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Oral Dams (3 suppliers)
Oral dam is a very thin, rectangular, satin-like piece of latex. It is placed over the entire vulva during oral sex to prevent the possible transmission of the HIV virus from the vagina to the mouth or the mouth to the vagina. It can also be used to prevent the spread of genital herpes.
O-Ring Exercise Tubes (2 suppliers)
Otoscope, Throat Illuminator (4 suppliers)
Operating (Cut-out) Speculum Anoscope (2 suppliers)
Office Holter Software Kit (1 supplier)
Office Holter System (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmoscopes, Indirect (5 suppliers)
The indirect ophthalmoscopes are optical instrument. It is designed to view the retina of the eye. It consists of a head-mounted lightsource, and a powerful lens held in the hand. The patient is positioned so that the patient's eye, the lens and the observer's eye are in a straight line. The instrument is used to diagnose various retinal pathologies like retinal detachment.
Ophthalmoscope Head (3 suppliers)
Ophthalmoscope head provides easy entry into small pupils for a wider, more panoramic view of the fundus that is five times larger than a standard ophthalmoscope in an undialated eye.
Outpatient Care Blanket (2 suppliers)
One Body Refrigeration Units (1 supplier)
Oversize Shower Chairs (26 suppliers)
Oversize Shower Chair Commodes (29 suppliers)
Overhead Zoom Colposcope (2 suppliers)
Open-Sided Specula (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Cryosurgery System (3 suppliers)
Otolaryngology Probes (4 suppliers)
Operating Room Tables (26 suppliers)
Obstetric Table (2 suppliers)
Oral Thermometer (8 suppliers)
Oval Curette (1 supplier)
Optical Detectors (2 suppliers)
Optical Detectors are used for the detection of optical radiation that is usually accomplished by converting the optical energy into an electrical signal. It include photon detectors, in which one photon of light energy releases one electron that is detected in the electronic circuitry and thermal detectors, in which the optical energy is converted into heat, which then generates an electrical signal.
Ovarian Cancer Antigen (2 suppliers)
Ovarian Cancer Antigen is an antigenic determinant on a glycoprotein recognized by a monoclonal antibody. It is useful in early detection of relapse of ovarian cancer. Cancer Antigen is useful marker in patient monitoring for ovarian malignancy. It responds to treatment in women receiving chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.
O.R. Towels (4 suppliers)
Oral/Nasal Endotracheal Tubes (2 suppliers)
Oral/Nasal endotracheal tubes are constructed of flexible, implant-tested PVC with a radiopaque blue line extending its full length. Its features include high-volume, low-pressure soft-seal profile, cuff providing increased patient comfort and safety & unique spring-loaded. Its one-way valve helps ensure cuff inflation and integrity.
Open Urethral Catheterization Trays (20 suppliers)
Open Tip Ureteral Stent Kits (7 suppliers)
Open tip urethral stent kit reduces encrustation. It enhances urinary flow. It decreases the possibility of kinking during over the wire placement. It contains one classic open tip urethral stent with attached braided nylon tether and one push catheter.
Ophthalmic Instrument Repair Service (6 suppliers)
Oesophageal Doppler Probe (2 suppliers)
Oesophageal doppler probe is used for determining cardiac output. It emits a continuous stream of ultrasound towards a column of blood heading directly towards the probe.
One Day Lenses (2 suppliers)
One-day disposable contact lenses are lenses which you wear for a day, then, just throw them away. These lenses have visibility tint for easy handling, they are time tested. Since these types of lenses are disposable they don't require extra care, daily cleaning or storage. These lenses are tinted for ease of handling and will not change the color of your eye.It minimize the possibility of irritated eyes from deposits building up on the lenses and offer you the convenience of wearing contacts without the daily hassle of cleaning and caring for your lenses.
Optical Cleaning Cloths (11 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems (7 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Imaging Softwares (4 suppliers)
Overdoor cervical traction (2 suppliers)
Osteophyte Periosteal Elevator (2 suppliers)
Oncology Radiation Systems (16 suppliers)
Oncology Radiation Systems is branch of radiology that deals with the use of ionizing radiation to treat cancers. The radiation therapy tumors are made up of cells that are reproducing at abnormally high rates. Radiation therapy specifically acts against cells that are reproducing rapidly. Normal cells are programmed to stop reproducing (or dividing) when they come into contact with other cells. In the case of a tumor, this stop mechanism is missing, causing cells to continue to divide over and over. It is the DNA of the cell that makes it capable of reproducing. Radiation therapy uses high energy x-rays to damage the DNA of cells, thereby killing the cancer cells, or at least stopping them from reproducing. Radiation also damages normal cells, but because normal cells are growing more slowly, they are better able to repair this radiation damage than are cancer cells. In order to give normal cells time to heal and to reduce a patient's side effects, radiation treatments are typically given in small daily doses, five days a week, over a six-or seven-week period. It is estimated that more than 50% of cancer patients will receive radiation at some point during their treatment.
