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Laboratory Plasticware, Petri Dishes (19 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, petri dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where accurate bacterial count or microscopic examination is required. Breathing lugs on inside cover allow free circulation of air and prevent condensation. These are optically clear, made from virgin polystyrene and have consistently flat bottoms.
Laboratory Plasticware, Pipettes (6 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, pipette are used to quantitatively transfer a desired volume of solution from one container to another. It is commonly used in chemistry and molecular biology laboratories. These pipettes are marked with bold, legible markings.
Laboratory Plasticware, Pipettes (Disposable) (3 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, disposable pipette is a laboratory instrument that is used to quantitatively transfer a desired volume of solution from one container to another. These disposable pipettes are used only once so that the chance for infectious material being passed on is reduced.
Laboratory Plasticware, Pipettors and Tips (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Plasticware, Racks (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Plasticware, Scoops (1 supplier)
Laboratory plasticware, scoops are designed to hold various capacities. These scoops are molded from one-piece high impact plastic for over-all durability. It is ideal for every type of powdered or granular and even liquid material. It has a flat bottoms and sides that hold samples until dispensing.
Laboratory Plasticware, Stirs (1 supplier)
Laboratory Plasticware, Stopcocks (2 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, stopcock is a valve that regulates the flow of fluid through a pipe. It is usually made of plastics. It has a two-piece design that requires no lubrication. These stopcocks accept connections with rubber or plastic tubing.
Laboratory Plasticware, Syringes (2 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, syringe is a device used to inject medications or other liquids into body tissues or other media. It is usually made of plastics.
Laboratory Plasticware, Test Tubes (24 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, test tube is a piece of laboratory plasticware composed of a finger-like length of plastic tubing, open at the top, with a rounded U-shaped bottom. It is suitable for laboratory work.
Laboratory Plasticware, Trays (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Plasticware, Vials (5 suppliers)
Laboratory plasticware, vial is a plastic vessel or bottle used to store medicines. It can be used for media, diagnostic, storage, display and sample collection applications.
Liquid Chromatography (20 suppliers)
Liquid chromatography is a form of column chromatography used frequently in biochemistry and analytical chemistry. It is used to separate components of a mixture by using a variety of chemical interactions between the substance being analyzed and the chromatography column. It consists of a reservoir of mobile phase, a pump, an injector, a separation column, and a detector.
Larynx Illuminators (1 supplier)
Long-Speculum Anoscope (1 supplier)
Latex-free Neoprene Bladders (1 supplier)
Lightweight Stethoscopes (22 suppliers)
Lightweight stethoscopes are affordable stethoscope for health care providers. Its solid aluminum chestpiece assures acoustic sensitivity and consistent high-frequency response. A large open bell provides sensitivity to low frequency sounds.
Lightweight Double-head Stethoscope (3 suppliers)
Lightweight double-head stethoscope contains lightweight chest pieces with nonchill rims. It is used to detect a wide frequency range of sounds.
Laryngoscope Blade (26 suppliers)
Laryngoscope blades are made of polished stainless steel. The satin finish produces a glare-free blade which enhances airway visualization. The blade contact point is nylon insulated for longer life. It is inserted into the right corner of the mouth, and the tongue is swept to the left.
Lithium Ion Battery (5 suppliers)
Lithium ion battery is a type of a battery composed of lithium, the lightest metal and the metal that has the highest electrochemical potential. These are made from Lithium ions from chemicals. Because of its lightness and high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are ideal for portable devices.
Lead-Acid Battery (7 suppliers)
Lead-acid battery is an electrochemical device for storing chemical energy until it is released as electrical energy. It uses a combination of lead plates or grids and an electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid to convert electrical energy into potential chemical energy and back again.
Lowback Backrest Support (1 supplier)
Lowback backrest support is used for reducing back pain and encouraging proper spine alignment.
Lower Body Blanket (2 suppliers)
The lower body blanket is primarily designed for use during surgery on the upper half of the body. It is effectively used for patients in the supine, lateral, or prone position. Its foot drape minimizes the risk of thermal injury in foot and lower leg area.
Lithotomy Underbody Blanket (1 supplier)
Lithotomy underbody blanket is designed to deliver full, unrestricted patient access and the flexibility for procedures involving the lower extremities, abdominal, peritoneal, and pelvic cavities. It is usually positioned on the procedure table before the patient arrives to the room. The underbody design provides full-unrestricted access to the patient. The blanket draws up next to the patient when inflated to surround them in warmth.
Large Pediatric Underbody Blanket (1 supplier)
Large pediatric underbody blanket is conveniently warms the large child or small adult patient while allowing full access for surgeons and staff. It has two drapes helps to retain the warm air that surrounds the intubated patient.
Lidding Materials (3 suppliers)
Lidding materials are heat sealed to a thermoformed tray containing a sterilizable medical device. It provides an aseptic opening feature while facilitating sterilization.
Latex Allergy Carts (1 supplier)
Latex allergy cart is recommended for latex-free supplies for any patient or employee who is latex-sensitive. It can move quickly to any area of the hospital.
Laboratory Glassware (21 suppliers)
Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment, traditionally made of glass, used for scientific experiments and other work in science. It is used for a wide variety of functions which include volumetric measuring, holding or storing chemicals or samples and mixing or preparing solutions.
Low Beds (24 suppliers)
Low bed allows residents to enjoy their stay in bed without fear of injury, while being cared for in the least restrictive environment. It also provides prevention and early intervention of pressure ulcers when paired with its unique non-powered technology. It decreases tissue and surface tension to reduce both friction and shear while providing patient immersion and maximum contouring.
Linen Carts (6 suppliers)
Linen cart is an ideal cart for any nursing home center or clinical setting. Its open area shelf system allows linens to breathe. Its handles are designed to reduce wrist injuries.
Lab Storage Container (2 suppliers)
Low Medical Bed (6 suppliers)
Leisegang Standard Colposcope (1 supplier)
LEEP Specula (1 supplier)
LEEP Instruments (3 suppliers)
LEEP Retractors (1 supplier)
Large Lateral Wall Retractor (1 supplier)
Lateral Wall Retractor (2 suppliers)
LEEP Endocervical Specula (1 supplier)
LEEP Forceps (1 supplier)
LEEP Tissue Forceps (22 suppliers)
LEEP Ring Forceps (1 supplier)
LEEP Tenacula and Hooks (1 supplier)
LEEP Iris Hook (1 supplier)
LEEP Straight Handled Hook (2 suppliers)
LEEP Single Tooth Tenaculum (1 supplier)
LEEP Two-Prong Hook (1 supplier)
LEEP Three-Prong Hook (1 supplier)
LEEP Depth Ruler (1 supplier)
LEEP Width Ruler (1 supplier)
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