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Liquid Nitrogen Container (7 suppliers)
Laparoscopic Retrieval Systems (3 suppliers)
Lubricating Jelly (11 suppliers)
Lubricating Jelly is used for personal lubrication when vaginal dryness causes discomfort. It also eases insertion of rectal thermometers, enemas and tampons. Its features include Clear, non-greasy and water soluble.
Ligature Needles (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Reagent (13 suppliers)
Laboratory, Zoom Lens Kit (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Zoom Lens Kit includes lense filters, film camera lenses, LD auto focus and LD digital lenses. This kit is used to detect the distant object closer and it is used in medical and dental laboratory work.
Laboratory, Manual Zoom Lens (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Close Up Lens (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Close up Lens maintains resolution and picture clarity while magnifying image in medical and dental laboratory work.
Laboratory, Interference Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Hoechst Blue Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Red Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Gold Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, GFP Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Green Filter (1 supplier)
Laboratory, Green Filter is usually placed in the inferior vena cava to prevent venous emboli from reaching the pulmonary circulation from the lower extremity. This filter has a reflective face, which is installed so that it will face out towards the lamp. Each filter is held in place by a circular rubber grommet or o-ring.
Luminescence Microplate Reader (11 suppliers)
Liquid Chromatography Systems (14 suppliers)
Lyme Disease Western Blot (1 supplier)
Lyme disease western blot is a sandwich-type immunoassay that allows visualization of the patient's antibodies. This test must be used if the Lyme IgG/IgM antibody serology is equivocal or positive. The western blot involves a highly complex visual determination of protein bands, based on their molecular weights and intensities. The IgM Western blot is often positive in patients with persistent infection.
Lyme Antibody Serology (1 supplier)
Lyme antibody serology test is used to detect antigen in urine from patients with lyme borreliosis. It indicates the presence of both IgG and IgM antibodies to B. burgdorferi. The presence of antibody indicates exposure, not active disease. The IgG/IgM ELISA is the most commonly used screening test for the primary diagnosis of lyme disease.
Laser & Light Emitting Diodes (8 suppliers)
Light Detector Accessories (1 supplier)
Laboratory Refrigerators (31 suppliers)
Laboratory refrigerators are used to cool or freeze samples for preservation. It stores samples at a temperature between - 5 and 15 degrees Celsius. It includes equipment for storing samples and special instrumentation for conducting experiments that require strict temperature control. It also stores blood, blood products and typically comes with an alarm system to warn laboratory personnel if the equipment fails. A pharmacy may also use a laboratory refrigerator to store vaccines, medications, and other temperature sensitive compounds. It also includes equipment for freezing blood plasma or other blood products for future use.
Laboratory Stirrers (11 suppliers)
Laboratory Stains (3 suppliers)
Laboratory stains are used on etched epoxy resin and some acrylic sections of unosmicated tissue. These stains are prepared in reagent grade water and they are filtered and stored in small disposable plastic filter units containing membrane filters.
Laboratory Slides (3 suppliers)
Laboratory slides are used to determine slide qualification criteria. These also improve research efficiency and productivity. These slides are used to test many samples at once.
Laboratory Disk Dispensers (2 suppliers)
Laboratory disk dispensers ensure the precise positioning of antibiotic discs on the agar surface, and a plunger-lock system indicates one or more antibiotic disc cartridges are empty, thus preventing contamination of the pins. This dispenser is provided with a box which incorporates a desiccant to help maintain a suitable environment for the antibiotic panel whilst being stored in the fridge.
Laboratory Dissolution Testing Kits (2 suppliers)
Laboratory dissolution testing kit enables testing of the intrinsic dissolution rate of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The intrinsic dissolution rate of the active pharmaceutical ingredients is measured to depict the dissolution rate of a drug and determine its batch to batch chemical equivalence.
Liquid Handling System (5 suppliers)
Laundry Bags (4 suppliers)
Latex Free Exam Gloves (24 suppliers)
Laser Facial Protection Masks (1 supplier)
Laser facial protection masks help to ensure full protection for a health-care facility. These masks are easy to identify by their distinctive multi-color outer-facing. This helps to eliminate the risk of choosing a nonfluid resistant mask for a procedure with potential exposure to harmful fluids. It provides a secure fit around the nose, cheekbones and mouth. It is ideal for using during laser procedures by filtering 0.1µ of particulate at 99% efficiency.
Laser Glasses (2 suppliers)
Laser glasses protect a laser operator's eyes from accidental exposure to laser beams. It operates at a variety of wavelengths including ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths. It attempts to filter out the wavelength or wavelengths used by the laser. The filter lens filters out the undesirable wavelengths while leaving the lens clear for maximum visibility.
Lightweight Surgical Gowns (36 suppliers)
Lightweight surgical gowns are available in standard, fabric-reinforced and various styles to meet varying protection needs in the OR. These gowns give extra barrier protection where it is needed most. The generous sizing of these gowns improves fit and comfort. These gowns generally come with a hand towel.
Lubricating Jelly (6 suppliers)
Lubricating jelly provides vaginal moisture, lubricates condoms and helps ease insertion of tampons, rectal thermometers, enemas & douches, clear, non-greasy and water soluble.
Latex Extension Tubing With Connector (2 suppliers)
Latex extension tubing with connector is designed to fit all external sheaths. It manages high flow with wide bore tubing. It is easy to adapt the length by merely cutting the tubing to length. The tubing is sufficiently long for most adults.
