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Dermoscope Portable system (1 supplier)
Disposable Oral Swab (4 suppliers)
Disposable oral swabs are used to remove mucus build-up from the patient's mouth. It can be used alone or in combination with toothpaste, mouthwash or moisturizer. It allows gentle cleansing of teeth, mouth, and gums. The swabs are made of long plastic handles to help prevent touch-contamination.
Disposable patient covers (3 suppliers)
Disposable Ear Curette (35 suppliers)
Disposable Underpads (41 suppliers)
Disposable Washcloths (11 suppliers)
Dry Disposable Washcloths (2 suppliers)
Dry disposable washcloths are soft and strong and can be used for post-operative care; perineal care and general purpose clean up. It offers the solution to general purpose dry or wet wiping needs in hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities. These are made from a strong, cloth-like, nonwoven blend. It is ideal for incontinent cleanups, bathing and cream or lotion application.
Disposable Nursing Pads (19 suppliers)
Disposable nursing pads contain a soft, stay-dry lining that draws milk away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. It provides a discreet fit and non-slip adhesive tape keeps pads in place.
Deck Scrub Brushes (2 suppliers)
Dust Pans (1 supplier)
Dusters (3 suppliers)
Disinfectants & Germicides (21 suppliers)
Disinfectants & germicide is a highly-concentrated hospital disinfectant. It provides virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal protection in the presence of 5% organic matter. It is used to clean, disinfect and deodorize hard, nonporous surfaces.
Drain Openers (1 supplier)
Drum Pumps (2 suppliers)
Dental Dams (10 suppliers)
Dental dam is a small, thin, square piece of latex. These are used for oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex. It is placed over the entire vulva during oral sex to prevent the possible transmission of the HIV virus from the vagina to the mouth or the mouth to the vagina. It can also be used to prevent the spread of genital herpes.
Digital Waterbaths (2 suppliers)
Digital water baths are the ideal units for industrial, clinical, pharmaceutical, or biomedical applications. It provides instant and accurate temperature. The tank of the bath is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel with round corners for easy cleaning.
Digital Shaking Waterbaths (1 supplier)
Digital shaking waterbaths provide users with unsurpassed control. Its programmable, microprocessor-based keypad with digital display allows the user to control temperature, stroke RPM, and mode of operation.
Deep-Chamber Heated Water Baths (1 supplier)
Deep-chamber heated water baths are ideally suited for applications using large volumetric flasks, large glass bottles or other tall containers. It features an easy-to-read LED display and a back-up over-temperature controller. Visual alarm indicates when over-temperature safety is activated. A fully insulated air jacket surrounds the tank, creating optimal temperature uniformity and eliminating hot spots. The one-piece, seamless, stainless steel tank has corrosion-resistant polymer coating.
Dual Filter Closed Bag (1 supplier)
Dual filter closed bag consists of closed bag with two filters. It is suitable for a large number of colostomists suffering from ballooning of the ostomy bag.
Drainable Bag with Dual Filter (1 supplier)
Drainable bag with dual filter is used for patients who have undergone an ileostomy formation, where the output is slightly fluid. It is designed to drain whilst in use. It is the best product for ileostomists. Its dual filter helps to manage ballooning of the bag and increase odour control without compromising on security.
Dynamic Visual Acuity Test Kit (2 suppliers)
Dynamic visual acuity test kit measures visual acuity during head motion. It provides valuable information about the visual vestibular ocular reflex in well subjects (pilots, athletes) in addition to patients with vestibular deficits.
Disposable Otoscope Specula (6 suppliers)
Disposable Cerumen Removal Specula (2 suppliers)
Disposable Sigmoidoscope (4 suppliers)
Disposable Anoscope (4 suppliers)
Disposable Stethoscopes (54 suppliers)
Disposable stethoscopes are designed for single patient use to prevent cross contamination in infectious areas. It features plastic binaurals and an extremely sensitive chestpiece.
Double-head Stethoscope (12 suppliers)
Double-head stethoscope combines a brass bell and flat diaphragm chest piece that is used to detect a wide frequency range of sounds. Bell is designed to fit into smaller areas to easily detect faint, low frequency sounds and murmurs. Diaphragm transmits higher frequency heart and lung sounds.
Desktop ECG System With Serial Interface (1 supplier)
Desktop ECG System With USB interface (1 supplier)
Disposable Laryngoscopes (25 suppliers)
Disposable laryngoscopes are designed for single-patient use to avoid potential cross-contamination between patients. It is a flexible, lighted tube used to look at the inside of the larynx. It is inserted through the mouth into the upper airway.
