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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Intratracheal Care Kits (3 suppliers)
Infusion Therapy Kits, Tubing & Bags (8 suppliers)
Implants, Shoulder Components (7 suppliers)
Imaging Equipment Film (6 suppliers)
Implants, Elbow Components (6 suppliers)
Intradiscal Electrothermal Supports (1 supplier)
Irrigation Equipment (6 suppliers)
Internal Fixators (1 supplier)
Infection Control Kits (13 suppliers)
Imaging Storage Units (6 suppliers)
Imaging Equipment, CT System (10 suppliers)
Instrument Management (3 suppliers)
Iontophoresis (15 suppliers)
Ice Packs (24 suppliers)
Inflatable Pillows (4 suppliers)
Inclinometers (24 suppliers)
Incontinence Deodorizers (4 suppliers)
In-shower Bathing Commodes (10 suppliers)
Insufflators (16 suppliers)
Insufflators are sophisticated pieces of equipment that automatically pump the selected gas through a regulator and into the operating space at predetermined flow rates. The standard insufflators constantly monitors the intra abdominal pressure, halts the flow of gas when a certain pressure is reached, and restarts the flow if the pressure is reduced for any reason. Most current units can deliver up to a maximum 20 L per minute. These are used to apply an extremely fine powder to the nose, throat, ears, or other body cavities, or topically for wounds.
Intrauterine Devices (IUD) (2 suppliers)
The intrauterine device is an effective contraceptive for women. It is a birth control device also known as an IUD. It is a device placed in the uterus and is the world's most widely used method of reversible birth control. It remains in place the entire time pregnancy is not desired. Depending on the type, a single IUD is approved for 5 to 10 years use. There are two broad categories of intrauterine devices: copper-based devices, and those that work by releasing a progestogen.
Intrauterine Insemination Catheters (IUI) (11 suppliers)
The intrauterine insemination catheter is a single-use, disposable device for use in intrauterine artificial insemination and saline ultrasound infusion. The catheter has two opposing smooth side eyes and a rounded, smooth, closed distal tip. It has an overall length of 18cm and consists of a flexible-end inner catheter and a detachable outer sheath, which is attached to the inner catheter by a Luer lock. The inner catheter is 16 gauge with a uniform lumen throughout its length. When the outer sheath Luer is attached to the hub of the catheter, the inner catheter protrudes from the outer sheath by 5cm. The outer sheath has a series of 1cm graduations at the distal end.
In Vitro Fertilization Equipment & Supplies (2 suppliers)
Irrigators (7 suppliers)
Instrument Trays (21 suppliers)
Individual Prisms (1 supplier)
Irrigating Cannulas (9 suppliers)
An irrigating cannula is used to irrigate under the flap, wash out any interface debris, and float the flap into the correct position. The diameter of the cannula can range from gauge 26 to 30 and the length and angulation can be variable depending on the designer and manufacturer. Some cannulas have spatulated or flattened tips to allow for easy insertion underneath the LASIK flap. Other innovations are side ports or multiple openings for diffuse irrigation and effective floating of the flap.
Indocyanine Green Angiography (4 suppliers)
Indocyanine green angiography is a technique that is superior for imaging the choroidal circulation. Fluorescein diffuses out of the choriocapillaris, creating a diffuse background fluorescence. As opposed to fluorescein, indocyanine green is a larger molecule that binds completely to plasma proteins, causing it to remain in the choroidal vessels. Thus, largerchoroidal vessels can be imaged. Unique photochemical properties allow the dye to be transmitted better through melanin, blood, exudates, and serous fluid. This technique therefore serves as an important adjunct to fluorescein angiography for imaging occult choroidal neovascularization and other choroidal vascular abnormalities.
Intraocular Lens Manipulators (21 suppliers)
Iris Forceps (9 suppliers)
Intraocular Lens Forceps (14 suppliers)
Ishihara Color Plates (2 suppliers)
The Ishihara color plate is a formal measure that screens for color deficiencies by asking the patient to identify numbers or symbols or follow a winding line embedded in a patterned background.
Implant Inserters (3 suppliers)
Implant inserter is made of a smooth material and facilitates deep orbit placement of implants. The inserter slides through the orbital tissue while protecting the implant from tissue grab commonly associated with porous implants. The inserter is designed with a slit side and multiple petals at the posterior opening to effectively place different implant sizes and shapes deep into the orbit.
