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Dialyzer Reprocessing Software (1 supplier)
Drum Shaped Optokinetic Nystagmus (1 supplier)
Digital Pediatric Retinal Imaging System (3 suppliers)
Digital pediatric retinal imaging system is an instrument that produces pediatric retinal images. This image allows the physician to view the retina and anterior segment. It is used in the OR, NICU and PICU for documenting and managing retinoblastoma, retinopathy of prematurity, shaken baby syndrome and other pediatric eye diseases.
Digital Fundus Photography (2 suppliers)
Digital fundus photography produces digital images of back of the eye. It is a highly specialized form of medical imaging, it can't be done with an ordinary camera. It requires a customized camera that is mounted to a microscope with intricate lenses and mirrors. These high-powered lenses are designed so the photographer can visualize the back of the eye by focusing light through the cornea, pupil and lens. These photographs are used for comparison, documentation, and sometimes to diagnose certain eye conditions.
Double ended Sinskey hook (1 supplier)
Disposable Slit Knives (2 suppliers)
Dry Terrific Broth (3 suppliers)
Diode Laser Thermokeratoplasty (4 suppliers)
Diode laser thermokeratoplasty is a minimal invasive procedure for hyperopia correction. It is used for correcting lesser degrees of long-sightedness and high degrees of astigmatism. It is the analogue of conductive thermokeratoplasty. It is an alternative treatment to hyperopia-PRK or LASIK avoiding the risk of central corneal scarring.
Disposable Trephine Blades (8 suppliers)
Disposable trephine blades are used to cut corneal layers symmetrically and vertically. It contains handcrafted, sharp, uniform blade edges. It is available in various diameters.
Disposable trephines (4 suppliers)
Disposable Microscissors: Vertical (58 suppliers)
Dynamic Distal Radius External Fixators (2 suppliers)
The main objective of dynamic distal radius external fixator is to achieve reduction and maintain the reduction throughout treatment. The dynamic fixator allows reduction in three planes and allows for the wrist to move after a period of rigid fixation. It is intended for use in bone grafting, k-wire fixation, and stabilization of the radioulnar joint.
Durafoam Exercise Mat (2 suppliers)
Durafoam exercise mat is ideal for stretching, yoga, floor exercises, and pilates. This mat makes floor workouts more comfortable. Its non-skid ridges prevent slipping by gripping the floor to prevent injuries.
Disposable Handswitching (1 supplier)
Diabetic Footwear (14 suppliers)
Diabetic footwear addresses the diabetic related foot disorders. It is ideal for curing neuropathy, poor circulation, foot ulcers, calluses, and possibly amputations. It provides the support needed, which can help prevent medical complications for diabetics.
Disposable Knee Holders (3 suppliers)
Disposable knee holders are used to hold a knee in position. It maintains the knee in any degree of flexion or complete extension that eliminates the need for that extra person.
Disc Prosthesis (2 suppliers)
Disc prosthesis consists of a deformable flexure with an axial cavity, the axial cavity extending along the axis of the flexure, and a slit defined in the perimeter surface of the flexure to provide flexibility to the disc member. The slit is in the form of a coil to impart a spring-like appearance and function.
double-helmet System (1 supplier)
Disposable Suture Retrievers (1 supplier)
Dry Mouth Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Dry mouth lozenge is an essential one for people with dry mouth. It delivers soothing, natural, instant moisture, and reliefs from dry mouth.
Deep Throat Gargles (1 supplier)
Decongestant Nasal Spray (1 supplier)
Decongestant nasal spray contains the active ingredient xylometazoline, which is a type of medicine called a sympathomimetic. It is used to relieve a blocked nose. Xylometazoline works by acting on alpha receptors found in the walls of blood vessels in the lining of the nasal passages.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Optic Solution (1 supplier)
Daily Throat Spray (2 suppliers)
Daily throat spray delivers a cool, minty blast of germ-killing solution deep to the back of the throat where bacteria can escape basic oral hygiene efforts. It is an effective breath freshener when brushing or gargling is inconvenient.
Digital Hearing Aids (140 suppliers)
Digital hearing aids take the signal from the microphone and convert it into bits of data - numbers that can be manipulated by a tiny computer in the hearing aid. This makes it possible for the hearing aid to process sounds in ways that are impossible with analogue aids.
Digital Disposable Hearing Aids (5 suppliers)
Designer Hearing Aids (9 suppliers)
Digital Radiotherapy Simulator (12 suppliers)
Digital X-Ray Equipment (43 suppliers)
Dental X-Ray Film (42 suppliers)
Dental X-ray film is suitable for dental X-ray photography. The backside of the film is the side to be exposed. There is a depressed point on the upper left corner of the film.
Dental X-Ray Solutions (9 suppliers)
Digital X-Ray Solutions (15 suppliers)
Disposable Biopsy Forceps (79 suppliers)
Deflectable Brush Biopsy Set (1 supplier)
Deflectable brush biopsy set is used to obtain biopsy specimens from pathological lesions in the ureter, renal pelvis, infundibula, or calyces. It is generally intended for one-time use.
Double-J Closed Tip Urethral Stent (1 supplier)
Double-J closed tip urethral stent is an effective and important tool in the urologists armamentarium. Its design incorporated 'J' shaped curls at both ends to help hold the stent in place and to minimize migration. It provides excellent patient comfort and reduces stent encrustation.
Diagnostic Cystoscopes (11 suppliers)
Diagnostic cystoscopy is intended for initial investigation of symptoms, particularly haematuria or recurrent urinary tract infections. It is usually carried out with local anaesthesia.
Disposable Rigid Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Disposable Self Adhesive Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Disposable Self Adhesive Electrodes are used to record the surface EMG activity of the leg and trunk muscles.
Disposable Implant Needles (5 suppliers)
Disposable Instrument Obturators (3 suppliers)
Deformable Plastic Surgical Clip (2 suppliers)
Diagnostic Ultrasound Bladder Scanner (17 suppliers)
Double-J Urethral Catheters (23 suppliers)
Dual Lumen Urethral Catheter (22 suppliers)
Dual-Lumen Urethral Catheter is used to simultaneously fill the bladder and measure intravesical pressure.
Disposable Urethral Catheters (30 suppliers)
Drug Delivery Implants (2 suppliers)
Defibrillator Accessories (13 suppliers)
Defibrillators Accessories includes rapid-defib pads, defibrillator electrodes and battery packs.
Doppler Accessories (7 suppliers)
Digital 3D Medical Imaging (10 suppliers)
Diagnostic Electrodes (3 suppliers)
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