alcohol lamps are extremely hazardous due to the flame being nearly colorless.
Air Plethysmograph (2 suppliers)
Arterial Circulation Assisting Device (1 supplier)
Adaptive Dresses (1 supplier)
Adaptive Clothing (2 suppliers)
Adaptive Clothing is designed for physically challenged, the elderly, disabled individuals and wheelchair users.
Autoclaves Repairs (2 suppliers)
Apnea Screening Device (1 supplier)
Anti-Bacterial Agent for Ceramics (1 supplier)
Apex Locator (5 suppliers)
Apex Locator is an electronic device used in endodontics to determine the length of the root canal space. An apex locator is the only tool for finding the location of the apical foramen, which is usually not at the anatomical apex. The apex locator readout locates the apex or apical foramen and the apical constriction.
Analog Interface Cable (1 supplier)
Anesthesia Needle Tips (7 suppliers)
Aloe Vera Gel (1 supplier)
Aloe vera gel is the leaf pulp or mucilage, a thin clear jelly-like substance obtained from the parenchymal tissue that makes up the inner portion of the leaves. The gel contains carbohydrate polymers, such as glucomannans or pectic acid plus various other organic & inorganic compounds.
Ambulatory Bloodpressure Recorder (3 suppliers)
Automated Cell Processing System (1 supplier)
Autologous Blood Recovery Systems (1 supplier)
Anti-microbial Wound Dressing (4 suppliers)
Autoclaveable Batch Culture Systems (1 supplier)
Autoclaveable batch culture systems are designed for repeated autoclaving. These systems accept both STLV and HARV culture vessels. It is suitable for anchorage dependent cell culture.
Automated Roller Bottle Processing System (1 supplier)
Automated roller bottle processing system is a self-contained, automated roller bottle processing system. It is suitable for all current roller bottle applications in research laboratories and large scale manufacturing sites, including the production of human and animal vaccines, clean cells for fermenter culture, and recombinant proteins for therapeutic applications. The unit has been designed to automate all stages of roller bottle based tissue culture, from cell inoculation, incubation, media change and trypsinisation to final harvest.
Adaptors For Non-standard CCD Camera Mounts (1 supplier)
Aluminum Hub Needles (2 suppliers)
AV Fistulas (2 suppliers)
Aspiration Needles (19 suppliers)
Aspiration needles are used for the collection of tissue for diagnosing and staging chest diseases. It is indicated for use in aspiration of carinal, paratracheal and hilar lesions of the bronchial tree where biopsy forceps cannot obtain a submucosal sample.
Aspiration Needles, Gastroscopy (1 supplier)
Aspiration Needles, Bronchoscopy (2 suppliers)
Absorbent Floor Mats (16 suppliers)
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