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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Toilet Aids, Vinyl Toilet Seat Cushion (2 suppliers)
Toilet Aids, Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail (4 suppliers)
Toilet Aids, Plastic Toilet Seat Riser (3 suppliers)
Tilting Face Rest (2 suppliers)
Two-Ball Firm Rubber Applicator (1 supplier)
Tennis Elbow Brace (8 suppliers)
Therapeutic Support Pillow (6 suppliers)
Toe Holdr splint (1 supplier)
Tennis Elbow Strap (7 suppliers)
Temporary Intracranial Artery Clamps (1 supplier)
Tangential Occlusion Clamps (6 suppliers)
Towel Clamp, Non-perforating (3 suppliers)
Toothbrushes (32 suppliers)
Toothpastes (21 suppliers)
Toothpaste is a paste that is used to clean and improve the aesthetic appearance and health of teeth. It is also called gel dentifrice. It is mostly used in conjunction with a toothbrush. Toothpaste is used to promote good oral hygiene: it can aid in the removal of dental plaque and food from the teeth, it can aid in the elimination and/or masking of halitosis, and it can deliver active ingredients such as fluoride to prevent tooth and gums disease.
Tourniquets (56 suppliers)
Tourniquet is a compressing device. It is used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity for a period of time. Pressure is applied circumferentially upon the skin and underlying tissues of a limb; this pressure is transferred to the walls of vessels, causing them to become temporarily occluded. It is used for the compression of a blood vessel by application around an extremity to control the circulation and prevent the flow of blood to or from the distal area.
Towel Clamps (83 suppliers)
Towel clamps are used to secure drapes to a patients skin. They may also be used to hold tissue. These are tucked underneath the drapes, making sure that they are not lying on the patient's skin. It can be used as a tenaculum to grab soft tissue. It is also used to maintain surgical towels and drapes in the correct position during an operation. The working ends may have either sharp points or blunt flat tips that overlap in the closed position.
Towel, Tissue & Cup Dispensers (15 suppliers)
Towel dispenser includes an adjustable bracket for supporting a roll of paper towels in medical applications. A tissue dispenser is provided for use in supplying new tissues and for storing used tissues. A cup dispenser has an aperture having at least four arms, and a gasket functionally attached to the aperture and defining an opening such that movement of the arms changes the size of the opening.
Towels (61 suppliers)
Towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping. It is used for a wide range of medical applications. It can be used as a hand towel, tray liner, dressing towel and bed protector. It has a high wet strength for both wet and dry application and is easily dispensed from two roll sizes.
Training (13 suppliers)
Transmission Gels & Liquids (10 suppliers)
Transparent Dressings (24 suppliers)
Transparent dressing is a sterile, waterproof, clear and thin film dressing. It is designed to apply over I.V. devices, clean skin or wounds, and provides a breathable bacterial barrier to outside contaminants. It is useful for the secure fixation of the endotracheal tube. These dressings are breathable, sterile, transparent and waterproof and provide a barrier to outside contaminants.
Trays (58 suppliers)
Treadmills (53 suppliers)
A treadmill is a natural navigation device. It is a piece of indoor sporting equipment. It allows the motions of running while staying in one place. It is a type of mill, which is operated by a person treading steps of a wheel to grind grain. It provides the optimal navigation system for architectural environments which are best evaluated by the action of walking.
Treatment Tables (66 suppliers)
A treatment table has a base and a table plate upon which a patient may be positioned. A spine having two bars supports at least one part of the table. The bars are so mounted that they may be shifted towards and away from each other beneath the table plate while keeping the table plate unmoved.
Treatments (5 suppliers)
Tubing & Bands (4 suppliers)
Tubular Elastic Bandages & Nets (105 suppliers)
Tubular Gauzes (10 suppliers)
Tubular gauzes are used to protect and secure primary dressings. It is made of white or beige cotton yarn, knitted in a continuous tube without any seams.
Triple lumen catheters (4 suppliers)
Triple lumen catheter is a flexible polyurethane catheter. It is suitable for use in treatment of humans by inserting the catheter into a blood vessel over a Seldinger guidewire, and using the catheter to extract blood at a selected location in the blood vessel and to return treated blood downstream of the location after treatment. The catheter includes an elongate body and a tip at the distal end of the body. The body has an outer wall and an integral internal septum combining with the outer wall to define a pair of similar C-shaped lumens extending longitudinally in the body.
