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MEDICAL products beginning with : X
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
X-Ray Protective Thyroid Collars (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Protective Security Flaps (1 supplier)
X-Ray Cassette Intensifying Screens (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Film Cassette Repairs (26 suppliers)
X-Ray Grid Cassettes (3 suppliers)
X-Ray Machine (15 suppliers)
X-Ray Marker Label (12 suppliers)
X-Ray Film Printer (7 suppliers)
X-Ray Film Storage Envelope (4 suppliers)
Xenon System (3 suppliers)
X-Ray Diffractometer (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Film (63 suppliers)
X-Ray Protective Eyewear (14 suppliers)
X-Ray Aids (33 suppliers)
X-Ray Equipment (79 suppliers)
X-Ray Solutions (17 suppliers)
X Ray Aprons (14 suppliers)
X-ray aprons are constructed from multiple layers of high quality lead PVC, combined with a flexible, hard wearing and washable outer covering. A similar material is used to bind the edges, holding the lead PVC securely in place.
Xenon Illumination System (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Protective Glasses (8 suppliers)
X-ray protective glass is used in X-ray protection rooms to offer sufficient protection. It is generally a lead-barium type glass with more than 60% heavy metal oxide including at least 55% lead oxide.
X-Ray radiology Machines, Cassettes (6 suppliers)
X-ray contrast (3 suppliers)
X-ray contrast media are necessary to create an artificial contrast between the organ to be diagnosed and the surrounding tissue. It is based on a non-toxic solution that contains a significant proportion of elements with a high atomic number, for example iodine. When X-rays hit iodine in a contrast medium, the area appears white on the X-ray film and therefore highlights the detail of the organ it has permeated.
X-Ray Protective Wear (20 suppliers)
X-Ray Assisting Device (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Film Scanning Software (30 suppliers)
X-Ray Film Scanners (41 suppliers)
X-ray film scanner is designed to meet the needs of picture archiving and communication systems and remote primary diagnosis. It provides enhanced resolution, which is formed by providing a straight-line optical path from an illuminating source, through the X-ray image to be scanned and thence to an imaging lens which forms an image on a CCD array.
X Ray Film Bags (1 supplier)
X ray film bags help to protect the film from the effects of X-rays.
X-ray Tables (7 suppliers)
X-Ray Collimators (24 suppliers)
Xenon Ceramic Compact Lamp (1 supplier)
Xenon ceramic compact lamp produce focused, white light that makes an ideal choice for fiber optic illumination applications. These lamps are highly efficient, pre-aligned parabolic reflectorized lamps for use in numerous scientific and medical applications. It is used for surgical, bio-medical, borescopy and microscope applications.
X-Ray Film Holder (27 suppliers)
X-ray film holder is an instrument that allows the X-ray cone to align with the appropriate tooth structure easily and precisely every time. The film holder includes a generally rectangular spine from which a second, film-holding clip projects on one side, and from which the first clip projects on the other side.
Xenon Headlight (4 suppliers)
Xenon Fiberoptic Lamp (2 suppliers)
Xenon Fiberoptic Lamp is a superior light choice for a variety of medical equipment. This lamp is used in many fields like boroscopy, endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, headlamps, dental curing and microscopy. It is made of is entirely made of metal, sapphire and ceramic. This lamp provides extremely high and white light brightness.
Xenon Arc Lamp (3 suppliers)
X-ray Tubes (76 suppliers)
X-ray Devices (56 suppliers)
An X-Ray Device directs electromagnetic radiation upon a specified region in the body. This radiation tends to pass through less dense matter and absorbed or scattered by denser materials . In Film-Screen Radiography, radiation which has passed through a patient then strikes a cassette containing a screen of fluorescent phosphors and exposes x-ray film. Areas of film exposed to higher amounts of radiation will appear as black or grey on X-ray film while areas exposed to less radiation will appear lighter or white. In Computed Radiography (CR), the x-rays passing through the patient strike a sensitized plate which is then read and digitized into a computer image by a separate machine. In Digital Radiography the x-rays strike a plate of x-ray sensors producing a digital computer image directly.
X-ray Equipment & Accessories (65 suppliers)
X-ray Film Digitizers (42 suppliers)
X-ray Kits (8 suppliers)
X-ray Tubes Service (25 suppliers)
X-ray Tubes Repair Services (22 suppliers)
X-ray Tube Accessories (30 suppliers)
X-ray Rental Service (4 suppliers)
Xenon Lamp Replacement Parts (2 suppliers)
X- Ray Positioning Device (3 suppliers)
X-Ray Apron Racks (4 suppliers)
X-Ray Cassettes (8 suppliers)
X-Ray Intensifying Screens (2 suppliers)
X-Ray Dental Accessories (9 suppliers)
X-Ray Grids (10 suppliers)
X-Ray Grid Encasements (4 suppliers)
101 to 150 of 213 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 [3] 4 5 >> Next 50 Results
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