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Ophthalmics Silicone Orbital Implants (3 suppliers)
Orbital Implants, Supramid Sheet (2 suppliers)
Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Hemostatic agent (2 suppliers)
Oxidised regenerated cellulose hemostatic agent is derived from alpha-cellulose that is actually plant-based. It is widely used to cover the denuded mesothelium and to promote hemostasis. It is used to control significant hemorrhage from life-threatening traumatic wounds. Hemorrhage control is achieved through an extremely rapid absorption process when introduced directly into the wound.
Ophthalmics Symblepharon Rings (3 suppliers)
Orbital Procedures, Titanium Plating Systems (11 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Lenses (48 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (8 suppliers)
Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices are solutions used to perform phacoemulsification and other intraocular surgeries. It can vary in their properties from being similar to flowing air, to mimicking glass. It has dual properties. It acts as viscous liquids as well as elastic solids or gels.
Objective Visual Acuity System (2 suppliers)
Orthopedics, Splinting and Accessories (6 suppliers)
Osteochondral Allografts (7 suppliers)
Osteochondral allografts is one of several types of cartilage transplant procedures used in the treatment of individuals with symptomatic, disabling cartilage injury or disease. It can provide significant relief of pain and improved joint function for individuals with focal articular cartilage defects due to trauma or osteochondritis dissecans.
Operating Room Equipment, Arthroscopes (6 suppliers)
Occupational Back Support (59 suppliers)
Occupational back support provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques. It is designed to stay in place on a wide variety of body types in a wide variety of situations.
Orthopedic Back Braces (49 suppliers)
Orthopedic back braces are intended to limit the motion of the spine in cases of fracture or in post-operative fusions. Limiting the motion of the spine enhances the healing process and minimizes the patient's discomfort.
Orthopedic Forceps (56 suppliers)
Orthopedic forceps are used on patients with nasal bones that are broad and thickened by callus as a result of nasal fractures or distorted growth. These forceps can be used before lateral osteotomies. These are very sturdy cutting tools generally made of
Orthopedic Rasps (4 suppliers)
Operating Room Equipment, Cameras (10 suppliers)
Orthopedic Cannulated Screws (14 suppliers)
Orthopedic cannulated screws are ideal for odontoid screw fixation and atlantoaxial transarticular screw fixation. It is designed specifically to maintain a mechanical environment conducive to healing in weight earning applications.
Operating Room Equipment, Cell Saver Machines (1 supplier)
Cell saver machines make it possible for a surgical team to collect, clean and save the blood a patient loses during and after surgery, thus minimizing the need for possibly dangerous transfusions. It is safe, easy to use and programmable.
Orthoses Cervico-Thoracic Braces (9 suppliers)
Cervico thoracic brace is used to control cervical spine motion. It ensures comfort and immobilization with its semirigid molded polyethylene anterior frame and occipital component. Its two-piece design allows free air flow and easy application. A chest p
Orthopedic Cervical Collars (27 suppliers)
Orthopedics, Compression Hip Screw (7 suppliers)
Ortho Splints Walkers (77 suppliers)
Ortho splints walker is a walking brace that provides full-shell protection with pneumatic support. It has a low rocker sole bottom for added comfort and ease of ambulation, and a wider foot base with plenty of room for dressings without sacrificing comfo
Orthopedics, External Fixators (6 suppliers)
Orthopedics Implants Fibular IM Nails (5 suppliers)
Orthopedics implants fibular IM nail is suitable for the treatment of long bone fractures. It is small diameter intramedullary nail for the forearm or fibula that combines the advantages of a closed operative technique with proximal and/or distal locking capability.
Operating Room Equipment, Fluid Management Systems (5 suppliers)
Orthoses, Foot Braces (12 suppliers)
Foot brace is ideal for use in supporting an immobilization of a patient's foot. The brace is of a multi-part L-shaped configuration with a contoured leg support portion and a foot portion interconnected by an incrementally hinge and lateral bearing assembly.
Orthopedic Fracture Hardware (3 suppliers)
Orthopedics, High Speed Drills System (9 suppliers)
High speed drills system functions as a powered instrument system consisting of drills, saws and associated handpieces to perform cutting of soft tissue and bone.
Operating Room Equipment, Hip Positioner Systems (2 suppliers)
Hip positioner system is used for stable positioning of a patient during total hip and revision surgery. It is designed to attach directly to the operating table utilizing the existing table adapters. The upright pads are made of semi-dense foam to help prevent pressure points and are sealed with a washable coating. The coating also helps to lessen the possibility of skin breakdown.
