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Orthopedic Implants Small Fragment Sets (7 suppliers)
Orthopedic implants small fragment set is used to restore the anatomical condition of the radius, ulna, distal and proximal humerus, and the fibula. Its reconstructive plates are used to accommodate elbow fractures. It is suitable for open reduction internal fixational procedures.
Operating Room Equipment, Small Joint Arthroscopes (6 suppliers)
Small joint arthroscopes produce a brilliant high-resolution image without sacrificing ultra-high tip durability. Its superb illumination, resolution, and improved tip durability make it ideal for medical field.
Operating Room Equipment Specialty Drapes (5 suppliers)
Orthopedic Sporting Goods (11 suppliers)
operating Room Equipment, Surgical Helmet Systems (7 suppliers)
Orthopedics Suture Knives (2 suppliers)
Orthopedic Suture Retriever (1 supplier)
Orthopedic suture retriever is an instrument for retrieving suture within a patient has a shaft with proximal and distal ends. The distal end terminates in a sharp tip. It can be used with any type or size of suture material and in conjunction with anchors or screws.
Operating Room Equipment Table Extensions (3 suppliers)
Orthopedics Total Knee Components (3 suppliers)
Orthopedics total knee components are indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, osteoarthrtis, or degenerative arthritis in older patients whose age, weight, and activity level are compatible with an adequate long-term result, failed osteotomies, unicompartmental replacement, or total knee replacement. Posterior stabilized knee systems are designed for use in patients in primary and revision surgery, where the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are absent or incompetent and the collateral ligaments remain intact.
Operating Room Equipment, Tibial Distractors (2 suppliers)
Operating room equipment, Tibial distractor simplifies tibial procedures. It reduces radiation exposure to surgeons and assistants. It gives distraction with rotation for axial alignment. It eliminates timely fracture table set-up. It is suitable for IM nailing, plating, and bone grafting.
Orthopedic instruments, total knee Systems (19 suppliers)
Operating Room Equipment Tourniquet Machines (5 suppliers)
Operating room equipment tourniquet machine is suitable for any mode of tourniquet application required in the operating room. It includes an independent, reliable control and pressure source, for reliable operation. It is suitable for any tourniquet cuff inflation.
Orthopedic tourniquet machines (7 suppliers)
Orthopedic tourniquet machine is a non-sterile device intended to be used by qualified medical professionals to temporarily occlude blood flow in a patient's extremities during surgical procedures on those extremities. It is useful in producing a bloodless operation field in surgical procedures involving the extremities including reduction of certain fractures, tumor & cyst excisions, subcutaneous fasciotomy, nerve injuries, and tendon repair.
Orthopedic Belt, Treadmill (1 supplier)
Olive Leaf Throat Spray (2 suppliers)
Olive leaf throat spray is a homeopathic medicine that provides safe treatment of mouth and throat ailments. It combines three natural antimicrobial ingredients to wash away harmful bacteria, molds, fungi, and various other mouth and throat irritants.
Oral Throat Spray (3 suppliers)
Oral throat spray is designed to help reduce or eliminate snoring. It works by actively lubricating tissues and help reduce the vibrations that can cause snoring.
Open Biopsy Forceps (72 suppliers)
Ovarian Biopsy Forceps (69 suppliers)
Office Based Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy (1 supplier)
Obturator for Urethrotome (1 supplier)
Occlusion Equipment, Surgical Clip Appliers (4 suppliers)
Occlusion Equipment, Thermal Cautery Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Open-End Urethral Catheter (20 suppliers)
Open-ended Tapered Tip Urethral Catheter (19 suppliers)
Optical Urethrotome (2 suppliers)
Optical Urethrotome features maintenance-free stopcocks, ergonomic design, logical-locking-system and stainless steel.
Optical Mini Urethrotome (1 supplier)
Obstetric Ultrasound Dopplers (1 supplier)
Over-the-Ear Cannulas (15 suppliers)
Oxygen Therapy Kits (13 suppliers)
Oxygen Therapy kit is used in emergency, transport, clinic or home use. It features robust construction of steel trolley, powder coated finish and available in pre-configured kits with 12 cft, 24 cft, & 48 cft cylinders. The kit is available with a 15 LPM diaphragm regulator for both 'E' and 'H' cylinders.
Oxygen Supply Tubing (14 suppliers)
Oxygen Monitors and Analyzers (44 suppliers)
Oxygen Monitors and Analyzers include patented technology that warns in advance of sensor expiration. The units include state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled electronics. It features automatic calibration, on-screen calibration menu/instructions and battery strength indicator.
Oxygen Analyzer with External Sensor (1 supplier)
Oxygen Analyzer with External Sensor is ideal for spot-checking or continuous display of oxygen concentration in respiratory care of anesthesiology.
Oxygen Analyzer with Internal Sensor (4 suppliers)
Oxygen Analyzer with Internal Sensor is ideal for spot-checking tank, liquid oxygen systems & oxygen concentrators and connects to oxygen with standard 02 tubing.
Oxygen Cannulas (5 suppliers)
Oxygen Cannula has an oxygen inlet flowably connectable to an oxygen supply, two neck tubes and oxygen delivery tubes. Oxygen cannulas are designed to deliver oxygen from an oxygen source to the nostrils at the prescribed rate determined by the healthcare giver.
Oxygen Humidifier (5 suppliers)
Oxygen Humidifier provides high humidity to oxygen using the bubble-type humidification process. It contains a 2-psi safety relief valve, an O2 DISS female nut inlet fitting and a removable diffuser head. Oxygen humidifier includes the jar, lid assembly, sealing gasket and diffuser.
Ovens (11 suppliers)
Orbital and Reciprocating Water Baths (1 supplier)
Orbital and Reciprocating Water Baths is designed for a wide range of temperature-controlled shaking protocols. It features a high quality, robust design with a unique magnetically coupled shaking mechanism for maximum reliability, consistency and quiet operation. It includes PID controller for easy temperature selection, rapid heat up & excellent stability + 0.1°C, adjustable speed control from 20-200 RPM and convenient drain port with quick disconnect allows for easy cleaning of the bath.
Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-less Vacuum Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-less Vacuum Pumps features cool operation, inlet filters, discharge silencers, direct drive and vacuum regulators. Its application includes monitoring of gases, chemical analyzers, enviornmental & pollution monitory equipment, air condition & refrigeration and gold refining & jewellery making machines.
Open Back Dresses (1 supplier)
On Site Clinical Equipment Repair and Inspection Services (5 suppliers)
Obesity/Slimming Equipment (11 suppliers)
Ozone Generators (8 suppliers)
Ozone Generators produce a continuous flow of ozone as well as a stable source for water purification and air pollution studies. It is designed for calibration of field and laboratory ozone analyzers. Typical ozone generators include continuous ozone output indication & control, built-in safety monitoring subsystem & interlocks, VCR fittings, cooling water leak detector and freestanding rack cabinet enclosure.
Orthopaedic Implants (31 suppliers)
One-Piece Conductive Carbon (1 supplier)
Orthobiologic Products (1 supplier)
OEM Digital Camera (4 suppliers)
Opthalmology Inflation Device (1 supplier)
Oral Care Kit (6 suppliers)
Oval Ear Curette (36 suppliers)
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