Ophthalmology Instruments (27 suppliers)
An Ophthalmology Instrument is provided for removing vitreous and fibrous bands from the retina of an eye. The instrument consists of two tubes mounted coaxially within one another, and with an opening adjacent the end of the outer tube. Cutting of the vitreous and fibrous bands is performed by a chopping action set up by the sharp end of the inner tube against the inner surface of the end of the outer tube. The vitreous and fibrous bands which are trapped in the mouth of the instrument are chopped and removed by suction by way of the inner tube. In the instrument to be described, the vitreous is replaced continuously by a saline solution, for example, which is introduced into the instrument by way of a small infusion tube.
Orthopedics Instruments (33 suppliers)
An Orthopedic instrument serves as an adjustable guide for drills, reamers, fasteners, and other orthopedic devices which lie on a target line which extends from the lateral cortex of the femur, through an opening in the proximal end of an inserted intramedullary femoral nail, through the femoral neck, and into the femoral head. The instrument can be secured to and aligned with the inserted nail. A handle of the instrument extends downwardly from the top of the nail along a line which is substantially parallel to the target line. A guide arm is preferably slidably mounted on the handle and extends outwardly from the handle through the target line. At least one opening is formed through the guide arm coaxially with, or parallel to, the target line, for receiving a drill bit, guide tube, fastener, or similar device. When the instrument is used, for example, as a drill guide, the guide arm can be slidably adjusted along the handle to allow optimal positioning of the drill along.
Oscilloscopes (15 suppliers)
Oscilloscope is a box with a display screen, numerous input connectors, and control knobs and buttons on the front panel. To aid measurement, a grid called the graticule is drawn on the face of the screen. Each square in the graticule is known as a division.Some oscilloscopes have cursors, which are lines that can be moved about the screen to measure the time interval between two points, or the difference between two voltages. Oscilloscopes may have two or more input channels, allowing them to display more than one input signal on the screen. Usually the oscilloscope has a separate set of vertical controls for each channel, but only one triggering system and timebase. In medical field oscilloscope is used to monitor the heart beart pulses and other digital datas periodically.Oscilloscopes are many types, in which cathode ray tube oscilloscope is widely used for many purposes.
Orthopedic Devices (62 suppliers)
An Orthopedic device is designed and configured to provide ambulatory traction to specific levels of the spine of a human wherein an inflatable bladder is affixed between a rigid base plate and an apertured template plate so as to extend outwardly therefrom to engage the back portion of a patient and provide predetermined specifically directed pressure to predetermined portions of the spine. The traction apparatus which includes the bladder, template plate and base plate are removably mounted to a belt having both a latex portion causing expandable support when placed in surrounding relation to the patient as well as brace strapping which is relatively unyieldable so as to maintain the expandable, inflatable bladder at a given position relative to a preselected portion of the spine.
Office Management & Billing Softwares (31 suppliers)
Office Products (23 suppliers)
OSHA Compliance Training (41 suppliers)
Open Fitting Hearing Kits (31 suppliers)
Otoacoustic Emission Test Equipment (59 suppliers)
Oxygen Filters (15 suppliers)
An Oxygen Filter System is for preventing the transmission of a disease from a patient to medical personnel. The oxygen mask filter system includes a face mask having an interior surface and an exterior surface, a plurality of vent apertures, a disk member movably attached to the exterior surface of the face mask about the vent apertures and a filter member attached to the interior surface of the face mask for filtering gases prior to expulsion from the interior of the face mask to the exterior through the vent apertures.
Oxygen Flow Meters (25 suppliers)
An Oxygen Flowmeter System provides a flow of oxygen to the patient undergoing anesthesia in the event of a detected fault in the overall supply and mixing system of the anesthesia system. The normal design of such supply and mixing systems for an anesthesia system provides oxygen and at least one other gas that are mixed together in a desired proportion to be provided to a vaporizer and then to the anesthesia system as fresh gas. In the present system, a processor continuously monitors the output flows from those proportioning mixing valves. When the processor determines that those flows from the proportioning valves are off by a predetermined amount, indicative of a fault in the system, the processor immediately shuts off the supply of any gases other than oxygen and also provides a flow of oxygen to a bypass line that bypasses the oxygen proportioning valve, thus assuring a supply of oxygen to the patient despite the fault. A manual valve may be included in the bypass line so that the clinician can control the flow of oxygen and a flowmeter is provided so the clinician can visually note the flow and control that flow accordingly.
Oxygen Tubing & Connectors (31 suppliers)
An Oxygen Connector System for coupling an oxygen source to an oxygen tube comprises a source of oxygen. The source has an output orifice through which source oxygen is adapted to pass. The orifice has an inner bore and an outer surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric tube has a first input end and a second output end. The first input end is adapted to make a flush abutment with the source at the orifice. A generally cylindrical rigid connector has an exterior surface with a first region and a second region. An intermediate tapered region is provided between the first and second regions. The connector has a central generally cylindrical bore extending through the first and second ends forming an interior surface. The second end has a diameter slightly greater than that of the tube. A pair of stoppers are provided adjacent to the input end of the tube.
Oxygen Concentration Monitors (16 suppliers)
Oxygen Concentrators (99 suppliers)
Oxygen Conserving Devices (26 suppliers)
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