Orthoses, Humeral Splints (39 suppliers)
Orthoplast Splints For Hummers (35 suppliers)
Orthotics Insoles (34 suppliers)
Orthopedic Insoles (32 suppliers)
Orthopedic insoles help to reduce pain in feet, knees, hips, and back. It distributes the weight evenly over foot. It absorbs the shocks and protects feet, legs, and spine.
Orthopedic knee Braces (58 suppliers)
Orthopedic knee braces are useful in the treatment of knee ligament injuries, primarily anterior cruciate ligament injuries. It consists of three components that include a superstructure (usually a rigid shell), a hinge, and a strap system. The superstructure extends proximally and distally to a hinge centered around the knee axis of motion. The strapping system secures the brace to the limb.
Orthopedic Power Systems, Large Bone Battery Power System (3 suppliers)
Orthoses, Lumbosacral Braces (12 suppliers)
Lumbosacral braces provide added support for patients who suffer from lumbosacral pain due to muscle sprains, disc herniations, facet joint arthritis, spinal arthritis, and post back injury & fracture.
Orthopedics Implants, Meniscal Repair Implants (4 suppliers)
Meniscal repair implants are designed for patients with an irreparable meniscus tear or loss of meniscus tissue, typically through an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy procedure. The main purpose of these implants is to assist patients to regain mobility and return to a more vigorous lifestyle, while forestalling or minimizing degenerative joint disease.
Orthopedic Surgical Instruments, Minimally Invasive Hip Instruments (10 suppliers)
Minimally invasive hip instruments are designed to facilitate THA through a mini-incision using a posterior-lateral incision. It helps to reduce the complexity of a minimally invasive THA by optimizing exposure and access to the hip while protecting the delicate soft tissue structures.
Orthopedics Monopolar Generators (4 suppliers)
Orthopedics monopolar generators are used to cut or ablate tissue more efficiently with lower power levels over safe temperature ranges in the open or arthroscopic environment. It is capable of controlling a host of different instruments, including disposable OPES arthroscopic ablation probes, disposable monopolar arthroscopic electrodes, and monopolar open procedure pencils and tips. These generators can track changes in tissue impedance on a real time level 5000t/s.
Orthopedics Foot Implants, MP Joint Implants (5 suppliers)
MP joint implants are intended for use in degenerative and post-traumatic arthritis of first metatarsophalangeal joint. It improves toe dynamics and flexion power. It maintains toe length and restores function.
Orthopedic Seat Cushions (20 suppliers)
Orthopedic seat cushions are designed to relieve and prevent back pain. It is suitable for individuals who suffer from a diverse range of colon-rectal disorders including hemorrhoids, emerods, piles, pilonidal disease, and pilonidal cysts.
Operating Room Equipment, Orthopedic Lasers (3 suppliers)
Operating room equipment, Orthopedic lasers are designed for urology, gynecology, ENT, plastic surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, neurosurgery, pulmonary surgery and gastroenterology procedures. Its beam surgically cuts, vaporizes, and coagulates tissue with minimal disruption to adjacent areas. Cutting and vaporization are achieved hemostatically, which makes the system ideal for endoscopic as well as open surgical procedures.
Orthopedic Surgery Suture (1 supplier)
Orthopedics Software, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) (5 suppliers)
Orthopedics software, Electronic medical records provide features and benefits to help save time and streamline workflow such as patient records, chart information, treatment plans, prescriptions, lab results, and scheduling. It allows instant access to computer-based patient records with specialized features such as X-ray analysis, templates for common orthopedic clinical complaints, hip score calculator, orthopedic specific codes, and fracture classification programs.
Orthopedics Software, Practice Management (4 suppliers)
Orthopedic Surgical Instruments, Osteotomes (14 suppliers)
Orthopedic surgical instruments, Osteotomes are strong nippers or a chisel for dividing and removing bone. It is typically made of stainless steel material.
Orthopedic Pin (3 suppliers)
Orthopedic pin is designed for use in the presence of appropriate immobilization in the correction of bunion and repair of metacarpal and phalangeal fusion and fracture.
Ortho Wire Cutters (3 suppliers)
orthodontic pliers (33 suppliers)
Orthodontic pliers consist of first and second arms that are pivotally interconnected utilizing an appropriate mechanical fastener. A spring is generally disposed about the mechanical fastener to bias the pliers toward an open condition. A bearing is generally located between the first and second arms to hinder friction between the first and second arms, facilitate movement of the pliers between open and closed conditions.
Orthopedic Radial Head implant (6 suppliers)
Orthopedic radial head implant is indicated for comminuted radial head fracture, which occurs with concomitant MCL injury, dislocation, or RU joint disruption. Its anatomic design restores proper elbow and forearm load transfer. Its stem shape enhances intramedullary fit and fixation.
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