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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Brachytherapy for Cancer (6 suppliers)
Biomedical Freezers (4 suppliers)
Biomedical Refrigerators (3 suppliers)
Blue Laser Pointer 473nm (1 supplier)
Blood Coagulation Systems (4 suppliers)
Blood Microcoagulation System (1 supplier)
Buffer Solution (15 suppliers)
Biopsy Trays (8 suppliers)
Bag Decanters (2 suppliers)
Bipolar Hip Prosthesis (5 suppliers)
Bedside Lockers (4 suppliers)
Bedside Tables (2 suppliers)
Baby Crib (4 suppliers)
Bedside Screens (7 suppliers)
Bowl Stands (3 suppliers)
Battery Operated Suction Unit (1 supplier)
Bronchus Clamps (8 suppliers)
Bulldog Clamps (25 suppliers)
Brain Forceps (1 supplier)
Brain Forceps are used to help in fetal delivery by allowing the doctor to adjust the position of the unborn child's head during delivery. These forceps also allow the doctor to apply traction to the unborn child's head to help in the birthing process. These forceps are widely used forceps to aid in the vaginal delivery of a baby. These are smoothly shaped and curved forceps having two blades and a handle designed to hold and pull the baby properly without causing any damage.
Bayer Diagnostics (1 supplier)
Bayer Diagnostics is the exclusive provider of the complexed PSA test kit. It is used to detect prostate cancer.
Breast Cancer Antigen Kit (2 suppliers)
Breast Cancer Antigen Kit is used for the quantitative determination of the cancer antigen concentration in human serum. It is also useful for monitoring breast cancer. This kit includes murine monoclonal antigen coated microtiter plate with 96 wells, sample diluent, enzyme conjugate concentrate, TMB reagent and stop solution.
Brucella IgG ELISA Kit (1 supplier)
Brucella IgM ELISA Kit (1 supplier)
Blood Volume Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Blood volume analyzer is used in conjunction with a single use diagnostic kit to measure blood volume by using tracer dilution technique. A tracer is injected into the blood stream of a living being and a plurality of mixed samples of blood and tracer are removed from the blood stream at a corresponding plurality of measured time intervals subsequent to the injecting step. The blood portion volume is automatically calculated from the determined blood portion volumes and time intervals.
Brain Imaging System (4 suppliers)
Brain imaging system is a device that uses diffuse optical tomography (DOT), a technique using near-infrared light and detectors to record brain activity. The light shines through the skull into the brain, and records regional differences in blood flow and oxygen levels. These differences are analyzed to reveal areas of brain activity. This system assesses, diagnoses and monitors treatment in brain disorders such as strokes and seizures.
Blood Bank Refrigerator (36 suppliers)
Blood bank refrigerator provides fast pull-down, rapid temperature recovery and superior 4°C temperature uniformity for refrigerated blood. It has two glass doors and is equipped with the alarm/monitor and a 7-day circular chart recorder to meet validation requirements. It has a defrosting automatic, recirculation-air cooling in the interior and a warning system as standard. This warning system is an electronic switching, monitoring and warning device. It alerts the user to operating failure, faults or incorrect operation in good time. These refrigerators with their extra thick insulation made of high-grade, pressure-foamed and pro-environmental material ensure a energy-saving operation.
Blood Plasma Freezers (11 suppliers)
Plasma freezers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature and to quickly recover to set-point temperature after a door. It has ability to store and transfuse plasma to patients. The intrinsic value of blood and blood components, combined with precise storage requirements makes blood plasma freezers a major component in facility management and risk reduction. It is constructed of corrosion resistant materials to ensure reliable performance. The inner doors are insulated to minimize product exposure during outer door openings.
Birthing Bed (7 suppliers)
Birthing bed suits for maternity ward. It is a standard double sized bed and features electric high and low, arched laminate head panel, pull out suture tray at foot-end, upper posture and trendelenberg tilt. It accommodates two people in a comfortable and relaxing manner while in hospital.
Bedspreads (5 suppliers)
Bar Mops (2 suppliers)
Bath Mats (5 suppliers)
Bath Towels (3 suppliers)
Baby Shirts (3 suppliers)
Breathing Bags (26 suppliers)
Breathing bags incorporate a multiple pleat design, which allows more positive control of manual ventilation. These are made from non-conductive latex and have a standard 22 mm fitting. These bags are available in an assortment of vibrant colors. These bags are latex free and available in liter, 1 liter and 2 liter sizes.
Breathing Circuits (19 suppliers)
Breathing circuits deliver oxygen & anaesthetic gases to the patient and eliminate carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is eliminated by gas inflow or by soda lime absorption. Anaesthetic gas exits the anaesthesia machine and then enters a breathing circuit. These circuits include mapleson systems and adjustable pressure-limiting valve. In the open position, the valve is actuated by pressures of less than 0.1 kPa (1 cm H2O). In the closed position, the breathing system pressure and the intrapulmonary pressure is protected by a pressure relief mechanism, which is actuated at 6 kPa (60 cmH2O).
Barrier Reusable Surgical Gowns (31 suppliers)
Barrier reusable surgical gowns are used in surgery, which prevent exposure of health care workers and protect patients. These are made of woven fabrics and require laundering & sterilization between uses. The ability of reusable gowns to prevent transfer of pathogens through body fluids is determined by fabric characteristics, the bacteria, and characteristics of the bacteria-containing fluid.
Breathable Impervious Gowns (4 suppliers)
Breathable impervious gowns have a responsive membrane that reacts to increasing temperature by increasing its moisture vapor transfer rate. It consists of a moisture-permeable film of thermoplastic polyester elastomer laminated to spun laced fabric. It keeps the surgical team cool and comfortable. It allows diffusion and evaporation of sweat moisture, due to the moisture-vapor permeability of the grades used.
Biomedical Equipment Services (9 suppliers)
Bioprosthesis, Pulmonary Valved Conduit (2 suppliers)
Pulmonary valved conduit is a bioprosthetic heart valve made from a segment of cow (bovine) jugular vein. It is treated with preservatives to keep it durable, flexible and sterilized for human implantation. It is used to correct or reconstruct the outflow of the right ventricle in the congenital heart malformations like narrowing of the pulmonary valve and one heart artery forms both the aorta & pulmonary artery.
Benchtop Centrifuges (17 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Knurled Grab Bar (2 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Grip Tub Bar (1 supplier)
Bathroom Accessories, Vinyl-Coated Grab Bars (26 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Shower Transport Chair (3 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Bariatric Bath Seat (4 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Folding Shower Bench (2 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Safety Tub Bar (6 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Shower/Tub Stool (7 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Bath Seats (8 suppliers)
Bathroom Accessories, Safety Hand Grips (5 suppliers)
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