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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Large-Port Trocars (3 suppliers)
Lab Aprons (14 suppliers)
Lab aprons are synthetic rubber coated. It is acid-resistant, alcohol-resistant and has a better oil-resistance than natural rubber. Aprons have an excellent abrasion and tear resistance. Lab aprons are full cut and fitted with quality ties at neck and waist.
Lens Caps (15 suppliers)
Lab Coats (93 suppliers)
Latex Gloves (123 suppliers)
Leather Couches (1 supplier)
Lymphedema Compression Garments (49 suppliers)
Latex Powdered Gloves (37 suppliers)
Lightly-powdered Exam Gloves (9 suppliers)
Latex Ster Powder/Powder-Free Gloves (2 suppliers)
Latex Allergy Test Kit (13 suppliers)
Lab Cell Culture Equipment, Blotting Trays (14 suppliers)
Large Disposable Staining Trays (10 suppliers)
Large Disposable Staining Trays are ideal for staining westerns. It includes stickers to identify those trays used for multipurposes.
Lab Chemical Supply (5 suppliers)
LDL Cholesterol Reagent (8 suppliers)
LDL Cholesterol Reagent offers the laboratory all the convenience of a liquid stabile kit to help maximize laboratory productivity and minimize both operator error & wastage. The LDL cholesterol reagent is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of LDL cholesterol in serum. This reagent provides excellent stability and convenience, which ensures excellent precision and correlation against existing assays. The reagent is suitable for manual use or on automated clinical chemistry analyzers.
Liquid Enzymatic Detergent (1 supplier)
Laboratory Centrifuges, Floor (24 suppliers)
LED Fluorescence Microscopy (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Fume Control (1 supplier)
Laboratory Fume Hoods (29 suppliers)
Laboratory Fume Hoods are partially enclosed workspaces that are exhausted to the outside. The primary purpose of laboratory fume hoods is to keep toxic or irritating vapors out of the general laboratory working area. Laboratory hoods are comprised of the hood itself and a sash, which is the front panel of the fume hood that are opened & closed to maximize access and minimize airflow. Laboratory fume hoods are available to prevent exposure to toxins and vapors.
Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods (21 suppliers)
Lab Fume Hood Monitors (19 suppliers)
Lab Fume Hood Monitors ensure safety by continuously monitoring lab fume hood face velocity. Lab Fume Hood Monitors provides visual, audible & alarm contacts to warn of potentially unsafe operation and continuously monitors face velocity in lab fume hoods. Lab fume hood monitors measure hood face velocity to ensure proper operation.
Latex Glove Dispensers (1 supplier)
Laboratory Hematology Analyzers (39 suppliers)
Laboratory Hematology Analyzers are capable of performing differential counts on peripheral blood smears with greater precision and more accurate detection of distributional & morphologic abnormalities.
LAB Hybridization Ovens (9 suppliers)
Lab Automation Systems (15 suppliers)
Lab Automation Systems allows integrating timesaving cost-effective automation solutions into the laboratory. Laboratory automation systems integrate with liquid handlers, plate washers, plate readers, plate sealers and other equipment.
Laboratory Incubator, co2 (1 supplier)
Lab Equipment (27 suppliers)
Laboratory Grade Water Purification Systems (19 suppliers)
Laboratory cooled incubators (10 suppliers)
Laboratory Cooled Incubators features temperature range of 0-60°C, polished stainless steel interior, internal heatproof toughened glass door allows clear view of inner chamber without disturbing the atmosphere and high performance fan, which ensures optimum temperature uniformity.
Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Software (50 suppliers)
Laboratory Information Management System (6 suppliers)
Laboratory Information Management System is computer software that is used in the laboratory for the management of samples, laboratory users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions such as invoicing, plate management and work flow automation.
Laboratory Steam Sterilizers (21 suppliers)
Laboratory Steam Sterilizers features 316L stainless steel chamber, 304 stainless steel jacket, power operated vertical or horizontal sliding doors and recessed or cabinet designs.
Lab Sterilizer (9 suppliers)
Lab Sterilizer is capable of providing standard high vacuum, steam/air overpressure and rapid cooling fluids cycles.
Laminar Air Flow Hood (6 suppliers)
Laminar Air Flow Hood is essential for the preparation of sterile products. These hoods are designed to reduce the risk of airborne contamination during the preparation of sterile products.
Light Diagnostics Measles Kit is (2 suppliers)
Low-End ECG-Based Multiparameter Patient Monitors (4 suppliers)
Latex Free Nitrile Gloves (27 suppliers)
Latex-free nitrile gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity as well as superior fit & comfort. Latex-free nitrile gloves contain accelerators, such as thiurams, carbamates & benzothiazoles, which cause Type IV delayed allergic contact dermatitis. Latex-free nitrile gloves resist punctures, cuts, snags and abrasion.
Lavender Nitrile Glove (1 supplier)
Leather and Nylon Physician Bags (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Coagulation Analyzers (16 suppliers)
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure Kits (4 suppliers)
Latex-free Procedure Kits (1 supplier)
Latex Based Reagent Kit, Rheumatoid Factor (2 suppliers)
Lab Equipment, Laboratory Shakers (3 suppliers)
Linear/orbital shaking bath (1 supplier)
Liquid Soap Dispensers (21 suppliers)
Lid Speculum (4 suppliers)
Lid speculum is used to gain access to the eye with minimal pressure. These speculate is designed for opening infant's eye during indirect ophthalmoloscopy and cataract extraction.
Liquid Stainers (1 supplier)
Liquid Handling, Reagent Reservoirs (1 supplier)
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