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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Twin Flowmeters (1 supplier)
Tubing Nipples (2 suppliers)
Thoracic Vacuum Regulator (11 suppliers)
Thoracic Vacuum Regulator is available with adapters for virtually all pipeline systems and offered with a standard tubing nipple or a locking gland for use with an overflow safety trap.
Table Top Aspirator (1 supplier)
Tall Back Cushion (1 supplier)
Tissue Repair Products (3 suppliers)
Toilet Accessories (14 suppliers)
Table Cloth (3 suppliers)
Table Cloth is a cloth, used to cover a table. Table cloths are made of cotton or artificial fabrics. They are designed to wipe clean easily.
Thermal Diffusion Cerebral Blood Flow Sensor (1 supplier)
TENS Tester (1 supplier)
TENS Tester is used for checking the conductivity of lead wires or the output of the electrical stimulator.
TENS Skin Dressing Wipe (1 supplier)
Telemetry Systems (50 suppliers)
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (10 suppliers)
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator is an electronic device that produces electrical signals, which is used to stimulate nerves through unbroken skin. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is designed specifically for post operative pain control. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is used in acute and chronic pain. It is a medical method of reducing or eliminating pain without drugs.
Two-Piece Conductive Carbon (1 supplier)
TENS Electrodes (46 suppliers)
Twin Halogen Light Source (1 supplier)
Tape electrodes (1 supplier)
Tape electrodes are used for the transmission of electrical signals into the human body through the skin. The electrode is of a construction so that it can be applied to the skin to secure good electrical contact and remain in place for many days despite normal movement and the normal activities of the subject such as perspiring, and washing.
Tuberculin Syringes (5 suppliers)
Tuberculin syringes are made of health-safe materials, usually fabricated with chemical resistant borosilicate glass. These syringes are often used primarily for skin tests or small subcutaneous doses. These are also used inappropriately as an oral syringe. It has clear, bold scale markings, which assure dosage control and accuracy.
Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker Extension Cables (2 suppliers)
Telemedicine Auscultation System (2 suppliers)
Telemedicine auscultation system is a small, line-operated telemedicine auscultation system. It consists of 2 stethophones, a stethoscope assembly, internal batteries for portable use and a wall-mounted power transformer for stationary use. The stethoscope is placed on the patient in the normal manner. Each listener inserts a stethophone into the rear of the ausculette II and can hear simultaneously with the instructor. The instructor knows exactly what the student is hearing. Sounds can be amplified or filtered, if desired. It is used for telemedicine applications.
Tissue Marking Dyes (3 suppliers)
Tissue marking dyes are used for marking margins or for processing multiple specimens in one tissue cassette. It is designed to provide an efficient means of tissue margin identification. The various uses for this system include: marking surgical margins, identifying serial segments of large tissues to ensure proper orientation and embedding, maintaining proper tissue orientation for MOHS surgery specimens and identification of multiple pieces of tissues processed in the same cassette.
TCB Univent Tube (1 supplier)
The TCB univent allows easily collapsing one lung for thoracoscopic procedures. It can be used to achieve one-lung ventilation or segment isolations in a variety of surgical procedures as well as non-surgical applications. It is also used for either left or right-sided lung isolation by simply advancing the blocker down the relevant side.
Trochar & Canular (1 supplier)
Trash Liner (2 suppliers)
Tank Sprayers (2 suppliers)
Thumb Braces (9 suppliers)
The thumb brace is designed to prevent injury to the thumb by backward or sideward movement. A common injury in skiing, the brace is also useful in ball sports. It measures under the knuckles and chooses left or right.
Testosterone Microtiter Tests (2 suppliers)
Tongue Blade Holders (6 suppliers)
Trigger Aneroid Sphygmomanometers (1 supplier)
Thigh Blood Pressure Inflation System (3 suppliers)
Thigh Blood Pressure Inflation Cuffs (5 suppliers)
Thigh Blood Pressure Latex-free Bladders (2 suppliers)
Triple-head Stethoscope (2 suppliers)
Triple-head stethoscope is a solid brass multi-head chestpiece. It includes bell, flat diaphragm, and corrugated diaphragm. It provides clear transmission of the first and second heart sounds. It is optimized for listening to higher frequency and critically important heart sounds like murmurs, clicks, and ejection sounds.
Table with H-Brace (1 supplier)
Table with Drawer (1 supplier)
Table Mount IV Pole (2 suppliers)
Tennis Elbow Band (2 suppliers)
Tennis elbow band is designed to offer relief for players with elbow pain. A large pad supports the arm muscles and ligaments during play, increasing playing comfort and reducing stress. It provides compressive elbow support with a massaging effect with focused compression on the elbow tendons and ligaments.
Temperature Management Units (5 suppliers)
Torso Blanket (1 supplier)
The torso blanket is designed to affix to the lower abdominal area and to cover the upper half of the body. It is effectively used for patients in the supine, lateral, or prone position. It is attached to clear head drape keeps warm air around the intubated patient's head and allows observation by the clinician.
Twin Electronic Breast Pump (1 supplier)
Twin electronic breast pump is a safe and effective powered breast pump for expressing and collecting breast milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. The pumping can be performed on one breast or two breasts simultaneously, from independent diaphragms. It operates in two modes. In the manual mode, the user controls the frequency and level of vacuum by varying the stroke/cycle of the control handle lever. In the automatic mode, the pumping cycle is stored and controlled by the microprocessor.
Tunnel Washer (2 suppliers)
Tunnel washer is a device designed to clean, sanitize and dry metal cages, plastic cages, water bottles in racks, pans and utensils. It is used in the care and housing of research animals.
Two Body Rrefigeration Units (1 supplier)
Three Body Rrefrigeration Units (1 supplier)
Trolleys, Bodies Transport (9 suppliers)
Trolleys, bodies transport is used for the transport from the place of the decease to the morgue. The structure, the plane and the lateral profiles are completely made of stainless steel. The litter for the body is complete with handles, is self-bearing and, so, it can be used also separate, without the trolley.
Trolleys, Coffins Transport (1 supplier)
Temporary Gravestone (1 supplier)
Transportable Chamber Systems (2 suppliers)
The transportable chamber system consists of two components comprising the transportable recompression chamber and the transfer lock. It is capable of being transported to remote locations where diving operations or emergency rescue activities are to be carried out. It can accommodate two persons (patient & attendant) and the transfer lock. It is capable of diving to a depth of 70 meters. It can provide oxygen, air, and mixed gases for an unlimited period.
Table Accessories, Block Board (1 supplier)
Table Accessories, Round Foot Dutchmans Roll (1 supplier)
Table Accessories, Portable Face Plate (2 suppliers)
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