Transcutaneous Oximetry (1 supplier)
Transcutaneous oximetry is a noninvasive test. It directly measures the oxygen level of tissue beneath the skin. As oxygen is carried to tissues by blood flow in the arteries, TcpO2 is an indirect measure of blood flow. It measures the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin through blood circulation. Measuring oxygen at the skin surface is a valuable indicator of how much oxygen gets to underlying tissues. Transcutaneous oximetry is useful when other noninvasive testing is not possible and is especially useful in predicting wound healing or amputation healing.
Transcatheter Occlusion Device, PDA Closure Devices (2 suppliers)
Transcatheter Occlusion Device is indicated for the non-surgical closure of patent ductus arteriosus. Transcatheter occlusion device is designed to reduce the risk of stroke by occluding the left atrial appendage, a small pocket attached to the hearts left upper chamber that has limited functional use and is the location of a majority of blood clots in the heart.
Trotter treadmills (24 suppliers)
Treadmills Exercise Equipment (37 suppliers)
Treadmills Running (30 suppliers)
Temporary Myocardial Pacing Lead (1 supplier)
Temporary myocardial pacing lead is designed for temporary atrial and ventricular sensing and pacing during and after cardiac surgery. This temporary pacing lead has been downsized, making it the ideal lead for pediatric patients or small hearts.
Temporary Pacing Leads Bipolar Coaxial (2 suppliers)
Temporary pacing leads are designed to provide consistent temporary sensing and pacing during and after cardiac surgery. It is designed for general or special applications whether it is unipolar atrial and/or ventricular pacing, pediatric unipolar pacing, and bipolar coaxial pacing.
Temporary, Transvenous Pacing Lead System (2 suppliers)
Temporary Lead with Stylet (1 supplier)
The temporary lead with stylet is a high quality bipolar intracardiac stimulation lead for temporary pacing and electro physiology studies. The unique shaft design allows the insertion of straight or preformed stylets for easy navigation even in complex anatomic vessel situations.
Temperature Ablation Catheters (4 suppliers)
Temperature ablation catheter is a bi-directional ablation catheter. It is a flexible, single braided proximal shaft designed to provide gentler advancement through the vessel. Temperature ablation catheters are indicated for interruption of accessory atrioventricular conduction pathways associated with tachycardia, for treatment of AV nodal reentrant tachycardia, and for creation of complete AV block in patients with a rapid ventricular response to an atrial arrhythmia - typically chronic, drug refractory atrial fibrillation.
Thermistor-Controlled RF Ablation Systems (2 suppliers)
Thermistor-controlled RF ablation system provides high power output with the integral safety of closed-loop temperature control using the embedded thermocouples in RF ablation catheters.
Thrombectomy Devices, Infusion Catheter (19 suppliers)
Infusion catheter is designed to use for the controlled selective infusion of physician-specified pharmacologic agents or radiopaque contrast media into the general vasculature. It is ideally suited for infusion therapeutic agents, contrast, media, and a wide variety of other agents.
Thrombectomy Catheter (6 suppliers)
Thrombectomy catheter is a multi-lumen, over-the-wire thrombectomy catheter designed for rapid, effective and easy removal of fresh, soft thrombus in dialysis shunts. It provides an efficient, patient-friendly alternative to surgery and thrombolytic therapy. It is intended for accessing distal anatomy. It removes thrombus quickly and effectively for rapid restoration of flow.
Treadmill Ergometers (14 suppliers)
Treadmill ergometers are digitally controlled drive system, which eliminates many of the moving parts that can wear out. There are no motor brushes, no speed change mechanism, and fewer drives belts-resulting in a high level of dependability. It can carry weights up to 400 pounds. The decks are treated with a special friction-control polymer.
Tissue Tunnel (1 supplier)
Titanium Caliper (1 supplier)
Tipped Catheter (4 suppliers)
Tunneled Catheter (1 supplier)
Tunneled catheter is a permanent catheter that is fixed in place when tissue forms in response to a cuff placed beneath the skin. Typically the catheter is inserted into the internal jugular vein in the neck or the subclavian vein just below the collarbone, then tunneled from the puncture site down onto the chest wall, emerging from the skin about six inches from where it entered the vein. The tip of the catheter lies in the large vein that returns blood to the heart.
Thoracoscopy Instruments (3 suppliers)
Thoracic Curettes (42 suppliers)
Thoracic Ring Curettes (42 suppliers)
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