D Cell Battery (1 supplier)
Digital Pedometer (24 suppliers)
Digital pedometer is designed to accurately and easily track distances for walkers and hikers. It counts steps, calculates calories and distance and has a clock. It is a highly accurate instrument that measures distance, records calorie usage and has a clock, count-up timer and backlit display.
Dressing Scissors (28 suppliers)
Dressing scissors are used to cut gauzes and tapes. The scissors are curved in such a way that tape does not stick to blades. It is generally made of stainless steel.
Dynamometer (9 suppliers)
Dynamometer is an instrument that is used for measuring force or power; especially, muscular effort of men or animals. It usually embodies a spring to be compressed or weight to be sustained by the force applied, combined with an index, or automatic recorder, to show the work performed.
Digit Goniometer (1 supplier)
Digit goniometer is used to measure joint range in the fingers. Using finger, move the measurement head through flexion, extension and hyperextension. This goniometer is also known as a one-hand goniometer because the therapist using only one hand can take readings and can use the other hand to stabilize the patient or record the measurements. The standard finger goniometer requires the therapist to use two hands to make a finger range-of-motion measurement.
Digital Chair Scale (7 suppliers)
Digital chair scale is used for the nursing facility or hospital applications. It provides special weighing options for those who may not be able to stand. It offers a compact design and non-skid locking wheels, which make the chair uniquely maneuverable, and the swiveling armrests make it easy for patients to move from the bed to the chair. It has a medical grade plastic seat so it is easily cleaned to control contamination find in foam and fabric seats.
Digital Hand-Rail Scale (1 supplier)
Digital handrail scale is used to weigh patients that are not steady standing on their feet, but are not in need of a wheelchair. These electronic stand-on scales normally offer a maximum weighing capacity of 660 pounds and increment in 0.5-pound graduations.  These high capacity handrail scales can also be used as bariatric scales for weighing patients 660 pounds and under. 
Digital Floor Scale (4 suppliers)
Digital floor scale is designed for medical home health and is ideal where the smallest weight fluctuation counts.
Dual Port Torso Blanket (1 supplier)
Dual port torso blanket is designed to affix to the lower abdominal area and cover the upper half of the body. It is effectively used for patients in the supine, lateral, or prone position. It is attached to clear head drape keeps warm air around the intubated patient's head and allows observation by the clinician.
Disposable Warming Units (3 suppliers)
Disposable Breast Pump Kit (1 supplier)
Disposable Breast Pads (10 suppliers)
Disposable breast pad provides comfort and single-use protection from unexpected let-down and leaking. It includes anti-slip backing for discreet, secure fit. It has breathable layers for absorbency and dryness.
Disposable Corpse Retrieving Body Bag (7 suppliers)
Dual Chamber Washer/Disinfector (1 supplier)
Dual chamber washer/disinfector is designed for reprocessing flexible endoscopes. The wash, high-level disinfect and rinse process has been standardized and validated for consistent reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. For infection control, the system is compatible with virtually all approved liquid chemical sterilants.
Dry/Lock Storage Cabinet (2 suppliers)
Dry/lock storage cabinet is made-up of painted steel to provide an environment for storage of endoscopes that is free of absorbent material to discourage bacterial and/or fungal growth. It is designed to accommodate up to eight endoscopes. A gasket surrounds the door opening. When the door is closed the gasket is compressed providing a sealed enclosure. At the top of the cabinet is an enclosure containing an air pump for the circulation of the dehumidified air through the channels preceding the air pump. It contains desiccant bags, which remove the moisture from the re-circulated air.
Disinfectant Transfer System (3 suppliers)
Doctor Stool With Swivel (1 supplier)
Doctor Stool (5 suppliers)
Doctor stool is designed to enable users to position themselves properly for virtually any procedure while minimizing stresses or strains related to the dental practice.
Door Monitor (2 suppliers)
Dialyzer Cleaning System (1 supplier)
Dialyzer cleaning system removes blood and organic debris from difficult-to-clean dialyzers before reprocessing. This process is known as precleaning. It is designed for peracetic acid-based renaclear disinfectant. It cleans dialyzers without removing header caps. It provides consistent water pressure and flow applied to the dialyzer membranes, reducing the risk of fiber & component damage.
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