Intense Pulse Lights (2 suppliers)
Intense pulse light is a non-invasive, non-collimated, non-coherent light source of variable wavelengths. The treatment works by selective photothermolysis. It produce non-laser flash lamp light source for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, treating leg veins and vascular conditions, as well as tattoo removal.
IOL Inserters (6 suppliers)
Indirect Gonioscopes (2 suppliers)
Indirect gonioscopes use mirrored surfaces to allow biomicroscopic examination of the anterior chamber angle. There are two main types: Goldmann and Zeiss. Goldmann lenses use solution (1% methylcellulose, celluvisc) to create a continuous optical interface between the eye and the lens. Goldmann types have one to four mirrors, which determine the degree of rotation necessary to examine the entire angle. Zeiss lenses don't need fluid because the contact surface is smaller and flatter. Four mirrors provide a 360 degree view with little rotation of the lens.
Irrigation/Aspiration Systems (7 suppliers)
Irrigation/Aspiration systems vent a portion of an aspiration circuit by drawing sterile air from a bag. The bag is provided with an air reservoir member to ensure that an adequate air volume is available.
Incubators (65 suppliers)
Incubator is an apparatus in which environmental conditions can be set and controlled. In the hospital nursery and newborn intensive care unit (NICU), incubator serves to house and maintain premature and ill infants.
Intracranial Pressure Monitors (8 suppliers)
Intracranial pressure monitor is used to detect acute changes in intracranial pressure to limit indiscriminate therapies to control intracranial pressure, and to reduce intracranial pressure directly by cerebrospinal fluid drainage.
Immunoassay Systems (24 suppliers)
Immunoassay system is a random access analyzer that performs a variety of assays, with panels that include anemia, cardiovascular, reproductive, thyroid, infectious disease, blood virus, skeletal, and tumor markers. Its carousel design allows easy placement of both samples and reagents. This analyzer conducts several immunoassays simultaneously, performing the entire range of tasks from sample pipetting to calculation of results. It requires small microwell strips, and the liquid waste is captured in a single reservoir.
Incubator Shakers (10 suppliers)
Incubator shaker is a multi-purpose laboratory instrument used for a wide variety of applications. These include cell propagation, hybridization, staining and destaining of gels, and plasmid preparations. It can be used for any microplate based assay requiring optimal incubation conditions up to 40° C.
Immunochemistry Analyzers (9 suppliers)
Immunochemistry analyzer performs infectious disease assays as well as immunochemistry assays. It is comprised of two major components. The first major component is sample processor unit, which houses the sample processor module, the reaction processor module, and the optics module. The second major component is the automatic controller, which calculates the data and controls the internal robotics of the sample processor and reaction processor modules. All samples are measured with either a discrete wavelength spectrophotometer or a spectrofluorometer.
Iron (5 suppliers)
Iron is a mineral found in every cell of the body. Iron is considered as an essential mineral because it is needed to make part of blood cells. The human body needs iron to make the oxygen-carrying proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells and myoglobin is found in muscles. Iron also makes up part of many proteins in the body.
Impedance Systems (2 suppliers)
Immunoturbidmetric analyzers (4 suppliers)
Image Capture Systems (10 suppliers)
Image capture system consists of an electronic camera having a detector and a lens that has a field of view which is adapted to limit the radiation incident upon the detector to that within the field of view. It has an actuator for moving the field of view across the document, a control means for controlling the actuator to move the camera across the document so as to obtain a set of overlapping sub-images corresponding to different areas of the document. An electronic processing means adapted to receive the set of sub-images produced by the camera and to process the sub-images to form a composite image of the portion of the document covered by the set of sub-images.
Integrated OR Systems (2 suppliers)
Instruments (8 suppliers)
Intraoperative MRI Based (1 supplier)
Implantable Loop Recorders (1 supplier)
The implantable loop recorder is a small device implanted subcutaneously close to the heart. It has the ability to record the electrical activity of the heart, store rhythm disturbances within set parameters and can be triggered by the patient to store events. The loop recorder is a device with a high diagnostic yield and offers precision in diagnosis to the enlightened specialist.
IGF-1 (2 suppliers)
IGF-1 is a polypeptide protein hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin. It plays an important role in childhood growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults. It consists of 70 amino acids in a single chain with three intramolecular disulfide bridges. It has a molecular weight of 7649 daltons. It is produced primarily by the liver as an endocrine hormone as well as target tissues in a paracrine/autocrine fashion.
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