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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Coronary Artery Perfusion Cannulae with Balloon (1 supplier)
Cryo Ablation Systems, catheters (2 suppliers)
Cryo Ablation Systems, consoles (1 supplier)
CT Scan (10 suppliers)
CT scan is a noninvasive radigraphic technique called computed tomography. It is a test that applies computer technology and digital imaging techniques to X-ray studies to produce images of cross section of the body. It is a medical imaging method employing tomography where digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the internals of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation. CT produces a volume of data which can be manipulated, through a process known as windowing, in order to demonstrate various structures based on their ability to block the X-ray beam.
CT Scan Machine (4 suppliers)
Cardiac CT Scan (3 suppliers)
Cardiac CT scan is a non-invasive way of obtaining information about the location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries-the vessels that supply oxygen-containing blood to the heart wall. Plaque is a build-up of fat and other substances, including calcium, which can, over time, narrow the arteries or even close off blood flow to the heart. The result may be painful angina in the chest or a heart attack.
Chiropody Instruments (1 supplier)
Cautery Systems (3 suppliers)
Cataract Blade (4 suppliers)
Chondroplastic Blade (1 supplier)
Cardiac Surgery Equipment (9 suppliers)
Coronary Catheter (2 suppliers)
Cotton Carriers (1 supplier)
Council Tip Catheter (1 supplier)
Cholangiography Instruments (2 suppliers)
Cosmetic Lasers, Contact/non contact mode (11 suppliers)
Cotton, Dressings (17 suppliers)
Cotton Sheets (2 suppliers)
Cotton Scrubs (28 suppliers)
Cotton Towels (31 suppliers)
cotton, Absorbent Sticks (3 suppliers)
Cotton Eye Sponge (7 suppliers)
Cotton, Instrument Wipes (14 suppliers)
Cotton Swabs (45 suppliers)
Cotton Sponges (3 suppliers)
Cryo Surgical Instrument (12 suppliers)
A cryo surgical instrument is a device used to destroy nervous tissue or produce lesions in nervous tissue by the application of extreme cold to the selected site.
Chalazion Curettes (3 suppliers)
Cone Ring Curette (4 suppliers)
Cervical Curette (3 suppliers)
Cauterette, Disposable Switch-a-Tip (1 supplier)
Customized Stethoscope Earmolds (69 suppliers)
Customized Stethoscope Earmolds add comfort and enhance hearing abilities in noisy medical environments such as ambulance paramedics, flight-for-life helicopter personnel, emergency technicians and military field medics. These molds are specific in design and fabricated to fit just about any stethoscope used in industry to ensure clear sound analysis of the problem being examined.
Conventional Stethoscope adapter Earmolds (2 suppliers)
Conventional Stethoscope Adapter Earmolds are available in lucite and skinflex material, which are used for the manufacture of the earmold style.
Conmed Electrosurgery (40 suppliers)
Curved Bipolar Eraser Tip (2 suppliers)
Cotton Gauze (34 suppliers)
Common Surgical Instrument (155 suppliers)
Continuous Arteriovenous Rewarming (1 supplier)
Colour Video Monitors (3 suppliers)
Cautery Systems, monopolar (1 supplier)
Monopolar Cautery Systems are used for coagulating vessels and for cutting tissue.
Closed Valve Nasal Speculum (21 suppliers)
Compressor Nebulizer (27 suppliers)
CO2 Laser System (15 suppliers)
CO2 laser system is designed for use in hospitals, outpatient surgical centers and physician offices. It can be used effectively in multiple specialties-ENT, gynecology, oral surgery, and plastic surgery, dermatology, neurosurgery and/or podiatry. It provides uniform clinical effects with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue.
Conventional Laryngoscopes (16 suppliers)
Conventional laryngoscopes are designed to provide improved illumination with a whiter, brighter light source to enhance procedures.
Catheter Free pH Monitoring System (10 suppliers)
Catheter free pH monitoring system is a catheter-free way to measure pH. It is used to measure esophageal pH (acidity) levels in patients who have or are suspected of having gastro esophageal reflux disease. This system involves a pH capsule, about the size of a gel cap that is temporarily attached to the wall of the esophagus. The pH Capsule measures pH levels in the esophagus and transmits readings via radio telemetry to the receiver worn on the patient's belt or waistband.
Combined Haemodynamic and Airway Gas Monitoring Device (3 suppliers)
Cartilage Scissors (60 suppliers)
Curved Scissors (77 suppliers)
Cardiac Imaging System (12 suppliers)
Cardiovascular imaging systems employ X-rays to image cardiovascular structures, allowing efficient, non-invasive examination of cardiac systems. It consists of gantry that collects X-ray data, rotates around a table where a patient is situated during the examination.
Cranial Sutures (8 suppliers)
Cranial sutures are the joints between the bones of the skull bound together by sharpey's fibres. A tiny amount of movement is permitted at sutures, which contributes to the compliance and elasticity of the skull. Cranial sutures are fibrous bands of tissue that connect the bones of the skull.
Chromic Sutures (10 suppliers)
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