Lubricating Jelly Syringe (9 suppliers)
Lubricant Eye Ointment (1 supplier)
Eye Relief Night Time Lubricant Eye Ointment provides night time relief from persistent dry eye. The outermost layer of eye, which contains lipids, works to retain moisture and prevent tear fluid loss due to evaporation. Often, dry eye sufferers lack a complete lipid layer resulting in an inadequate amount of tear fluid. The result may be a burning, gritty sensation and/or blurred vision. To avoid such condition the lubricant eye ointment is used. The formula contains two lubricants to relieve persistent dryness of the eye and help prevent further irritation & it is gentle enough to use as often as needed.  It should be applied only in dry eyes. And the age limit is forties and fifties. The Key features and benefits include long-lasting, night time relief from persistent dry eye and convenient tube with built-in applicator tip.
Lens Cleaner (15 suppliers)
Contact Lens Cleaners are for cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses. There are several different types of contact lens cleaners, and their uses are typically restricted to a specific type of contact lens. The most commonly used contact lens cleaner is the multi-purpose solution. They clean, disinfect and rinse all at once and can be used for contact lens storage. Hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens cleaners are also common. These cleaners disinfect the contact lens, removing bacteria and microorganisms that can adversely affect eye health. After using hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens cleaners, the lens must be rinsed prior to insertion or burning and irritation can occur. Ezymatic contact lens cleaners are a method of removing protein buildup on the surface of contact lenses.They are small tablets designed to dissolve in storage solution that the contact lens is soaked in overnight. Protein buildup will affect the performance and comfort of contact lenses, and if it is not removed at regular intervals, it can also affect eye health.
Lens Cleaning Set (4 suppliers)
Lens Edging Systems (3 suppliers)
Lens Edging System computer numerical control machine system for edging lenses controls the rotation and displacement of a lens workpiece with respect to a edging tool in accordance with a lens shape stored in memory. The system continuously translates the lens workpiece axially across the surface of the wheel to uniformly distribute wear across the wheel surface, reducing the need to dress the edging tool. The system compares the lens size with predetermined dimensions and compenates for any difference by automatically adjusting the lens trajectory during the edging of subsequent lens workpieces, permitting the edging tool to wear down without appreciable errors in lens size. The system controls the edging tool speed, the lens rotation rate, the lens axial feed velocity and the grinding force between the lens workpiece and the wheel at each discrete point during the entire lens edging operation to optimize production while preventing overheating of the lens workpiece. The optimum values for these parameters are empirically determined in a preparatory programmed trial and error learning process of the invention.
Lens Grooving Devices (1 supplier)
Lens grooving device is a multipurpose apparatus for drilling, engraving and carving ophthalmic lenses. The apparatus comprises a base in which is mounted an electrical motor and a tool holder is connected to the shaft of the motor for detachably mounting a drilling, engraving or carving end mill above the upper surface of the base. A working support is also mounted on the upper surface of the base for maintaining and supporting the lenses in the various positions in which they must stand in order to be easily drilled, engraved or carved. The apparatus may advantageously be connected to a vacuum source for sucking out particles resulting from the drilling, carving or engraving operation through the small opening from which projects end mill and the upwardly expanding portion of the L-shaped tube. The apparatus may also comprise one or more lens guides adjustably mounted onto the guide holder for laterally guiding or retaining the lenses with respect to the end mill.
Lens Polishing Machines (2 suppliers)
Lens Polishing Device is used for the final process of lens production and is accomplished on a pitch-covered iron tool coated with jeweler's rouge and water. After polishing, the lens is edged by grinding the edge until the physical center and the optical center of the lens coincide. In this process, the lens is mounted in the headstock of a lathe, so that its optical center is on the axis of revolution, and the edges are trued with a strip of brass charged with abrasive.
Lens Hand Edgers (1 supplier)
Lens Portable Edgers (1 supplier)
Laser BPH Treatment Systems (2 suppliers)
Laser BPH Treatment Systems involves laser coagulation and laser vaporization. In laser coagulation, relatively low-density laser thermal energy is used to produce tissue coagulative necrosis, with a potential for delayed anatomical debulking. Clinically significant anatomical debulking occurs only if the tissue is allowed to slough, which takes place when the prostatic urothelium is involved in the process. Preservation and protection of the prostatic urothelium from laser thermal damage prevents tissue sloughing. For laser vaporization, higher-density laser thermal energy is used. This high energy raises the tissue temperature to several hundred degrees Celsius, causing its vaporization. Additionally, various degrees of coagulation necrosis take place in the adjacent residual tissue. This principle is used in different ways to achieve a variety of objectives, depending on the amount and site of tissue vaporization. These range from complete tissue vaporization to incision, resection, or enucleation of the obstructing prostatic tissue. Irrespective of the technique used, the final common result is "opening″ (ie, anatomical deobstruction) of the prostatic urethra.
Large Round Firm Rubber Applicator (1 supplier)
Lumbar Belt (4 suppliers)
Lateral Ankle Stabilizer (2 suppliers)
Liac Clamps, Angled Shaft (1 supplier)
Ligature Carrying Forceps (2 suppliers)
Lumbar Microdiscectomy Instruments (2 suppliers)
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