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MEDICAL products beginning with : K
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Kinetic Perimetery (Goldman) (3 suppliers)
Knee Braces (120 suppliers)
Knee Braces are used in the treatment and prevention of many common knee injuries. A knee brace is designed to control knee motion. Knee braces are designed to substitute for damaged ligaments. These knee braces are designed to compensate for a torn knee ligament.
Knee/Ankle Braces & Supports (79 suppliers)
Koko Spirometer (1 supplier)
Koko Spirometer features a 'Fleisch-Type' pneumotach for unparalleled accuracy & durability, multiple incentive graphics for patient coaching and full network multi-user capability. Koko spirometer provides the opportunity to design reports, perform trend analysis and incentive programs. These spirometers utilizes a high precision multi-flow calibration syringe.
Kleppinger Forceps (50 suppliers)
Kleppinger forceps are designed for secure grasping and bipolar coagulation of tissue.
Ketone Test Kits, Bilirubin (4 suppliers)
Ketone Test Monitor (1 supplier)
Kinetic Slide Stainer (1 supplier)
Kinetic Systems Vibration Isolation Tables (1 supplier)
Keratoplasty, Complete PK Systems (1 supplier)
Keratoplasty, Corneal Donor Button Punch (1 supplier)
Keratoconus Contact Lenses (8 suppliers)
Keratoconus contact lens is used to manage keratoconus. Keratoconus patients usually cannot obtain adequate vision with glasses and therefore the need for contact lenses. The keratoconus contact lens eliminates the irregularity of the cornea and acts as a new cornea for the keratoconus patient.
Kimura Platinum Spatula (1 supplier)
Kimura platinum spatula is designed to obtain specimens for cultures from a corneal ulcer. This spatula is made of platinum metal. It is used to gently scrape and discard any necrotic tissue and debris surrounding the ulcer.
Kremer Angled Fixation Forceps (55 suppliers)
Kremer Corneal Fixation Forceps (55 suppliers)
Knee Surgical Accessory Instruments (5 suppliers)
Knee Operating Room Equipment, Leg Positioners (3 suppliers)
Knee Surgery Implants Patella (3 suppliers)
Knee surgery implants, patella is used for fixation to the remaining portion of a natural patella and for sliding over a femoral articulating member. This patella implant includes an upper surface, typically convex, for sliding over the femoral articulating member, typically a groove, and a concave undersurface for fixation to the remaining portion of the natural patella.
Knee Prosthesis (6 suppliers)
Knee prosthesis is used for replacement of knee joint compartments. It is available as unicompartmental and tricompartmental knee protheses. Unicompartmental prosthesis is suitable for the replacement of only one knee joint compartment, while tricompartmental prosthesis is suitable for the replacement of all three knee joint compartments.
Knotless Suture Anchor (2 suppliers)
Knotless suture anchor is suitable for the attachment or reattachment or repair of tissue to a bone mass. It allows for an endoscopic or open surgical procedure to take place without the requirement of tying a knot for reattachment of tissue to bone mass.
Kinetic Microplate Reader (11 suppliers)
Kinetic Microplate Reader is an instrument to provide kinetic reading capability, permitting researchers to monitor and automatically analyze enzyme kinetics in a microplate.
Kidney Stone Extractors (24 suppliers)
Knee Systems (9 suppliers)
Knee System is designed to provide patients with increased natural knee motion, improved anatomical fit and the potential for greater implant longevity.
Knee Braces & Supports (37 suppliers)
Knee braces & supports are used to help an existing knee injury or to protect the knee from future injury. These are designed to provide great protection and support for knees. Support sleeves are designed to be functional and provide mild compression, padding and warmth to the knee region while greatly increasing the durability of the support.
Knee Retractors (5 suppliers)
Toe caps are used to protect toes from blisters, rubbing, and irritation & toenail loss. It serves as a cushion by preventing toes from having direct contact with inside of the shoe. It reduces friction and eliminates the shear forces of rubbing.
Knockdown Carts (1 supplier)
Knee Cushion (2 suppliers)
Knot Pusher (6 suppliers)
Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nails (2 suppliers)
Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip (1 supplier)
Knowles Pin (1 supplier)
Knee Sleeve, Patella Stabilizer (2 suppliers)
Knee Stabilizer with Hinge (1 supplier)
Knee Immobilizer (50 suppliers)
Key Aorta Clamp (15 suppliers)
Kidney Clamp (5 suppliers)
Knee/Chest Table (10 suppliers)
Kyphoplasty Supports (2 suppliers)
Knee Replacement, Primary Component (9 suppliers)
Knee Replacement Revision Components (6 suppliers)
Knee Orthoses (26 suppliers)
Knee Separators (5 suppliers)
Knee Saw Blades (2 suppliers)
K-Wires (5 suppliers)
Kevorkian-young Biopsy Forceps (18 suppliers)
Kleppinger Type Tubal Forceps (1 supplier)
K-wirecutter (1 supplier)
Keratoplasty Scissors (2 suppliers)
Kidney Stone Forceps (11 suppliers)
K-Wire Guide (1 supplier)
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